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Where to Buy a Pool Table You’ll Be Happy With

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Finding a pool table from a source with great prices and good options, in general, isn’t difficult. There are many sellers out there to consider. That way, when you figure out what you want, you’ll know where to procure it for the best deal possible. Below are some options for buying and tips to consider when shopping for a pool table.

mature smiling man showing pool and accessoriesWhere to Buy

Dedicated Pool Table Stores

The main place to find a pool table would be a store that mainly sells them for decent prices. A dedicated store is going to have many more options than whatever else you find that’s out there. They will also sometimes be able to order specific options if you’re not interested in what they have on hand when you visit. Generally, their employees will know quite a bit about what they are selling so it’s possible to ask questions if you want to know more about what they have to offer.


You can sometimes find pool tables for sale in places like bars, arcades, or other locations that wish to get rid of what they have on hand. Of course, if you go this route then you have to be sure to go look at what they have in-person to see what kind of shape the table is in. Usually, if the public can play on tables that a business has to offer, they can have small to large issues you may want to be made aware of. You may also be able to talk to owners of establishments to get information on where they obtained their tables from.

Online Retailers

Online retailers are a good idea to look into if you’re interested in finding even more options than what physical stores in your area have on hand. You can generally find new or used options through the internet but you do have to be mindful of shipping prices. It’s not always possible to get a pool table sent to you for a small fee so be sure you ask what the cost will be to ship something that large. If possible, try to find a seller near where you’re located, and that way you can set up a time to pick it up in person. One of the biggest online sellers, Amazon, often offers free shipping on some of the best home pool table brands currently available.

Used pool tableShopping Tips

Read Descriptions Carefully

When it comes to buying a pool table, there can be imperfections whether you’re buying it new or used. It’s also possible that a table you found could be a different size than what you’re in search of. This is why descriptions are important to read over no matter how long or short they may be. If you’re not sure of something, find a way to contact the seller. It’s never a good idea to blindly buy something because if there are any issues you wouldn’t know about them until you saw the pool table in person.

Don’t Buy On Impulse

Research is something you always need to do before you buy your pool table. If you just buy the first thing you find on impulse, you may find yourself not interested in playing pool at home regularly because the table wasn’t what you wanted. There are so many options that are sure to suit you well but you have to look over what’s out there first. That way, you can see what you like and dislike, which makes buying something you’ll love a lot easier.

Know What To Purchase With A Pool Table

Not only are you going to need to buy the table itself, but you also have to buy everything else that you need to play pool at home. For instance, you’re going to need pool balls and cues. When buying a pool table, be sure you ask the seller what it’s going to come with. When you buy it used, you have a good chance of being able to get everything you need to be included if the seller is getting rid of it all at once. There could also be sellers that have an all-in-one package that you can look into if you want to save money. Many of the best non-slate pool tables come with accessories included such as the balls and sticks.

Final Words

Now is the time to find the best pool table you can afford. You want to really look over what your options are when you’re getting started so you can go with the one that you’ll be happiest with. When all is said and done, it’s not too difficult to track down a pool table from a reputable seller.