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Should You Put a Pool Table in a Garage?

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Pool or billiards is one of those traditional games that has somehow managed to stay relevant during the age of video games. Truthfully, most people do not play pool as they did in the past. Still, there are plenty of people who enjoy engaging in this game. If you are a person that really enjoys pool and you want to set up a table in your garage, read the below information to find out if it’s a good idea to put a pool table in your garage.

Housing Association Rules

Some communities have rules in place that prevent residents from doing certain things on their property. These communities use these rules to ensure that their neighborhoods maintain a certain look and value. If you live in an area that has a housing association; check with them first before you decide to install a pool table in your garage.

You should also check with local community and city ordinances to figure out if can install a pool table. If you don’t do this ahead of time (and someone in your neighborhood finds out that you have a pool table in your garage) you could be forced to remove your table. Normally, most communities will allow this type of thing. However, some communities just don’t like the idea of people having a pool table in their garage.

Car in driveway in front of garageWhat About Your Cars?

Setting up a pool table in your garage might seem like fun, but is it really a wise thing to do? Here are some things you should consider before you place a pool table in your garage. First, do you need your garage area for your vehicle(s)? If you want to preserve your auto’s exterior for a longer period, you should keep it out of the elements. Truthfully, you generally cannot place a pool table and a car (or SUV/pickup) in your garage with a pool table. Most garages are not that big.

Now, if you are fortunate enough to have enough space in your garage area to do this – then go for it. However, most homes just have enough room for one vehicle. People with a double or three-door carport space could also have enough space for their vehicle and a pool table. However, if a person has multiple vehicles, then placing a pool table might not be a good idea. Still, you can always build a carport or simply get a car cover for your vehicle. That way, you will have enough room to play pool comfortably.

You should also think about storage and workspace. Most people use their carport space as a workshop and storage area. If you utilize your car garage area for this purpose, then it might not be a good idea to put a pool table out there. Once again you can, but you might have to make some serious adjustments to make it work.

Ultimately, you should think about the purpose of your garage before you place a pool table into it. Otherwise, it could cause you (and the other members of your household) to be inconvenienced. It could also disrupt your life and be a source of problems within your home if you don’t do this in the right way.

Climate and Your Pool Table

Snow in drivewayAfter evaluating your need for a pool table in the garage; the next step is to think about your climate. Why should you think about your climate? The weather and environmental conditions in your area will affect your pool table, depending on if it has a slate or wood bed. Slate pool tables can withstand varying temperatures and climates better than a wood pool table. If you don’t know if your pool table is slate or wood, read our article to learn how to tell if your pool table is made of slate. Most pool tables are placed indoors in controlled climates. They generally remain inside indoor locations that have a temperature between 60 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that the pool table will remain in fairly good shape for years to come. This is the perfect temperature range for wood and other materials that make a pool table. However, if you place your pool table outside in your garage; the outdoor conditions will impact it, from warping to needing to soften the bumpers more often.

If you live in an environment where the temperatures are hot and humid, then your pool table could possibly warp early from the excessive heat and moisture. Unfortunately, no amount of leveling the pool table will fix table warping. People who stay in a colder environment can also expect to impact the table. The freezing conditions can cause warping and cracking. You will also have to consider insects. Any outdoor area is prone to be invaded by insects. Think about the types of insects in your area and how they could potentially damage your table or cause you to need to replace the cloth/felt.

Other conditions such as snow, ice, or flooding can severely impact the viability of placing a pool table in a garage. While some tables are made to withstand these conditions (see slate vs non-slate pool tables), most are not built with these in mind. Before you decide to put a pool table in harsh conditions, ensure you have taken the proper steps to ensure it stays in top-notch condition.

Do You Have Enough Space?

You should also think about the amount of space you have in your garage. The average pool table is 8-foot by 4-foot, although some are intended for small spaces and are considerably smaller. The average single-car garage is 16 – feet long by 7 – feet wide. Again, you should think about placing your pool table in your garage area in a way that fits best.

Other Considerations

Don’t forget that it is prone to theft when you keep your pool table outside. People do break into garages. While most thieves will not cart off pool tables, there are some that will. Also, you should think about if your pool table will become a mini pool hall or if you have a combo setup (see Best Pool and Ping Pong Table combo tables). Some neighbors might not like this scene or the noise. They might start looking at your home as a “bad house” within the neighborhood. Ultimately, you can place a pool table in your garage but think this situation through before you act.