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Ping Pong/Table Tennis

Table tennis, sometimes called simply ping pong, is a game played by two or four independent players where they hit a small lightweight ball, called the ping pong ball, across a specially marked tabletop. The winner is the player with the most points. Ping pong can be both exciting and fun, and that is why it is one of the most popular games at indoor sports events and in sports pubs.

Vintage poster of ping pong paddles and ballHistory Of Table Tennis

This history of this sport possibly dates back to the early nineteenth century, when it was first made use of as an addition to the sporting events of the British Empire. This game had been developed initially for tennis courts, which were constructed in public parks located in the cities of Britain. Table tennis became popular, as a result of these public parks. Soon after this, the game made its way to the halls of power in both the UK and Europe. As a result of this, the game gained popularity and soon there were hundreds of public tennis courts constructed in different cities and towns throughout the country.

As time went by, interest in the sport took off and it was soon played by the masses and soon it was included in many sporting events. It soon became a part of the Olympic Games and soon it was listed amongst the sports that people were interested in. The history of table tennis is full of different and famous players who defined it as a sport worth watching

Alternatively, there is a theory that table tennis originated in China or somewhere in Asia. The prevalence of early bamboo paddles lends credence to this theory, and it’s thought that table tennis was a way for factory workers to relax indoors after long shifts. It’s very possible, that like with tea from India, an Asian tradition or custom was adopted by the British Empire, imported to England, and then spread throughout the world.

Table Tennis Equipment

There are four main pieces of table tennis equipment that consist of the paddle, ping pong ball, table, and the net. Each player gets a paddle to hit the ping pong ball. They play on a tabletop especially designed for the sport. The table has a net across the middle of the width separating the players who are at the shortest ends so the longest stretch of the table is between them.

Table tennis player silhouette ping pong vector background for poster

Tips For Playing Table Tennis

The first thing that you will need to learn is the basics of the hitting that you will be using. There is a spin style, which is much faster and uses an up and down motion. The snag style, which is a little slower, also uses an up and down motion but is more circular. A pocket style, which is the slowest, has a circular motion but does not spin.

Once you know the fundamentals, you will need to start practicing. This is very important because playing against someone else on a consistent basis will help you to become better at the skill of hitting the ball. When you are playing, always watch your opponents, and try to determine where their weakness is. Always try to take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes, and if you can learn to take advantage of their weaknesses, you will find that you can become a better player yourself.

One of the most important things that you should do when you are playing is to concentrate on your racket. There are many skills that you need to master when you are playing, but your racket is at the top of the list. You should learn all the basic skills involved in playing, such as striking the ball, how to handle your racket, and how to place your shots. These are all skills that you should practice on a regular basis.

You should also remember to relax when you are playing table tennis. When you are tense, you will constantly be thinking about the ball, and it will affect how well you are playing. Being tense will cause you to make mental mistakes, and even misjudge the ball. Relax, and just focus on doing your best. Your results will improve dramatically.

Digital composite of Table tennis player against stadium with bright lights and dark blue skyThe Correct Way To Play Table Tennis

During your time training and playing table tennis, have you heard every single made-up rule there is on the game? Did you ever wonder how they got that rule?

First, start with the most commonly known table tennis rule: the “no touching the ball” rule. Once a player touches the ball, no matter how hard he tries to push it off the court, the other player can then serve him. So, if you are playing a point behind and you notice that your opponent is trying to hit the ball very hard, simply don’t touch the ball without using your racquet or any part of your body.

You may notice that there are different ways to play table tennis depending on who is playing. If you are playing a singles game, you should be concentrating on hitting your ball and making sure that you don’t bounce it too much because that will end up in losses too often. As a doubles player, your focus should be on scoring as many points as possible so that you win the game. When playing doubles, you need to have a great return shot so that you can easily put the other person in the losers’ bracket.


Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into the game of table tennis. It is a great sport and one that almost anyone can play. There are rules that need to be followed, but the rules themselves are not that hard to understand once you learn the basic techniques. So, go out there and get yourself a few practice singles or perhaps a couple of doubles matches and see what you can accomplish. Once you get better at ping pong rules, you will start earning more respect from your opponents and then you will be able to call yourself a true ping pong expert.

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