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One vs. Three Goalie Foosball – Which is Better?

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Foosball (also known as table soccer) contains a ball in which one tries to move to the opponent’s goal. This is done by manipulating rods that have figures attached to them. The figures are made to resemble players. A foosball table may contain one or three goalies. Goalies are the figures at the back that one controls to stop the ball from getting into the goal. Different people prefer different types of goalies in foosball. Each type of foosball has its own advantages.

The question about which type of foosball is better is tricky. Many points of view and opinions exist about which one is better. However, it depends on a player’s preferences and the level of skill. The one goalie foosball is where a single goalie is available in the center of the goal post near the goal. Traditionally this type of foosball was the most common one played. It is still widely played but is not as prevalent as 3-goal foosball. In most tournaments and competitions, this type of foosball is common.

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One Goalie Foosball

Some of the advantages of the one goalie foosball are:

  • Space control. More space is available at the goal post, and one does not worry about overcrowding.
  • Great for people with good agility. Since such a foosball table has more space available, it is best for people who can react quickly. For one to win a game, reaction speed and agility are vital.

The disadvantages of the one goalie foosball are:

  • Single Player – It does not encourage much teamwork when playing. One or two players can easily control the one goalie.
  • Less Common – In countries like the United States, it can be difficult to find a one goalie foosball table (see our picks for the Best One Goalie Foosball Tables). Many manufacturers have opted out of producing the one goalie foosball table. To acquire it, one has to either order it online or convert a three goalie foosball table to a one goalie table.

Three Goalie Foosball

The three goalie foosball table has three goalies on the backline. Over time, this type of foosball table has become the standard in many parts of the world. Its advantages include:

  • Team player – This type allows for teamwork while playing. The essential characteristic of this game is that coordination and cooperation between players. Therefore, there is much interaction between teammates while playing the game. For one team to win, one needs to trust and have faith in the teammates to make the right decision.
  • Good assistance – This type of foosball has many players. Therefore, there is a great assistance to control the ball and defend one’s goalpost from the opponent. In this type of foosball, the players have allies who assist them in trying to score the opponent’s goal.
  • Standard game – Three goalie foosball has grown familiar to many and is considered a standard. It is more challenging than the one goalie foosball. Therefore, the players are recognized and respected.

Some disadvantages of the three goalie foosball include:

  • Familiarity – One goalie foosball has been around for a long time. This has caused many to be very well-acquainted with this type of foosball. The three-goalie foosball was popularized over the past couple of decades. While that is still a substantial amount of time, single goal foosball has been around much longer and more techniques have been developed for the pros.
  • Excitement – Having three goalies makes it hard for one to score the opponent’s goalpost. This makes the somewhat slower (and less exciting) compared to the one goalie foosball.

Final Words

When getting a foosball table (see our top-rated foosball tables), it is essential to consider the number of goalies. This determines whether the foosball will be available in your area. Whether you will find experienced and skilled opponents to play within your area and if the game will be affordable or not. It is possible to change your foosball table from three goalies to one and also from one goalie to three goalies.

It is an easy procedure but always ask an expert to do it for you to avoid any damage or improper orientation of the players. To increase your skill and expertise, you can join tournaments. This will enable you to meet different people who play the game and know more about it. Playing with and against others can help you learn certain strategies from them and gain experience. To enjoy foosball, choose your table wisely. It should have the appropriate number of goalies that you can handle and also be of the right height. This can increase your comfort while playing the game.