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How to Play Spikeball

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Spikeball is a game for people of all ages. Its rules are quite similar to volleyball. The biggest advantage of this sport is you can play anywhere and at any time of the day. It takes four players to play this game, with two players in each team. However, you can play with six players also.

The ball in Spikeball is a lightweight, yellow plastic ball that bounces slightly more than regular tennis balls. This game also requires a net that looks like a miniature trampoline raised approximately eight inches from the ground (read our favorite spikeball sets). The ball and the net are two big differences between Spikeball and volleyball. Four players need to stand around the net. Players from the same team are required to stand next to each other as well. This means you and your partner will be standing across the net from your opponents.

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Spikeball Basics

As already mentioned, Spikeball rules are quite similar to volleyball. Here are a few basic rules that you need to keep in mind while playing this game:

• Start the game after a coin toss. The winner decides whether he wants his team to serve or let the other team serve first.
• The game starts when one of the team serves the yellow ball. Make sure you serve properly. The ball must bounce off the net and reach the other team.
• Your opponent has three hits to keep the ball in play. They have to spike the ball off the net so that the other team can also hit it.
• The aim of this game is to prevent the other team from hitting the ball within three chances. There are three ways to score points in this game: if the ball bounces twice before the opponent hits the ball if the ball goes out of play, and if one of the opponents double hits the ball.
• If the serving team loses a point, the other team gets an opportunity to serve.

Tricks to Master in Spikeball

Group of Friends Play Spikeball in a ParkPerfecting your Spikeball strategy is important to ensure you have the best chance to win every time. Bouncing or spiking the ball off the net is one of the toughest tricks to master in Spikeball. Once you serve, the opponent team has three chances to hit the ball back. And you need to do this only by touching the ball with one hand.

The same player cannot hit the ball twice consecutively. That means once the opponent spikes the ball towards you, you can touch it once. The other player in your team gets the second touch. You may touch the ball the next time if you need three hits to return the ball to your opponent. It is not necessary to use three hits all the time. You can spike the ball back in one or two hits also. It is possible to bump, set, hit, or punch the ball, depending on your strategy. But you cannot carry the ball.

Apart from spiking the ball, you can also move around the net when the ball is in play. However, you need to return to your starting position once you or your opponent scores a point. Many amateur players don’t know this trick. It helps you to keep the ball alive if your opponent tries to spike the ball away from you. Alternatively, you can spike the ball softly if you see your opponent far from the net.

Scoring in Spikeball

Anyone who reaches twenty-one points with a minimum gap of two points will win the game. It’s not compulsory that the serving team can win most of the points. Points in this game are awarded on every serve. As mentioned above, you get a point if your opponent cannot hit the ball properly and it lands on the ground.

Another rule that you need to keep in mind is hitting the pipe or hitting the rim. The ball has to land on the net every time you spike it. Your opponent will get a point if you hit the pipe or the rim of the net. Additionally, you cannot hit the ball on the edge of the pipe and net. It’s called pocketing the ball. Your opponent gets a point if you pocket.

Spikeball is an excellent game for both youngsters and adults. You can spend hours spiking the ball, provided you don’t get tired. Get a Spikeball net to start playing this game right away.