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How to Move a Pool Table Without Taking it Apart

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Moving a pool table is no easy task and if you plan on keeping it in one piece, it can be even more difficult. The good news is that many of the dangers and risks involved with moving a pool table in one piece can be avoided with a little care and preparation. To shed some light on this task, we have assembled the following guide to moving a pool table without taking it apart. By paying attention to the following tips and pointers, this task might not be so difficult after all.

Important Note: Pool tables are heavy – and those with authentic slate tabletops (see how to tell if your pool table is made of slate) are very heavy. If you don’t plan to disassemble your pool table, the best course of action would be to incorporate the strength and brawn of some burly associates of yours with experience in moving very heavy objects through a labyrinth of stairs and halls, and doors. At the very least you will need the help of 3 – 5 able-bodied persons.

A Games Room with Pool Table in a HomePrepare the Way

No sense even beginning the task if the pool table will not fit through the passageways on the way to its destination. Take a moment to measure the pool table at its widest and narrowest points and see if it will even make it through the journey. Walkthrough the movement of the pool table from its original location, through each leg of the journey to its final resting place. Go over each detail with your band of helpers.

While you are at it, move all obstacles like throw rugs, tables, and other objects even close to the path of the pool table. Lock pets and kids away as well. Also, ensure you have measured the room where the pool table is intended to reside. You want to ensure you have the best size pool table for the room before attempting the move.

Dress Properly

This is not going to be easy work and you will probably have to do some wrenching, stretching, and straining with your body. Make sure you are not wearing loose clothes that could become tangled in your work or any narrow passageways. Protective footwear and gloves would be a good idea as well.

Protect Your Furniture and Property

Break out the foam padding, packing tape, and bubble wrap and begin padding the corners and edges of your pool table, furniture, and the corners and molding on walls along the way. Grab a bunch of old sheets and blankets as well, they will be especially important if one side will have to be lifted or dragged across the floor.

Get the Right Equipment

Yes, the pool table is heavy, but humankind has been moving heavy objects across all types of terrain since prehistoric times and we have become quite good at it too. Hence, many specially designed objects and tools can make this a much easier task.

Moving dollie on white backgroundRecommended Equipment

Dollies — a set of wheels on a sturdy frame can be just the thing for bearing the brunt of the weight while you and your team balance and guide the pool table. There are four-and two-wheeled varieties. You may choose to apply one or two dollies to the task of getting the pool table from point A to Point B.

Ramps — Try lifting the pool table over stairs or onto the back of a truck, you will find it is especially difficult. But a ramp makes everything so easy. The power of the inclined plane is one of the simplest tools for getting a heavy object to a raised location — be it a giant stone monolith or a classy pool table.

Moving Straps — moving straps give you the best grip on your pool table while it is in transportation. This ensures there will be no slips, drops, or spills that could smash the brittle slate pool surface within and cause you much grief.

Sliders — sliders are handy little devices that are placed under the weight of the heavy piece of furniture being moved, this allows for easy motion across tile flooring, hardwood, and even carpeting. This protects the surface of the floor from being marked by the movement of a heavy slate or non-slate pool table.

Final Notes

Before you begin, take a moment to stretch and warm up your muscles for intense physical activity. It is all too easy to pull a muscle or strain your back while attempting the Herculean feat. Make sure you are in proper physical condition for the task at hand.