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Foosball Table Maintenance: How to Maintain a Foosball Table

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Foosball is a game commonly seen in many homes or apartments. The foosball table is the central element in having a rewarding experience as you play. As a foosball fan, you should ensure that your foosball table serves you for the longest time possible. This can, however, only be achieved by taking great care of the table through regular cleaning and proper maintenance routines. Regular maintenance promotes benefits such as low maintenance costs, smooth and fast game sessions, and a safe gaming environment. Below are some of the common maintenance guidelines to ensure your foosball table lasts as long as possible.

Cleaning products on floorEstablish a Regular Cleaning Routine

This s an important step towards maintaining the integrity of your foosball table. Therefore, as the owner, you should create a cleaning schedule for the foosball table with regards to the number of times you play the game. For instance, if the table is used only on special occasions, you can schedule maintenance on a less frequent basis, such as once a month. However, for weekly or daily use, you should clean and check the table more frequently, such as once a week. This process will ensure that any dirt, food debris, or spills on the foosball table are cleared before they cause any long-lasting damage.

Cleaning the table should also follow specific procedures by ensuring that the right tools and materials are used. This is because the use of certain chemicals while cleaning can damage the foosball table over time. Furthermore, some foosball tables with glass tops also double as coffee tables and require different cleaning materials to properly wipe it down. Please ensure you follow the directions outlined by the manufacturer.

Choose the Location Wisely

Foosball tables are primarily designed for indoor use, with some specialized exceptions. Almost all tables should be placed indoors with limited to zero exposure to damaging weather elements such as rain, winds, and direct sunlight. High temperatures (like sitting in the sun) may cause damage to the table just as too much exposure to rain/moisture can cause the metal parts to rust and deteriorate over time, which could require the table to be replaced (see How Much do Foosball Tables Cost?). If it must be kept outside where it will be exposed to these elements, it is advisable to at least cover the table with a cover cloth. But, keep in mind, it will be very difficult to keep the table in optimal working order without being vigilant in keeping moisture from the metal parts.

Foosball table outdoorsRegularly Check the Rod Alignment

This is a vital step in maintaining the foosball table. The rods and the men usually need realignment since, after games, they may have moved slightly out of their normal position. Continued use of these poorly aligned rods and men can result in reduced accuracy during shooting or passing. These rods/men of the foosball table may even end up splintering and breaking during a gaming session contributing further costly repair and maintenance. It is essential to check and align the rods and the men before and after every game to improve game quality while avoiding any extra maintenance costs. Furthermore, if you discover a bent rod or damaged player, ensure it is replaced as soon as possible. This is especially true if you have converted your foosball table from three goalies to one, since the conversion can sometimes damage the rods.

Guidelines to Move the Table

Moving of the foosball table is usually discouraged unless you observe the proper guidelines. Although it is not possible a lot of the time, it is usually best to place the table in a permanent location when initially setting it up. However, if you must move the foosball table, you should make sure not to drag it across the floor but lift it from both ends to try and minimize possible damage to the legs (this is especially true for high-end foosball tables). Additionally, place anti-slip grips on the feet of the table to guarantee stationery positioning by preventing any unnecessary movement while the game is being played. This will further protect the foosball table legs from damages.

Food and Drink Positioning

If possible, keep food and drink away from the foosball table to eliminate possible spills and debris on the foosball table. However, for those who like to have their food and drinks close, you may set aside an extra stool on the side for the placement of these foodstuffs. Keeping food and drink away from the table will greatly reduce the amount of cleaning the table needs to maintain its appearance and integrity. Spills can be particularly damaging to the table, especially if they are not cleaned immediately. Furthermore, if the spill stains the table, you may never be able to get it completely clean without extensive repairs.

Final Words

In conclusion, foosball is a fun game to play with friends and family. However, without proper maintenance of the table, the game quality can quickly decline. As the table degrades, expensive repairs or replacing the table may be necessary. It is, therefore, worth the effort to maintain the condition of your foosball table for best possible results. Following a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule can do wonders for extending the life of your foosball table and give you many years of enjoyment.