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How to Disassemble a Pool Table in Six Steps

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Do you need to take apart your pool table and aren’t sure where to begin? Instead of calling a professional to disassemble it, you can do it alone. Sure, the parts are heavy, but you can disassemble the pool table easily if you have the right tools. Furthermore, if you are planning on moving the pool table, it is probably easier to take it apart instead of trying to move the pool table without taking it apart. Here’s a guide that you can follow to effortlessly take your pool table apart.

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Disassembling the Pool Table

Make sure you wear eye protection gear before you start. It would also be helpful if you have another person around to help you lift the table when required.

1. Keep your tools handy

You will need three tools to disassemble your pool table: a wrench, needle-nose pliers, or a flathead screwdriver, and drill with a screwdriver bit.

2. Remove the staples securing the pockets

The first step is to use the needle-nose pliers or flathead screwdriver to take out the staples that secure the pool table’s pockets. It’s better if you lie on your back and slowly while picking out the staples. Use the screwdriver carefully; otherwise, you may end up scraping the edges around the staples and that may make the table look bad. Always wear eye protection gear while performing this task. The staples will fall one by one as you dislodge them. With your hands occupied, you may not be able to stop the staples from falling on your face.

3. Unscrew side rail bolts

This is a slightly tricky step. First of all, see how the table is set up. Usually, pool tables have three bolts in every rail, but a few advanced models may have multiple raids on each side. That means there are more bolts than in regular models. Once you figure out the pattern of the rails, you can take a wrench to unscrew the rail bolts.

Make sure you unscrew the bolts slowly. You may need someone to hold each rail as you reach the last bolt to avoid falling off. Remove the side rails one by one and keep the bolts in a bag. You will need them later when you decide to reassemble the table.

Pool table in a bar4. Remove the felt

Removing the felt is a time-consuming step and you need patience for it. There are two ways that a felt stays attached to the table’s surface: either with glue or staples.

Using Glue – You need to gently start pulling from one corner of the table. The slow, backward movement will ensure that the felt doesn’t rip or tear anywhere. Take extra care while pulling the felt around the edge of the pockets. There shouldn’t be any scratches or rough areas that may create holes in the felt.

Using Staples – It’s easier to remove a felt that’s attached with staples. You need to use the flathead screwdriver to slowly remove the staples one by one. The felt will become loose once you remove the staples. You can then roll the felt and keep it aside.

5. Remove the slate/base

If this is a slate pool table (see How to Tell if Your Pool Table is Made of Slate), you will need someone to help you remove the slate (see Slate vs Non Slate Pool Table). It’s one of the heaviest parts of the pool table and it’s best if you don’t try to move it alone. Some slate beds may weigh up to 450 pounds. If your pool table has separate pieces of slate beds, their individual weights may be 150 to 200 pounds each. You should start by removing the screws first. Take the drill with a screw bit and remove the screws one by one. Usually, each corner has one screw. Some manufacturers use additional screws in the center of the table.

Once you take out the screws, it’s time to lift the slate bed. Hold the bed from two corners and ask your partner to hold the other two corners. Lift the slate bed and keep it aside. If you are working with a non-slate pool table, the process will be similar except you will be working with much lighter material. Just ensure that you take your time and are cautious each step of the way.

6. Remove the legs

The final step to disassembling your pool table is to remove its legs. This is probably the easiest of all the tasks. Take the screwdriver and unscrew the bolts that hold the legs into the body. A few tables may have nuts. You can use the wrench to remove them. Keep the nuts and screws in a bag so that you can use them later.

Final Words

Once you finish disassembling, you can pack the parts in bubble wrap, thus ensuring that they don’t get damaged or dented in transit. Taking your time while removing the table’s components is integral in ensuring the process goes smoothly. Although they can be bulky and difficult to disassemble, being able to move your table where you want without worrying about damage is hard to underestimate. Following the steps above, you should have your pool table apart, relocated, and re-assembled in no time.