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How to Convert a Three Goalie Foosball Table to One Goalie

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If you played Foosball 20-30 years ago, you probably remember that almost all the foosball tables then usually included only a single goalie. This was fun as you could often pin the ball against the side of the walls fairly easily. Unfortunately, the primary manufacturers rarely produce tables with a single goalie anymore (see Best Foosball Table with One Goalie for more). They mostly manufacture three goalie tables, Tornado commenced this trend to save money, and others eventually joined the group.

Soccer Table KeeperConverting Your Foosball Table to One Goalie

For you to convert your three goalie foosball table to one, you have to implement several steps; these include:

Step 1

Find a conversion kit (if your table has one).

Step 2

Detach all three goalies from the rod and remove them along with all other parts (nuts, bolts, etc…).

Step 3

Slide the rod out slightly from the table and remove the goalies if they haven’t already been removed.

Step 4

Add the rubber stopper to the end of the rod.

Step 5

Add the goalie to middle of bar. Ensure the goalie is facing the proper direction.

Step 6

Place the second rubber stopper on the far end of the bar from where the first stopper was placed.

Step 7

Repeat the steps for the other side of the rod.

Step 8

Attach the 4 corner pieces with tape (duct tape, etc…). If the conversion kit instruction recommends using another adhesive, use that instead.

Step 9

That’s it! You’re done. Easy peezy.

What Should I Expect When I First Get a Foosball Table?

When you get your foosball table, the first thing you need to do is to assemble it. As much as you might not like it, it is just part of the process. It would help if you spared some time to set up your table by following the manual’s instructions. After that, you can gladly enjoy your foosball.

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Playing foosball in an officeHow to Get Better at Foosball?

For you to upgrade your level of expertise and knowledge of foosball (see more top foosball strategies), there are several things you can do, such as:

Make a Wise Selection– The table plays a crucial role in ensuring that you play foosball properly. A high-quality table will ensure that you are getting the most out of your games. If you are just playing for fun or the table is for children, there is no reason to purchase an elaborate foosball table. Alternatively, if you are planning on playing competitively, the higher quality tables are worth the added investment.

Follow the Rules of Foosball – This will allow you to get familiar with illegal moves and the techniques of playing this game. One particular no-no that is regularly mentioned is spinning. Never spin the players unless you want to be banned from playing in competitive areas.

Join Tournaments – Note that you are likely to boost your skills and experience in playing this game when you join tournaments. It also allows you to link up with the varying skill levels of players in your game, hence gaining more suitable experience from them.

Converting a 3-goalie foosball table to a single-goalie model is not difficult. The most important thing is to ensure that your table can be converted as only some tables have conversion kits available. If you are just purchasing a new table and are interested in the single goalie variety, it may be more difficult to find one, but it is well worth it if that is your preferred playstyle. Have fun!