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How Much Does A Pool Table Cost?

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Purchasing a pool table does not necessarily have to make you break into your piggy bank. But since it is an investment that can cost quite a bit, you should be cautious to ensure you are getting a quality product. Considering all the essential features is important to help you make a wise decision. While shopping, you will realize that the price range for pool tables can vary widely. The main reason for this is due to the kind of materials used and the size of the pool table (see What is the Best Size Pool Table for a Room). Pool tables come in different variations, all with unique features and costs. Below are some of the categories under which the standard tables fall and their price ranges.

Overall, expect to pay considerably more as you climb the ladder in the quality and size department (learn about the best brands of pool tables for home). Custom pool tables are the most expensive and can cost outrageous sums of money ($3500 – $15000+). High-end tables are more commonly seen in tournaments or classy pool halls and can commonly cost up to $3500. The mid-range table is what is normally seen in bars or in private homes. Mid-range models can cost between $800 – $2000 for a solid gaming experience. Finally, budget tables are the cheapest. These tables can encompass either the toy tables for children or smaller tables that can work in homes. Expect to pay $200 – $800 for an adult-sized budget pool table.

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Pool Table Category Pricing

Large room with a pool tableCustom Tables

They are the most expensive among all the different types of pool tables. It is because manufacturers make them suit the exact requirements of the customer. Typically, it gets produced using exotic types of wood that ensure they are strong and durable. Additionally, they may include precious stones or other costly add-ons to improve the aesthetics and value of the table. For such a table, expect to spend between $3500 to $15000, depending on where you buy your pool table. The lower the price, the less sophisticated it will be while at the highest range expect something out of this world. The materials used for finishing are of the best quality with a very smooth texture. Expect excellent durability and for the custom table to last for many years with incredible performance.

High-End Tables

The price range for this kind of table is $2100 to $3500. Such types of pool tables get manufactured using excellent quality materials that improve their durability. A high end pool table will almost certainly use a slate bed. If you are buying used, ensure you know how to tell if a pool table is made of slate before purchasing. They come in quite a few variations of color and wood type to suit any existing decor. The tables are ideal both for private and public places. You can have one in the comfort of your home or use it for business purposes, like at a bar. Players who are more involved in the game will find this kind of table more suitable for their playstyle. However, this does not mean that amateurs will not have fun as these are high-end tables that most tournaments are played on.

Billiards table breaking the ballsMid Range Tables

Such pool tables are of a lesser quality compared to the high-end designs. The price is also lower as the common range is between $800 to $2000. They are the most common type of tables found in home game rooms or private leagues. They are efficient and reliable for any kind of game you would want to play. Depending on the room allocated for storage, you can find them in varying sizes. However, when you opt for tables within this price range, you have to be cautious as the production materials are not commonly made of as high of quality materials as the other models above.

A mid-range pool table will offer you an excellent game, but ensure that regular maintenance is performed to extend the lifespan. These measures will help in detecting problems and solving them before they escalate and become too big. Ensure you check on the slate, felt, and frame as they are the parts prone to damage. However, despite the limitations, the table will serve you for a considerable amount of time.

Budget Pool Tables

Budget pool tables are often smaller than those mentioned above. Kid tables are also available that are considerably cheaper and are intended for children. They are commonly produced using particle board or any other cheap kind of wood (see slate vs non-slate pool table). The frames have a lamination in the form of slate. As the quality of materials being used is common of lower grade than with other models, they are more prone to needing replacements faster. They can be used either at home or in public areas for kids. The price for such designs ranges from $300 to $800 for adult models and considerably cheaper for true kid’s tables.

Factors Affecting Pricing

Although the pricing varies hugely for each table, one feature that affects this is the quality of materials used on the surface. For typical types of pool tables, they have to be smooth to allow for the ball to roll from one end to another. A poor choice of materials will cost less, but the ball will not spin as expected. Regarding materials, the cushions lining the rails are also of importance in influencing cost. Apart from the decor, the thickness of the slate matter as well. Additionally, the size of the pool table affects the price. The size of the pool table will largely be determined by the size of the room and what it is intended to be used for (see What Are Common Pool Table Sizes).

With the above information, you can now get into the purchasing process (see Best Pool Tables for Home). It is imperative to evaluate each type of pool table under the categories mentioned above to ensure it fits your preference. Having a budget can help a lot in guiding you to make the best decision to fit your needs.