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How Much Do Air Hockey Tables Cost?

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Air hockey is an extremely exciting table game where you need to test your reflexes to send the puck into your opponent’s goal as many times as possible. This game requires a high-quality, frictionless table. The table consists of numerous holes. A fan underneath the table blows air through these holes on the playing surface. But how much do these tables cost? What are the factors that contribute to the total price of an ice hockey table? Let’s find out.

Price Range of Air Hockey Tables

The cost of a standard quality air hockey table can range between $200 and $1000 for a standard table for your home. Some models (coin-operated) can often cost $2500 or more if you are looking for one like you would find in an arcade. There are also smaller models that are intended for children that can be found for under $200.

You can pick a table based on its features, size (see air hockey table sizes and dimensions), build quality, and brand (for more see How Do Air Hockey Tables Work). Make sure that the air hockey table you choose is sturdy enough. You may accidentally put too much pressure on it while playing. In such cases, the table shouldn’t get damaged or break down. Apart from its sturdy construction, you should also pay attention to the other features like a scoreboard, size, and design of the playing surface before buying. Each of these factors will impact the price of the table.

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Buying Guide

As already mentioned, different factors contribute to the overall price of an air hockey table.


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The size of the table is crucial when it comes to the price. If you are buying a smaller air hockey game, you shouldn’t have to pay a lot. In fact, most of the air hockey tables for kids cost below $200, while you can find smaller tables (around 5′ – 6′) for under $500. On the other hand, you may have to pay more if you choose full-size tournament tables. These tables come in 7′ – 8′ in size most often. They are significantly bigger than the smaller tables and require a larger playing area. Full-size tables are best for practicing your air hockey skills for tournament play.

Tables that are less than 60 inches in length are suitable for small areas. If you don’t want to invest in a tournament-size table or don’t have enough space to accommodate a larger table, you should go for the 60-inches or a smaller-sized table.

This doesn’t mean that small-sized tables lack build quality. Some of the expensive models of small tables have well-designed playing surfaces and strong fans to give you the feeling of playing on larger tables. Ensure that you perform regular maintenance on your table and even a smaller model should last you a very long time.

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Always buy an air hockey table that has a digital timer and scoreboard. This helps to keep track of the number of games, the time left for a game to finish, and the scores. You don’t need to use a stopwatch or manual scorer to track these details. Some of the tables have digital scoreboards and timers on their sides while others may have the same on the top of the table.

The mechanism of the scoreboard also contributes to the price of the air hockey table. Digital scoreboards in advanced models keep track of new games and time automatically. It will restart your goal tally as soon as you start a new game. Some of the digital scoreboards of lower-end models work manually. You need to reset the time and goal tally after every game.

Professional air hockey players prefer to buy tables that provide automatic scoreboards. This helps them focus on the game instead of manually changing the timers all the time.

Women playing air hockeyLegs

What type of air hockey table do you want to buy? Is it for adults or kids? Usually, the tables for kids don’t have legs. It is best for children to sit down and play. But if you are buying an air hockey table for adults, it must have legs. The legs provide stability to the board. If you put pressure on the sides, these legs will support the table from toppling on one side.

Tables without legs cost less compared to the ones that come with legs. Make sure you check the legs of the table before buying. They should be made using the same material as the rest of the table. Many air hockey tables have metal and wooden legs to provide the much-needed support. These models are costlier and you would have to pay a premium price to get one of these tables.

Playing Surface and Air Flow

The design imprinted on the playing surface is another factor that decided the air hockey table price. The surface is integral in determining the performance of the air hockey table. The fan blows air through the holes to provide a frictionless gaming experience. Some lower-quality tables have “dead zones” that just don’t raise the puck enough due to poor airflow. Ensure you are buying a table with a strong airflow and enough vents on the surface to support your playstyle. Additionally, some tables combo as multiple games (see this comparison of the best air hockey tables with a table tennis top), so this must be taken into account when researching your next table.


Now that you know the price range of air hockey tables and the factors contributing to their overall cost, choose one according to your budget and needs. There are high-end tables for kids also. Don’t forget to compare their rates and features before buying. If you’re interested, take a look at our Best Air Hockey Table for Adults comparison to see if any of these models will work best for your situation.