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Home Arcade Room Ideas

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Whether you want to create a gaming den at home or re-create the classic feel of an arcade in your living room, you will find a home arcade room idea to fit the bill if you look hard enough. Arcade rooms can provide an atmosphere of competition and relaxation, so a gaming chair, multiple screens, and a gaming area can create the perfect setting for your game night. Other great decor ideas include posters and splashes of color.

Retro Pinball

If you’re nostalgic for your childhood, retro pinball machine home arcade room ideas are the best way to relive the days of your youth. Whether you grew up in the ’70s or ’80s, you’ll love this vibrant room. Add a pinball machine to your basement or living room, and you’ll have a fun place to spend your evenings. You can even place an arcade cabinet in the corner, so you can play your favorite games from your childhood.

Themed game rooms should have options beyond pool or video games. Pinball is a great way to create a retro atmosphere in a kid’s room, or consider installing cabinet-style games that can be played alone or competitively with two to four players. Retro arcade rooms can also feature classic competitive games such as air hockey, shooting hoops, and foosball.

Vintage Video Games

Retro video games have made a great comeback. These games were mostly popular in the early days of home video gaming, including the Atari 7800, Nintendo Entertainment System, and Sega Master System. Many of these classic games were later licensed and became top-selling arcade games or vice versa. You can use these games in your home arcade room to relive your childhood. These games are usually taller than the average person, so they can take over a small room.

You can display old consoles and games in a retro library for a quirky look. For a vintage theme, you can also include vintage furniture and books. Comics from the same universe can be displayed on vintage side tables. A wall mural of a specific game or collection of games can also emphasize the room’s purpose. Many designers recommend a room that is large and open. If you’re a serious gamer, you may want to allow an extra corner for your gaming station.

Gaming Chair

Adding a gaming chair to your home arcade room is the perfect way to add a sense of community to the space. Many gaming chairs come in different styles and colors, so it’s up to you to choose which one best fits your taste and personality. You can also decorate the walls with your favorite game’s logo or mascot if you’re into that sort of thing. While you’re at it, you can even put up a custom graffiti design on the wall to add a playful touch.

You can create a gaming environment in any room, even if it’s small. Choose video game furniture, like bean bag chairs, sectionals, or sofas, and you’ll soon have a space that rivals an arcade. To accentuate your home arcade room, add some high-end elements like a wall-mounted screen or speakers, and you’ve got yourself a gaming room. If you’re an avid gamer, you’re probably also a collector of video games.

Cocktail Corner

If you have a spare corner in your home arcade room and love drinking cocktails, you may want to consider adding a cocktail corner. A cocktail bar doesn’t have to be a formal affair; all you need is a comfy bar chair, a bar cart, and some storage space. The accessories you choose should reflect your decorating personality and style. You can use dusky pink accents to add some extra flair to your room.

Since this is an arcade room, a cocktail arcade (think 80s Pizza Huts) would be a perfect way to showcase the cocktail area. The most common type of cocktail arcade table is about 19” to 26” in size. If you want a smaller or larger screen, you can consider building your own cocktail arcade table. Most cocktail arcade tables come with stools, which should be the appropriate height. You can also opt to build your own machine if you have the space.


Shelving for home arcade rooms should have both decorative and functional features. Choose pieces that are designed for both functions, such as a bookshelf with a built-in desk. Video games are also great inspiration for room decor. Old video game controllers and posters are the perfect touch for wall decor. Find old video game parts on Etsy or eBay to give your arcade room a vintage feel. Once you’ve found the right pieces, you can add them to your room!

While deciding which kind of shelving you will use, remember to take into account the size of the space. The size of the room must be large enough to accommodate the game consoles and gaming equipment. The room should be ventilated and have sufficient ductwork. Lastly, consider the color scheme of the room. If the room is based on video games, choose a color scheme that compliments the games by utilizing lighting, black lights, reflective tape, and so on.