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Fun Giant Games for Outside Anyone Can Play

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Summer is in full swing and that means that families and friends are heading outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and fun that this season always brings. Whether it is in the yard where the barbecue beckons or in the company of other families picnicking on the rolling lawns of the local park fun in the sun is an absolute requirement in the balmy weather.

Playing games outside is one of the best ways to enjoy time with others. Games can range from the frantic like spikeball (see our best spikeball set article for more), or a little more laid back like croquet. The fun that family and friends can have outdoors is almost limitless – but having the equipment to enjoy some classic outdoor games at hand can really add the fun – and when giant versions of these games come into play (excuse the pun) that fun reaches whole new levels.

So what are the most popular giant outdoor games? Here are some that will have those who play grinning from ear to ear.

Two happy women playing big chess in yardChess

Giant chess is probably the most popular of the giant games. These giant chess matches can often be found in city parks or backyards. Suitable for adults and children, a game of giant chess is an enjoyable activity to play at almost any time. The rules are the same as a normal game of chess, but the oversized pieces provide a very different feel to chess matches. You can’t go wrong getting a group of friends together for a game of giant chess.

Connect Four

Connect Four has been a family favorite ever since it was released by Milton Bradley in 1974. It remains a mainstay of family nights across the nation. Today there is a giant version that has been designed for use outdoors. This oversized version is ideal for use on the beach or on the lawn (see our reviews of the best jumbo connect four yard game). It stands 3.8 feet tall and 4 feet wide to provide super-sized fun and a game that only takes a minute to learn but provides years of outdoor entertainment for the old and young.


Jenga is a game that has found its way into thousands (if not millions) of households across the country. It’s another one of those games where the rules are simple – but mastering it is fiendishly difficult fun. The giant version is perfect for outdoor use. There are a number of different sizes, but to really take the outdoor Jenga experience to new levels (literally) opt for a version that is over five feet tall. The original Jenga brand version also comes with a handy carry bag which makes it ideal for transport to that perfect outdoor space and makes storage a breeze – no more lost pieces.


There are thousands of family-friendly card games that can be enjoyed outdoors – but why settle for using that backyard table when the grass can be your playing surface? Giant playing cards add to the fun – and the possibilities are almost endless. Thick and glossy these cards are able to cope with the rough and tumble of outdoor use – and provide hours of fun.

Beer Pong

For a more adult-themed experience, the giant beer pong set is ideal. It’s a great way to enjoy some laughs and perhaps a chilled adult beverage at the same time – essential when out in the sunshine (but always remember to drink plenty of water – stay hydrated). The average giant beer pong set consists of twelve bucket-type ‘beer cups’ and heavy-duty plastic balls. Most versions will also have a carry case to make enjoying the fun easier no matter where you are. The rues are up to you – but the fun comes as standard.

children's game twister on the asphaltTwister

Twister is another family favorite that has stood the test of time. It’s been around since 1964- and now there is a giant version that adds to the attraction. The inflatable base measures 15 feet x 15 feet and the giant spinning wheel certainly fits in with the oversized fun that can be had. Just remember to bring along a pump.

Beach Ball

Simple doesn’t have to mean boring. the beach ball has been a mainstay of every trip to the lake or seaside for generations. The giant beachball simply takes an already popular outdoor favorite and takes it to the next level. Some versions are up to 12 feet in diameter – and that means that the fun potential is as outsized as the beachball itself. Just watch out for that gust of wind otherwise you may be getting more exercise than you’d bargained for as you chase down your prized bouncing beachball.

Giant outdoor games will entertain groups of friends and family for hours and just add to the joy of being outdoors during a summer’s day. Invest in outsized fun today and enjoy your downtime more than ever before.