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Five of the Best Foosball Table Brands

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Are you looking to purchase a foosball table? If so, you’ll want to stick to purchasing one of the tables made by the best foosball table brands in the industry. There are a lot of standout brands that have been producing quality foosball tables for some time. Here is a list of some of the brands that you should be considering buying from.

Blue and black foosball strikersBrands to Look For When Buying


KICK is one of the best-selling brands you’ll find in the business. KICK is a brand that is well recognized in the space and has been for a long time (learn about the history of foosball). Several things make KICK one of the top brands in the industry. For one, they offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. This is something that only reputable brands and manufacturers do. After all, it can cost a lot of money to have to take returns or to offer out replacements if you’re producing a low-quality product that is constantly being returned. Likewise, KICK backs all of its tables with a lifetime warranty on all parts which is the best in the business. Needless to say, you have the ultimate peace of mind when you opt for a KICK table. However, there is more to like about KICK. Not only does it offer excellent backing, but KICK produces high-quality tables with excellent designs, to begin with. Therefore, you’re getting an expertly designed foosball table that offers tournament performance with an iron-clad manufacturer’s guarantee.


Tornado is another standout in the marketplace. If you are looking at buying a quality foosball table (see our reviews of the best heavy duty foosball tables), you’ll likely come across Tornado’s tables because they are some of the best available. Tornado stands out for its commitment to providing tables with some of the best performance available. Tornado has patented counterbalanced men that feature sharper corners and an increased cross-section making ball control and passing better overall. This, along with other improvements made with its constant innovations over the last decade or so has made it one of the brands to beat when it comes to foosball table production. It was the first foosball manufacturer in the United States and they continue to produce its tables in the USA. You’ll find Tornado branded foosball tables across the USA in local bars, pool halls, and game rooms.


You are likely already well aware of ESPN’s prowess in the sports arena. After all, they are the number one most-watched sports channel in the world. However, what might surprise you is their commitment to producing some of the best arcade-style tables. Their foosball tables are one to keep an eye on. ESPN’s branding holds weight and it stands out aesthetically. However, they have made a commitment to producing high-quality tables at competitive prices which makes it a good option for those who are seeking something that is both quality and affordable.

EastPoint Sports

This is another brand that you’re likely to come across when you are shopping for a foosball table and you wouldn’t be disappointed if you chose to buy one of their tables. EastPoint Sports is a brand that delivers one of the best price-to-value ratios in the industry. They commit to creating high-quality products with the finest materials. Best of all, they build with a purpose. You’ll find outdoor tables build with all-weather materials that can withstand the test of time. You will even find competition-sized tables that you can count on for a competitive experience. Whether you’re looking for a foosball table for outdoor or indoor play, EastPoint Sports is a competitive brand that is easy to consider.

Rally and Roar

This is another brand that you might be considering. Rally and Roar is a brand that designs its tables in the United States and that provides customer service based in the USA. They offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that you can count on. They produce high-quality products that offer quick and easy assembly. Their tables are not only competitively priced but they are designed to last. The Rally and Roar brand is one of the better value brands that you can find available.

Final Words

As you can see, there are plenty of quality brands that you can choose from. Choose the brand that produces tables within your respective price range. You shouldn’t have a hard time finding a quality brand that produces tables at your budget as there are value brands and premium brands worthy of considering.