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Common Ping Pong Table Measurements

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Ping pong is a recreational sport that’s enjoyed by people of all ages. If you’re going to be purchasing a ping pong table for your home, you’ll need to take a closer look at the dimensions of the table you’re considering along with other considerations (learn what ping pong tables are made of). Below, you’ll find information about common ping pong table measurements, which should help you figure out what size table you should be looking for.

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Table tennis player silhouette ping pong vector background for posterMatch-Size Tables

If someone in your household is planning on entering ping pong competitions, you’ll want to make sure they’re practicing on a table that is the same size as the tables used in matches. According to the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), ping pong tables should have a length of nine feet and a width of five feet. Tables should stand at a height of two feet and six inches.

Regulation-size ping pong tables are a popular option, and many of the tables available on the market (see how much a ping pong table costs) will have these dimensions. High end ping pong tables are commonly used for tournament practice. If you’re interested in purchasing a table of this size, you’ll want to make sure that the room that the table will be stored in has dimensions of at least 16×10 feet.

Kid’s Ping Pong Tables

Even young children can learn how to play ping pong! With that said, kids may struggle to play at a full-size table. One option is to invest in a portable ping pong table. These sets tend to be affordably priced, and you can upgrade to a larger table when your children grow older.

Another option is to purchase a table that was designed with kids in mind. Most kid-sized tables stand at about two feet fall, making them easier for children to play. These tables are also suitable for small spaces.

Space-Saver Tables

If you don’t have a ton of extra space in your house, it’s best to search for a space-saving table. In many cases, these tables can be folded up and stored when they’re not in use, which means you won’t have to find a permanent location for the table that you buy.

In addition, you’ll find that these tables are smaller than regulation-size tables. Common dimensions for a space-saving table are 65″ x 25″ x 25″. It should be easy to find a room (see about putting your ping pong table in a garage) for a table of that size. If you opt for a portable table, you may be able to set up your ping pong table on a dining room table in your home.

Ball and paddle for table tennisPing Pong Paddle Measurements

While the ping pong table you buy will take up significantly more space, you’ll also want to pay attention to the dimensions of your ping pong paddles. The average ping pong paddle has dimensions of 6.7” X 5.9” X 9.45”. Some paddles are slightly longer, with a length of 10.25”.

If you’re buying a ping pong table for children, you’ll want to look for small paddles to be comfortably held in a child’s hands. You may also want to look for paddles that are easier to play with. As an example, there are paddles made for children that are covered in Velcro. They’re designed to be used with balls that will stick to the paddle when you play.

Other Considerations

You’ll want to pay close attention to the dimensions of the table that you’re purchasing, but there are also many other factors you’ll want to keep in mind. For example, you should aim to have about 4 feet of space on every side of your table.

If there’s not a good space to store a ping pong table in your home, you may want to look into outdoor tables. Many of these tables are regulation size, and they’re made from resilient materials that are suitable for outdoor use. Most of these tables also have built-in storage, which means you’ll have a place to store paddles and balls when you’re not playing.

Final Words

Whether you want to hone your table tennis skills or simply want to have fun with your family and friends, you should take a look at common ping pong table measurements before you buy your new ping pong table. Whether you purchase an indoor table or an outdoor one, you’ll want to make sure you have space for the table that you choose.