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Bocce balls on a bocce court

How to Make a Bocce Ball Court

A friend taught you how to play bocce ball. You enjoyed the game so much that you are now planning to build a bocce ball court in your backyard. You are not alone. Many others already have bocce ball courts (see our picks for the best luxury bocce ball sets) in their front or backyards […]

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Legs and hands of people or men playing bocce sport with balls, metal and plastic boules, on natural sandy beach outdoors on summer day on grey sand

Bocce Ball Scoring Rules

Bocce ball is an ancient yard game that has now become popular around the world. The goal of this game is to land the ball closest to the target called a pallina. Two teams play in this game. You can either have one, two, or four players on your team. Each player gets to throw […]

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