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Best Pool Tables for Home

One of the most popular choices when it comes to larger entertainment equipment is the billiard/pool table. These are attractive additions to any home – however, the choice of which make and model to purchase, especially when there are younger members of the family who want to get in on the fun can be confusing. The size of the room, size of the table, appearance, performance, price, and numerous other factors can greatly impact your decision.

If you’re looking for a pool table for your home, ensure you know exactly what you need. Measure the area where you plan to place the table and make sure you account for the room needed to operate the pool cues. Additionally, know what kind of playing experience you are looking to have. If you are a beginner or just want something to pass the time, you probably don’t need to get a tournament-level pool table. If kids are involved, a smaller model may be more your speed.

Regardless of your situation, ensure you have done your homework before purchasing a new pool table so you can be sure to get exactly what you want and need. We have researched some of the most popular pool tables currently available to help make your search a little easier. Below you will find our choices for the best pool tables for home and how they are best used.

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Best Overall - Barrington Hatherley 100” Pool Table

Best Value - RACK Stark 5.5’ Billiard/Pool Table

Best Outdoor - Imperial 8 FT Outdoor Pool Table

Best Combo - Hathaway Spartan 6' Pool/Ping Pong Table

Our Top Picks

PictureFeaturesOur ScoreCheck Price

Barrington Hatherley

Very high quality for home pool table
Attractive and elegant appearance
Cue sticks could be better
Good value

8.4Check Price

RACK Stark

Great value buy
Lightweight but sturdy and stable
Some inexpensive materials
Excellent beginner table

9.2Check Price

Imperial Outdoor

Blends well in any outdoor setting
Even and smooth playing surface
Highly resistant to elements
Strong and durable

9.8Check Price

Hathaway Spartan

Plays larger than it is
Good for small spaces
Solid piece ping pong table
Some drift on slow shots

8.4Check Price

The Reviews

Best Overall

Barrington Hatherley 100” Pool Table with Dartboard Set

The Barrington Hatherley Pool Table is a massive 100-inches and 384 pounds. As you can probably tell, the table’s build quality is extremely impressive as it represents a premium home pool table. The high-quality nature of table along with excellent performance, make this an excellent choice for almost any home.

Not only does the table feature a stunning walnut veneer frame and legs, but the felt cover slate is eye-catching lime green (depending on selected style). The entire table oozes luxury which makes it the perfect addition to any room, unlike other tables that might be destined for a game room. The pool table comes with all the must-have accessories including billiard balls, 2 cues, a triangle, chalk, and a brush. Therefore, it offers everything you absolutely need to get started.

The pool table is covered with 25mm thick wool felt and the surface is made up of professional-grade 50% blend felt which offers consistent and smooth rolling of the billiard balls. Therefore, it can satisfy those looking for professional-grade performance. Because the table features an 18mm MDF support frame underneath, it helps to ensure the table remains as level as possible during your playing experience.

In addition to being one of the best pool tables for homes, it also comes with an official sized dartboard with birch wood-veneer construction. This set comes with everything you need to get started including 6 steel tip professional darts, a dry erase marker, and 6 flights.

The Barrington Hatherly Billiards table is certainly a great looking, well-made, and exceedingly durable table. While it isn’t cheap, the quality ensures it will last for a very long time. This is one of the better all-around tables for your home without jumping up in price point to the commercial models. It features an old-fashioned design that can bring luxury to any. It is simply dripping with elegance and class for anyone looking for a classic looking billiard table.

What We Like

  • Very high quality for home pool table
  • Attractive and elegant appearance
  • Good value

What We Don't Like

  • Cue sticks could be better


Dimensions100" x 56" x 31"
Weight384 lbs.
Surface MaterialWood
Best Value

RACK Stark 5.5-Foot Billiard/Pool Table

The RACK Stark 5.5-Foot Billiard/Pool Table is attractive, with ruby felt, classically curved legs and a timeless black finish. The addition of the table feet that allow for a degree of adjustment ensures that the playing surface remains level for a competition-grade game of pool or billiards. It’s also smaller than regulation meaning that the kids can quickly get used to the experience. However, that smaller size does not mean that it is not some serious fun for adults as well. The smaller size also means that it has a more ‘petite’ footprint than the full-size tables and it, therefore, does not dominate the entire room.

The RACK Stark table also comes with a full set of premium table accessories including 2 48” cues, 16 billiard balls, cue chalk, a triangle rack, and a wooden brush. If there is one challenge that would need to be faced it is that some assembly is required, and a couple of friends might be useful. As with many products like this, the assembly can be frustrating without helpers, especially as this is a fairly heavy item.

This is a great beginner’s table (at a very reasonable price) which has everything that is required for a great game of pool with friends. It is a purchase that very few will regret (the unlimited lifetime warranty adds to peace of mind) and the quality is indicated by the many positive reviews. While it may be a mostly no-frills table, it meshes well with almost any room and provides good performance for a smaller table.

What We Like

  • Great value buy
  • Lightweight but sturdy and stable
  • Excellent beginner table

What We Don't Like

  • Some inexpensive materials


Dimensions66" x 35" x 31"
Weight114 lbs.
Best Outdoor

Imperial Outdoor 8’ Pool Table

Any outdoor pool table can be a hefty investment. If you are looking at one, you will want to do your due diligence to be certain you are making a well-informed decision. The Imperial Outdoor pool table at 8-feet delivers on its high price tag. Not only does it include a full-sized playing surface, but it features a modern aesthetic that will be sure to look great on your patio or wherever you are planning on putting it. The entire table is built with being outdoor in mind.

This Imperial table includes anodized aluminum rails, legs, and corners. The entire bed board is made up of both 140 layers of Formica sheets and polyester resin. This helps it offer enhanced durability and weatherproofing making it the perfect choice for an outdoor pool table.

The tan coating that the table is equipped with helps the table blend into your outdoor environment and it can easily mask dirt and other debris that the table might come into contact with. This can help to keep your table looking brand new much longer than you would expect. The pool table comes with a cover to help protect it from the elements and a set of polyester balls that are perfect for the outdoors. The bed of the table is covered in a waterproof Taclon cloth which makes it capable of withstanding exposure to excess moisture and the harsh elements that the outdoors can bring.

The entire table comes nearly pre-assembled. You only have to bolt on the legs on your own and you will be able to get the table up and ready to play. If you are looking for a table that you do not have to worry about ‘babying’ and constantly maintaining outdoors, this is the one for you. Its durable and high-quality build and its consistent usage of waterproof materials make it the perfect choice for anyone looking for an outdoor setup.

What We Like

  • Blends well in any outdoor setting
  • Even and smooth playing surface
  • Highly resistant to elements
  • Strong and durable

What We Don't Like

  • Extremely heavy


Best Combo

Hathaway Spartan 6’ Pool/Table Tennis Combo

For those in search of pool/table tennis combo, the Hathaway Spartan 6′ Pool/Table Tennis Combo is a great product at an affordable price. However, the fact that it is a bargain at the price does not mean that you will be buying an inferior product. On the contrary, the Hathaway Spartan is simply good value for money.

Firstly, it makes a great addition to any game room. The burgundy felt and black melamine finish gives it a timeless air of elegance that seems destined to age well. The table tennis component features a poly sealed playing top and together both pool table and table tennis surface will provide many years of enjoyment. The fact that at 6.0 feet the pool table and table tennis surface are slightly smaller than regulation also makes both ideal for the younger members of the family – as do the leg levelers which make the unit easy to balance – and also offer the opportunity to lower the surface to a degree.

The ping pong top addition works very well and doesn’t fold like many others. Regardless of how well it is designed, folding tops inevitably cause uneven play due to the fold. As this one features a solid piece, the table tennis play is flawless. In addition to the array of items to play pool, you also get a full assortment of ping pong accessories including 2 ping pong paddles and a net.

This combo offers great value for the money and the opportunity to really have some fun when family and friends get together. All accessories are also included in the package so the fun can start right away. The combo features work very well with very few drawbacks. The pool table offers solid play for either groups or solo at a reasonable price. While it may be smaller than a regulation sized table, it doesn’t hamper play and even makes it a little more versatile as far as where you can place it in your home.

What We Like

  • Plays larger than it is
  • Good for small spaces
  • Solid piece ping pong table

What We Don't Like

  • Some drift on slow shots


Dimensions72" x 38" x 31"
Weight100 lbs.

Buying a Pool Table for Your Home

Buying a pool table can easily involve spending a significant amount of money. You would naturally want to spend it on a table that’s worth every penny. Therefore, it’s better to compare the various aspects of different pool tables instead of being impulsive and buying the first table that you see. Remember, the size of the table is crucial since you will keep it at home. You must measure the dimensions of the room in which you are planning to install the table. That should give you an idea of what size to get.

Apart from the table’s size, there are a few other factors that you also need to keep in mind before buying a pool table for your home. Below are some tips to help you find a pool table that is perfect for your home.

Pool table with a girl playing, seen from aboveTabletop

The type of tabletop you choose depends on two factors: your budget and the quality of the playing surface. There are primarily two types of tabletops: synthetic and slate.


Particleboard – Particleboard is the most affordable, but it warps over time. The room temperature in which you keep the table, its moisture level, and overall maintenance decide how long a particleboard tabletop will last.

Honeycomb – A honeycomb tabletop is made by compressing multiple layers of hardened plastic. Although it doesn’t warp as an MDF board, its rough playing surface slows the balls down. You may not enjoy playing on a honeycomb tabletop after a few days.

Slatron – Last but not least, you have a slatron table. Slatron contains condensed and hardened plastic layers stacked together and covered with an MDF board. This is the best option among synthetic tabletops when it comes to durability, affordability, and quality of the playing surface.


On the other hand, slate table tops (learn how to tell if your pool table is made of slate) are the best in the business. Although they are much more expensive than their counterparts (see Slate vs Non Slate Pool Tables), they usually come with a lifetime warranty. A slate top doesn’t have any of the drawbacks of a synthetic tabletop. First of all, it doesn’t warp, has the smoothest playing surface, and won’t react to the temperature or moisture in the room. However, it’s the heaviest material available for a pool table. You may need help to move the table around in the room.

Pool Table Construction

If you are choosing a slate tabletop, make sure it has a thick hardwood plank cabinet. In addition to the cabinet, it’s also essential to pay attention to the robustness of the joints. For example, a slate tabletop has two cross beams supporting each joint and a center beam that perfectly balances the playing surface. A few expensive tables also come with doubled-up center beams to provide the support the playing surface needs.

The type of table construction depends on its size. Synthetic tables usually have hardened plastic beams on each joint. This construction technique makes the table lightweight. However, the durability doesn’t come close to a slate table. You may notice that the playing surface is slowly bending on one of the sides depending on the pressure you put while hitting the balls. Therefore, if you can increase your budget, it’s better to buy a table that has slate cross beams supporting the tabletop.

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Large room with a pool tableSize and Space

Does your room have enough space to accommodate a full-sized pool table? Remember, you also need to consider the space to move around and the length of the cue stick. There should be enough space in the room to allow you to bend over and hit the balls without the cue stick touching the walls.

You will come across many different sizes of pool tables (see about the differences between pool, billiards, and snooker), but the most common full-size models are bar size and professional. A bar size table commonly has a dimension of 7’ x 3’6”. It’s an ideal size if you don’t have room for a professional size table. On the other hand, if the room is big enough, you can pick a professional size table. They often measure approximately 8’ x 4’. A professional size table usually has a better playing surface and also provides a tournament-style feel.

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Suppose you will use a standard pool cue of length 57”. In that case, if you buy a bar table, the minimum dimension of your room should be 13’ x 17’. If you buy a professional table, the room’s measurement should be 14’ x 18’.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which pool table is the most expensive?

A: Pool tables have three categories: classic, contemporary, and modern. A classic table looks like a vintage piece with a hardwood frame, antique patterned legs, and red or green felt on the playing surface. Contemporary tables have polished black finishes instead of stained hardwood frames and blue patterns in the place of green or red felt. Finally, you have modern tables that have various assortments of felt colors and pocket designs, LED top covers, neon lighting, and pedestal legs. They are the most expensive of the lot due to their high-end designs.

Q: What’s the minimum price of a slate table?

A: A slate table with robust construction and cross beam support commonly starts at approximately $2000. If you are looking for a more affordable one, you may go for a slatron table. Even the high-end slatron tables start at around $1500.

Q: What’s the average thickness of slate tabletops?

A: Slate tabletops come in various sizes, such as 1”, 7/8”, and ¾”. Thinner slates are usually cheaper, but it’s better to invest in a 1” tabletop. It’s the recommended thickness that the Billiard Congress of America approves for various tournaments. Slate table tops are difficult to carry because of their size and weight. That’s why they come in three pieces, making it easier for the company to deliver the table. Make sure you buy a diamond-honed registered and matched table. Diamond-honed refers to the three sections cut from a single slate slab.

Do you prioritize the quality of the playing surface over the price? Or do you have space and budget limitations? Figure out the answers to finally buy the best pool table for your home.

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