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Best Pool Table for Small Space

Finding the right pool table if you do not have much space can be a difficult search. Living in an apartment, small home, or even a large home that just does not have the room for a full-size pool table can present problems. Fortunately, there are a variety of options available for anyone interested in having some extra entertainment conveniently located in the home.

Finding a space-saving pool table often involved compromising on some aspects of the table such as size. Larger pool tables (8’ – 9’) are those commonly seen in tournaments while the 7-foot variety are more often found in bars. To accommodate a small playing area, space-saving billiards tables often are made smaller for younger players or improved storage. Folding pool tables and miniature tables are commonly found. Additionally, mini pool tables sometimes do not even have legs and are placed on the top of a table to play. What is even better about these smaller tables is that they are well-made for travel, so you are not chained to playing pool at home. Read below to find the perfect space-saving pool tables.

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Best Overall - Fat Cat Trueshot 6’

Best Value - Goplus 48-Inch Billiard Table

Best Tabletop - Rally and Roar Tabletop Pool Table Set

Our Top Picks

PictureFeaturesOur ScoreCheck Price

Fat Cat Trueshot

Straight angles and fast play

Sturdy, level and stable

Portable folding pool table

Hard to keep black cloth clean

8.8Check Price

Goplus 48-Inch Billiard Table

Works well for children

Strong cost to value ratio

Lightweight and easily moved

Durable construction

9.4Check Price

Rally and Roar Tabletop


Simple setup

Easily moved

Table must be level for good play

Some quality issues

8.6Check Price

RACK Crux 55″

Easily folded

Intuitive cue holders

High quality at affordable price

Felt is loosely fitted

8.7Check Price

The Reviews

Best Overall

Fat Cat Trueshot 6′ Pool Table

The Fat Cat Trueshot 6’ pool table is a space-saving pool table that offers a perfect solution for those that don’t have an unlimited supply of room. Younger players can enjoy their classic game using this pool table as it is convenient and perfect for almost any age. The Fat Cat Trueshot has a compact design that makes it easy to use in constricted spaces. The innovative folding design allows for easy portability and storage. The table is made of high-quality materials to improve its durability and longevity. The materials used make it lightweight without compromising its strength.

The locking mechanism of the legs promotes stability and safety as players compete. The stability provides a comfy feeling that enhances the play. Locking the legs is fast and easy to save on time and effort. The legs have adjustable levelers that enable it to be adjusted to the most comfortable height. Another positive with this 6-foot pool table is that it has a sleek cloth that suits most room decoration styles. The stylish design complements the features of a room perfectly. It can suit both traditional and contemporary decor styles thus providing a gorgeous view. The sleek cloth is resistant to wear and tear and feels well-made.

The Trueshot pool table has a smooth surface that makes it easy to play. Players can also play fast on this surface as the balls rebound sharply and roll effortlessly across the cloth. This pool table comes with billiard balls, a billiard brush, two chalks, and two cues. Therefore, there is no need to buy these accessories. Overall, this is a flexible table that offers numerous benefits in several situations. While not as large as most regulation tables, it is perfect for most homes that don’t have tons of space. The folding design and solid play allow owners to enjoy a fun game of pool at any time without needing to renovate an entire room.

What We Like

  • Straight angles and fast play
  • Sturdy, level and stable
  • Portable folding pool table

What We Don't Like

  • Hard to keep black cloth clean


BrandFat Cat
Dimensions76" x 43" x 32"
Weight114 lbs.
Best Value

Goplus 48-Inch Billiard Table

This is a portable mini pool table; that is, a third the length of a standard size pool table. It is easy to install and uninstall due to its detachable tabletop and legs. Furthermore, this makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Provided you have a flat ground/floor, you can count on a day full of fun with your family, neighbors, and friends since the Goplus 48-inch billiard table is simple and easy to attach the legs to its tabletop.

The Goplus portable pool table is brilliantly designed for improving time with family, friends, and neighbors. Due to its simple structure, tolerable mini-size tabletop, and cues for both kids and adults, this pool table makes it easy to move around to the best playing area for the current situation. Additionally, it is easy to teach children how to play on the smaller than regulation size table. Full-size tables can make it tough for younger children to easily pick up the game. As they get older, you can upgrade to a larger table, but for children 12 and under, this pool table works very well at getting them started on learning the rules and concepts.

This billiards table is made from high-density solid MDF that is made to be durable for long time use. The balls are colorfully designed and made from eco-friendly material that is light and does not fade away fast. The snooker table is wholly covered with wood grain, padded legs, and edges by PVC to reduce wearing of the edges and friction while moving the pool table on the floor. The pocket corners are covered by leather material to absorb the impact against the corner of the pockets.

The Goplus 48-inch billiard table has all the equipment; 16 balls, two cues, 1 table brush, one rack, one billiard chalk, and one billiard table are all included. It comes in different colors that are appealing depending on your preference. Furthermore, the table is covered with a delicate velvet and professional six-drop-pockets design. This pool table is a great experience for your family and leisure time during weekends. Having a Goplus 48-inch billiard table in your house is a great way to conveniently experience the fun of playing pool without spending an arm and a leg.

What We Like

  • Works well for children
  • Strong cost to value ratio
  • Lightweight and easily moved
  • Durable construction

What We Don't Like

  • Intended for children
  • Balls are somewhat small


MaterialEngineered Wood
Best Tabletop

Rally and Roar Tabletop Pool Table Set

The Rally and Roar Tabletop Pool Table is a compact billiard table that can quickly be assembled, broken down and stored. This means you can engage in unprepared games with your guests or even opt to carry t to your neighbor’s party, over to relatives, or almost anywhere you like. The compact nature of the Rally and Roar pool table allows it to be extremely flexible in where it is used. You can simply place it on top of a table and you are ready to go! This mini pool table is compact with a width of 20” and a length of 40”, perfect for a quick game without taking up an entire room. The design and feel of the table make it like an actual pool with a balanced, grey surface, ball rack, and smooth weighted cues and balls. It comes installed with a frame from a deep brown wood that is attractive as well as durable.

This miniature pool table set offers an improved gaming performance over most other mini tables. Note that its cues are larger by 20% compared to most competing models for improved playability and control. These minimal tweaks generate a more realistic experience while playing. The Rally and Roar also comes loaded with everything that you would probably need. This includes all the normal accessories such as a single brush, two pieces of chalk, a single ball rack, two 32 cues, and 1-3/8 balls of billiard.

The Rally and Roar 40”x20”x9” miniature tabletop pool table set offers numerous benefits over its competitors. While you will not confuse it with a normal pool table, it works great for some fast and versatile entertainment. The table has all-around protection since it has rubber bumpers that are authentic on the sides to enable you to enjoy a realistic bounce. The padded leg foam works well in preventing marks and scratches on the flooring and furniture. Moreover, this product is perfect for your family as it works very well for children to easily learn the game of pool. If you’re looking for a portable pool table that doesn’t set you back too much, the Rally and Roar miniature pool table blows the competition away. It may not work if you are looking for a more traditional size, but for a miniature model, it’s hard to beat the Rally and Roar.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Simple setup
  • Easily moved

What We Don't Like

  • Table must be level for good play
  • Some quality issues


BrandRally and Roar
Dimensions40" x 20" x 9"
Weight14.3 lbs.

RACK Crux Folding 55 in Billiard/Pool Table

Finding the right pool table can be a chore, especially on the Internet with unlimited choices and sometimes conflicting information. If you are looking for an affordable pool table that can easily work in almost any room, the Rack Crux Folding 55″ Pool table may be perfect for you. This pool table is designed to work well with a wide range of people, from young children to adults. The RACK Crux is small and versatile enough that it works well in areas such as the living room, gameroom, or even inside a small bedroom. Furthermore, the folding nature of the pool table ensures that it can be quickly stored out of the way if you prefer to keep it hidden away until it is time to play.

The first noticeable feature of the RACK Crux pool table is its contemporary style. It is manufactured in two distinctive colors of blue and green, which can help improve the general outlook of whichever place you decide to place it. The quality of the materials are outstanding and are resistant to normal wear and tear. The RACK Crux is a 55” pool table which allows it to thread the needle between being suitable for children or adults. While it isn’t as large as a regulation size table, it works well for honing your shots, learning the game, or just having an impromptu game of pool with your friends or children. The velvet felt is blue regulation-grade material that allows the balls to travel effortlessly.

Overall, the RACK Crux 55-inch pool table is an excellent value buy for almost any household. It offers extra leg levers to stabilize the table to fine degree for perfectly balanced shots. Additionally, the table includes cues, chalk, triangle rack, cotton netball pockets, and L88 bumper cushions made of rubber. And to top it all off, a LIFETIME warranty should anything ever happen. If you are interested in an affordable and versatile option for your small space, give the RACK Crux pool table a look. You may like what you see.

What We Like

  • Easily folded
  • Intuitive cue holders
  • High quality at affordable price

What We Don't Like

  • Felt is loosely fitted


Dimensions55" x 29" x 32"
Weight44 lbs.

Guide for Finding the Best Pool Table for Small Spaces

There has been a large change in the way that people utilize living spaces in the past few years. One thing that has become apparent is that you can still have friends and family over – and enjoy the laughter and good times that were once only possible in larger homes. A smaller living area doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. You can have all those man cave goodies that make life just that little bit more worth living.

The best pool tables for small rooms are suitable for more petite living areas. You can actually purchase a great pool table that is less than six feet in length – and still enjoy that fun pool experience. There is a great pool table collection of smaller-sized pool tables that will still deliver all the fun that you need to make that game room or apartment the best place to gather with friends to have the time of your life. But, before the best brands and models to purchase are evaluated it’s best to take a look at some of the questions you should be asking yourself before making that all-important buying decision.

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Play party room home interior with pool table.What to Think About Before Buying

Room Size

This may seem like a no-brainer – but many people decide to make their room fit around the table that they decide to buy. The opposite should be true. A room should be a place where those who want to enjoy a game have plenty of room to move around. Squeeze people up against walls and the whole pool playing experience becomes unpleasant. There are numerous different sizes of pool tables that will suit your needs and the size of the room. Remember, the point is to have fun – not squeeze in.

Size of the Crowd

If you have the room, opt for a table around 8 feet long. If the kids are going to be playing then size down to a seven-foot table. It’s easier for them to reach the playing surface. But there is also more than the simple surface that is going to make it more fun for everyone – make sure that you have cue options that are suitable for the younger folk. Cues around 48″ or 52″ are ideal. This is going to challenge even the more experienced players – but that challenge can sometimes enhance the playing experience. Be aware that larger tables are often more expensive than smaller models. Finding the best pool table under 3000 will most likely be your objective if you are searching for a high-end play experience.


The larger the table the more challenging the game. If you and your group have been playing pool for some time, there’s nothing wrong with that bigger table. For those with kids who will be taking part in the fun, it’s worth noting that the size ratio of the pocket to the table surface means it’s easier for the younger members of the party to simply have some fun. Kids also enjoy having options to play additional games. Options such as the MD Sports mini pool table (available at Amazon) offer quite a bit in a small package that can fit into any room.

A Games Room with Pool Table in a GarageRoom Choice

This is important. In an apartment, the room where the pool table will be placed often has another function. A living space can be overpowered by a pool table, but you can optimize its function. There are a number of pool table small room ideas that include models that have tops that are reversible (see our picks for the best pool table and ping pong table combos). On the one side is a simple tabletop – on the other is a surface that is marked out for ping pong (table tennis). These sorts of tables often are supplied with all the equipment for that game of ping pong. On the other hand, if there is a dinner party that needs surface space the pool table can easily serve as a great extra surface to place snacks and drinks. The dining room conversion pool table is another option that should be seriously evaluated by those with limited space.

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The presence of other furniture is also a consideration. There is always space for those who want to take a load off their legs and watch others enjoy themselves. However, you need to consider that pool is a game that requires players to move around the table. It may be better to opt for a smaller table and have space for furniture, rather than have people lining the walls and unable to move around freely.

Outside Options

For those who are lucky enough to have an outside area – and there are many homes with smaller interior spaces that do have decks or patios, there is always the option to opt for a weatherproof outside table. These are widely available and are also among the most popular conversion-type tables – doubling as outdoor entertainment surfaces. These are also easily found if searching for a pool table for sale used.

Final Words

A pool table can be one of the most versatile types of furniture that one can have in one’s home – even in smaller spaces. The availability of different sized tables and the options as far as functionality are concerned all speak volumes about why pool tables are so popular in homes of all sizes. Making the right decision as far as what table to purchase, especially in a smaller living space can be a challenge. However, manufacturers have taken into account the fact that living spaces today are shrinking – and they have adjusted their product offerings accordingly. Some research will provide you with all the information you need to choose the right pool table to suit your individual lifestyle.

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