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Best High End Pool Tables Under $2000

When searching for a pool table for your home, you’ll come across a wide variety of models, sizes, and prices. While there are many models that are available at budget prices, a high-end pool table generally provides better performance and durability. High-end tables are commonly made of higher-quality materials and are intended to last for a lifetime. Furthermore, many of the budget pool tables that are available are often smaller than normal-sized tables found in bars.

We have looked at some of the most popular high-end tables that anyone can purchase for under $2000. These tables are full-size models that offer an authentic billiards/pool experience. If you play competitively, these are the kind of pool tables you want to practice on in the comfort of your home. Furthermore, families will experience hours of fun playing on some of the best pool tables you will find without getting into the super-premium brands that can cost well above $2000. Read below to find the best high end pool table for under 2000 that may work well for you and your family.

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Best Overall - EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Table

Best Value - Fat Cat Frisco 7.5’ Pool Table

Best Aesthetics - Barrington Hawthorne 100 Inch Billiard Table

Best for Game Room - Barrington Urban Professional Billiard Table

Our Top Picks

PictureFeaturesOur ScoreCheck Price

EastPoint Masterton
Great balance between price and performance
Perfect for competitive players and hobbyists alike
Classy appearance
Fast play with excellent bounce

8.6Check Price

Fat Cat Frisco
Sturdy and solid
Smooth and level action
Four hour assembly
Short breaking in period

8.2Check Price

Barrington Hawthorne
Gorgeous classic look
Easy and fast assembly
Easy to level
High performing pool table

8.4Check Price

Barrington Urban
Modern and stylish
Perfect for game rooms
Hook to hang rack would have been nice
Plays great after leveling

8.3Check Price

The Reviews

Best Overall

EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Table Review

The EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Table announces its presence with an incredible design featuring a stylish brown and light brown monochrome aesthetic. The entire table looks as good as it plays. The table is made with a premium luster long finish that is scratch-resistant and durable. This ensures that you can have your competitive gameplay sessions without having to worry about wearing your table down.

The pool table comes with everything you will need to get started including 2 Billiard cues made of wood, 1 set of Billiard Balls, 1 Triangle, 2 pieces of chalk, and a brush. Therefore, you’ll be all set and ready to play right from the start. The table is hefty and large with the frame being made from solid and high-quality wood. The full dimensions are (96-inches length x 55-inches width x 32-inches height). Therefore, you do need quite a bit of room for it. However, its large dimensions ensure that you get an authentic competitive Billiards experience. The table features highly sought-after K66 premium bumpers that ensure you are getting a consistent and professional bounce off the rails. With this table, you don’t have to worry about the inconsistencies of poor quality bumpers that can alter precision shots. You will be capable of hitting precise shots and getting your timing just right.

The EastPoint Masterton oozes premium from its finish to its craftsmanship. The table features everything you would want including traditional parlor style drop pockets and premium K66 bumpers to get the professional playing experience you would want when you’re paying this kind of price tag. Overall, it’s an extremely good value for the money. If you’re after a premium Billiards experience, that’s exactly what you’re getting with the Eastpoint Masterton pool table.

What We Like

  • Great balance between price and performance
  • Perfect for competitive players and hobbyists alike
  • Classy appearance
  • Fast play with excellent bounce

What We Don't Like

  • Requires a large room with space


BrandEastPoint Sports
Dimensions96" x 55" x 32"
Best Value

Fat Cat Frisco 7.5’ Pool Table Review

The Fat Cat Frisco 7.5’ Pool Table will bring hours of fun to your entire family. The classic style of the table makes it a great addition to complete the looks of your game room. The pool table has the looks of a bygone era with its maple veneers and mahogany finish. The French-style drop pockets are the way a billiard table should really look, and they invoke a sense of tradition. The tapered legs of the table complement its traditional style. The Frisco 7.5′ table fits nicely in modern game rooms. That is why you need to invest in this high-quality pool table right now.

The playing surface is designed to provide one of the smoothest playing surfaces at a fraction of the cost of a high-end billiard table. The six-inch wood rails & the diamond inlays have K66 rubber bumpers for great responsiveness even after years of use. The feet of the pool table contain hidden leveling pads to move the corner up or down when playing on uneven surfaces. The Frisco pool table has an MDF Accuslate surface to enhance your playing experience. It’s ideal for both recreational and competitive play. The playing surface is designed to resist warping over time. A seven-year “accuslate surface warranty” is included with your purchase. The hazel-toned wool-blend cloth complements the maple finish and decorative accents of the pool table.

There are eighteen pearlized diamond sights inlaid into the solid wooden rails of the table. These sights will let you align your perfect shot. The play package includes two pieces of performance chalk, two, 57-inch two-piece hardwood cues, one resin triangle, and one set of 2-1/4″ competition billiard balls. The item weighs 313 pounds and has a dimension of 89.5 x 50.5 x 31 inches.

What We Like

  • Sturdy and solid
  • Smooth and level action
  • Short breaking in period

What We Don't Like

  • Four hour assembly


BrandFat Cat
Dimensions89.5" x 50.5" x 31"
Best Aesthetics

Barrington Hawthorne 100 Inch Billiard Table Set Review

The Barrington Hawthorne 100-Inch Billiard Table Set is an elegant one. If you’re willing to spend the hefty price to get it, you surely won’t be disappointed. There is a lot that goes into this table that makes it well worth its price tag. It comes with 23 pieces that include everything you need to get started with your Billiards games. Therefore, when you get this table, you don’t have to worry about needing to shell out extra for accessories.

The table features high-quality construction that is to be expected from Barrington Hawthorne. You can tell they commit to quality with the materials they use for their sets. This table features solid wood top rails that you can count on to last. No more worrying about your rails breaking down after repeated use. This is especially true given the table uses K-66 bumper guards. That way, you know you’re getting durable bumpers and rails that provide accurate bounces every time. Also, the wood being used is a wood veneer with a cherry finish. That way, you can add this stylish piece to any room for a splash of luxury and elegance. The professional-style drop pockets are constructed with a leather top for an additional elegant aesthetic.

The deck features strong support as it’s made out of a 1-inch reinforced particle board playfield and has a green 50 percent wool felt blend surface. Meaning, you don’t need to head out to the nearest bar to get your fierce competitive pool sessions in. Instead, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

If you are looking for a pool table that looks as good as it performs, this is a great option. Barrington Hawthorne knocked it out of the park with this one. The table features class and elegance that could enhance the look of any game room. Best of all, they made practical design choices that only enhance the gameplay experience you get from it. All of this makes this Billiards table an excellent buy if you’re willing to pay more for quality.

What We Like

  • Gorgeous classic look
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Easy to level
  • High performing pool table

What We Don't Like

  • Very heavy and difficult to move


Dimensions100" x 56" x 31"
Warranty90 Days
Best for Game Room

Barrington Urban Professional Billiard Pool Table Review

The Barrington Urban Professional Billiard Pool Table catches your eye as soon as you see it. The table is 8-foot which makes it the ideal size for family fun. As long as you have space, this table is certainly worth considering for many reasons.

One of the biggest selling points of this table is its high-quality construction. This table features furniture quality construction in both design and materials used. The table is made out of birch wood with an oak finish and concrete legs. All of this leads to a table that is as durable as it is stylish. Having a table that offers sturdy gameplay is key when you are going to be leaning on it and more.

The performance of this table is just as good as the construction. The table features professional-grade wool felt which offers consistent and smooth ball travel. Along with this, it comes with K66 bumper guards which are what you will find on all of the tables in your favorite bar. Having a premium K66 bumper cushion ensures that you will get the best and most consistent ball bounce for precision shots. The drop pockets are constructed with leather ensuring long-lasting use.

The table comes complete with everything you would need. It comes with chip-proof Billiard balls, two cues, a triangle, chalk, and a brush. Therefore, you can unpack the table and be ready to get some competitive pool sessions right off the bat.

The Barrington Urban billiards table is one of the most well-crafted tables you’ll find under the $2,000 price point. If you’re looking for a table that looks as good as it performs, this is a great one to consider. Barrington Billiards Company crafted a great table that is certain to last you years of use with its stunning level of detail and high-quality materials.

What We Like

  • Modern and stylish
  • Perfect for game rooms
  • Plays great after leveling

What We Don't Like

  • Hook to hang rack would have been nice


Dimensions95.5" x 53.5" x 32"

Buying Guide

Guide for Buying a High-End Pool Table for Under $2000

A pool table is one of the best purchases you can make if you want to enhance your game room. Having a pool table in your home can guarantee that ‘game night’ is a thing you can have regularly with your friends and family. The main thing you need to be concerned with when you are buying a pool table is the price you are willing to pay. If you’ve decided that $2,000 is your limit, you’re in luck. There are plenty of different options you can find in the marketplace that are available for under $2,000. However, that doesn’t mean picking the pool table blindly. There are certain things you should be prioritizing when you are trying to identify the right pool table to get. By the end of this guide, you will have a good idea of what pool table to choose.

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Play party room home interior with pool table.Keep These Characteristics in Mind


First and foremost, you need to factor in the size of the pool table you are looking to add. The pool table size will dictate how well it fits in your intended room of choice. The key to figuring out the optimal size is measuring your room. Figure out how much space you have available. From there, you can measure out the sizes of a pool table that would be considered viable. One of the important things to make note of would be spacing for the players and their respective cue sticks. When playing pool, players need space to not only move around the table but also to take shots. For this reason, you should be adding a good 58-inches to the borders of the table on every side because that’s the standard size of a cue.

Build Quality

Whenever you are looking to spend upwards of $2,000 on a pool table, you’ll want to ensure that you are getting the most for your money. $2,000 isn’t a little amount to spend. Because of this, you will want to ensure that you are getting sufficient value for the money you are putting into it (see How to Tell if a Pool Table is Made of Slate). The build quality of the pool table you opt for should be deemed worth it (see Slate vs Non Slate Pool Table).


One of the major things you need to do is to ensure that the pool table you are buying is made out of slate. You want a pool table that has a bed made out of slate because there is no viable substitute. Without slate, the pool table’s bed will sag and won’t allow for a consistent and even playing experience. The majority of the higher-end pool tables will feature excellent quality materials like slate, hardwood, and metal. If you’re going to be spending close to the upper portion of your budget, you want to avoid choosing any pool table that features composite alternatives unless you are looking for something on the lower side of the price spectrum. You need to ensure that the table you are getting has a sturdy base and frame to ensure that it offers even play and longevity.

Rails and Bumpers

The rails of the pool table are another point to consider. After all, the quality of the rails and bumper used can impact the performance of the table itself. The most common bumpers you will find on a lot of home tables are K66 rail bumpers. These rails have great performance, but the performance is priced in. Therefore, you can expect to pay more for them. K55 rubber bumpers are also good for home pool tables. Some of the more pricey options include even better bumper guards like the K-818 guards. All of these bumper guards can provide consistent and predictable bounces which are key to having a good Billiards experience. If you are going to be spending close to $2,000, it would be wise to consider the thickness of the rails and the quality of the bumpers to ensure you will be getting the type of performance to match the cost of the table.

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Billiards table, balls, and cueFelt

You also want to ensure that the table you are getting has an even playing surface that offers durability and great performance. The felt found on the table can dictate the level of speed and traction on the playing surface. Thus, it’s one of the most important factors to consider when you are trying to find a pool table that performs just as well as it looks. You want to find a pool table that utilizes a wool and nylon blend. Try to find one that offers tournament quality felt and you won’t be disappointed.


The style of the table is subjective. Some may be looking for a pool table that can fit seamlessly in their game room aesthetic. Whereas, some may be looking for a table with an authentic and classic look.

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Q: What About Installation?

If you are going to be purchasing an expensive table, you’re going to want to ensure that you can handle the installation. After all, if you purchase a high-quality pool table, you don’t want to ruin the experience with a novice installation. You can generally get professional installation if you choose to do so. Therefore, you should be able to get it professionally installed to ensure you get the best performance for your money. However, a lot of pool tables under $2,000 can be self-installed just as easily. You just need to be sure you can handle it and that you keep things level during installation.

Q: Should I Care About Warranty?

Absolutely. The pool table warranty is an important consideration to make when you are buying one. After all, you want to ensure that you are purchasing a pool table that is built to last. The best way to ensure that you are buying one that is quality made is by purchasing one from a manufacturer that backs it with a guarantee and warranty.

Q: Should Accessories Alter My Purchasing Decision?

This is something that can prove to be a value add, but it shouldn’t influence your purchasing decision. Accessories can always be added to the mix. You don’t want to choose an inferior pool table purely because it comes with more accessories.

Q: Can I Get Different Sized Tables?

Yes. You can find a lot of different-sized tables. You don’t necessarily need to stick with a standard pool table size. You will find tables that are as little as (3′ x 6′) to as large as (4′-6″ x 9′). Therefore, you will have no trouble finding a suitable table size for whatever room you’re using.

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