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Best High End Ping Pong Tables

A great ping pong table can be a joy to play on, making your games all the more entertaining. You can find a variety of ping pong tables at different quality and price points. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, a high end ping pong table can be the centerpiece of your game room, outdoor patio, or even living room. High-end table tennis tables are often more expensive than their budget cousins, but also provide enhanced performance, durability, and features to improve your ping pong experience.

When searching for a high end ping pong table, you will often find that they are commonly made of 1” thick tabletops to better simulate tournament conditions. Additionally, you can expect for the price range to swing wildly, depending on what you are looking for. Some can be found for under $1000, but many often cost well over that mark. Fortunately, if you can afford the price tag, what you are getting is a ping pong table that will last for a lifetime. Read below to find the perfect high-end ping pong table for your home, office, or business.

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Best Overall - Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table

Best Value - JOOLA Inside Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

Most Versatile - JOOLA Berkshire Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Best Aesthetics - Barrington Urban Collection Official Size Table Tennis Table

Our Top Picks

PictureFeaturesOur ScoreCheck Price

Butterfly Centrefold 25
ITTF approved
Strong 5 year warranty
Extremely high quality
Sturdy, balanced, and excellent performance

8.8Check Price

JOOLA Inside
Professional build quality at a recreational price
Easy setup
Heavy but easy to move
Effortless folding and storage
Net could be better

8.5Check Price

JOOLA Berkshire
Useful in a variety of settings (indoors/outdoors)
Real wood aesthetic
Very strong with great bounce
Heavy and solid

8.2Check Price

Barrington Urban
Gorgeous/classy table design
Durable and sturdy
High-grade materials
Stationary table (no folding for storage)

9.2Check Price

The Reviews

Best of the Best

Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table Review

When it comes to performance, quality, and efficiency, the Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table is an excellent option. It offers a one-inch top table that is perfectly balanced to make sure the bounce is easy to manage. For those who are hoping to enjoy a competitive game of table tennis, this surface will bring a smile to your face. It’s exquisitely done to make sure hitting the ball from different angles will not feel mechanical.

This Butterfly Centrefold table also provides a foldable design that is ideal for storing it after a game. If you are setting up the ping pong table in a small space, this is a positive feature to have available to you. The Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table has been crafted for all types of spaces in mind. This is what makes it enjoyable for those hoping to have fun before storing it away. The wheels are also well-made making moving the table a breeze. If you are going to be moving it around from room to room, this is a feature that will be a breath of fresh air. You are going to enjoy being able to get it to where you want to be in seconds.

Along with being one of the best-performing tables available on the market, you are also going to enjoy how aesthetically pleasing it is. There is nothing better than setting up a table and knowing it is going to work well in almost any room.

When it comes to a state-of-the-art ping pong table, you are not going to find much better than the Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table. It is a comprehensive table that is well-made and offers some of the best materials in the industry. When it comes to quality, this is right up there with the best of the best.

What We Like

  • ITTF approved
  • Strong 5 year warranty
  • Extremely high quality
  • Sturdy, balanced, and excellent performance

What We Don't Like

  • Paint can chip from paddle if not careful


Top Thickness1"
Warranty5 Years
Assembly RequiredNo
ColorsBlue or Green
Best Value

JOOLA Inside Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table Review

The Joola Inside Professional MDF indoor tennis table is a good one if you are looking for something with a good balance of portability and convenience. This table features tournament-grade quality craftsmanship and an easy setup.

One of the things that Joola gets right with this ping pong table is its quick setup. The table itself comes 95 percent pre-assembled which means you can get started with using it right out of the box. You’ll be up and running within 10 minutes. This setup process is just as easy after you bring it out of storage. Meaning, you won’t have to worry about a complex and time-consuming setup every time you want to use it. The table folds into halves and it sits on a 4-wheel trolley. Meaning, you can move it around and store it compactly nestled together. Because it folds in half, it can be folded to play solo using playback mode. Therefore, you can get in some practice by yourself if you don’t always have someone to play with.

The table itself is 1-inch thick. Its thickness provides a good and consistent playing experience. The table not only plays like a tournament/professional table, but it also looks like one. With silkscreen striping, it looks like it belongs in a competitive environment.

The legs of the table showcase Joola’s commitment to quality. They managed to include stable steel legs that have their own built-in rubber leg levelers to ensure that you get a completely even playing experience every time. For safety, the table features a safety latch system to ensure that your table doesn’t collapse or unfold unexpectedly as you are taking it in and out of storage.

The JOOLA Inside Professional MDF ping pong table is one of the best ‘bang-for-your-buck’ tables you will find available. It looks, feels, and plays just like what you would expect from a professional indoor table. If you want a consistent playing experience with a good number of space-saving features, this is a great option to consider.

What We Like

  • Professional build quality at a recreational price
  • Easy setup
  • Heavy but easy to move
  • Effortless folding and storage

What We Don't Like

  • Net could be better


Top Thickness1"
Warranty1 Year
Playback ModeYes
Assembly Required10 minutes
Most Versatile

JOOLA Berkshire Outdoor Ping Pong Table Review

The JOOLA Berkshire Outdoor Table Tennis Table is one rugged option. It’s built with the 1950s in mind and that is seen through every aspect of the product. Whether it is the wooden touches or the criss-cross legs, everything about this table is a throwback to a different time.

When you take a look at this table, it is going to make you perk up. This has to do with the refined elegance and how it all comes together. This is a well-made design that is comprehensive from top to bottom. For those who are going to be playing all the time, this is one of the best in the business.

The ping pong table is also capable of providing even bounce from all angles. This is due to the level of detail that has gone into crafting the table and making sure it plays well. If you are serious about enjoying a game of table tennis, this will not disappoint.

One of the best parts of this table has to do with its ability to convert into a regular one. This means if you are going to set this up in a conference room, you can easily bring in chairs and use it as a table by taking off the net. It is that easy! This is ideal for those who are going to be hosting parties and might want to eat at the table afterward.

If you are on the lookout for a world-class table tennis table then the JOOLA Berkshire Outdoor Table Tennis Table is going to impress from day one. You are going to have a smile on your face when you start to take a look at what this table brings to the picture. It is one of those tables that has a robust build and plays well.

What We Like

  • Useful in a variety of settings (indoors/outdoors)
  • Real wood aesthetic
  • Very strong with great bounce
  • Heavy and solid

What We Don't Like

  • Difficult to move
  • Helper for assembly


Playback ModeNo
Assembly RequiredYes
Best Aesthetics

Barrington Urban Collection Table Tennis Table Review

The Barrington Urban Collection official size ping pong table is one of the best-looking tables you’ll find in the marketplace. The premium aesthetic and build quality of this table certainly match what many are looking for in a high-end ping pong table.

The table itself is the official size. Therefore, you’re getting tournament size to ensure that you get a professional playing experience. The table has a 1-inch solid birch wood apron. This means that you will get an even surface that lasts a long time without the worry of warping. The table features a slick black colorway on the top with faux concrete finishing on the legs. The aesthetics make this table look like it belongs in the middle of a living room and it blends in well with the modern aesthetic because of it.

The middle wooden connecting bar offers the kind of stability that you would want from a high-priced ping pong table. This table comes with leg levelers that are completely hidden. That way, you get a completely even playing experience no matter where the table is situated.

The table is all-around high-quality and has an easy net attachment system. This net comes with an easy clamp system for attachment. That way, you can put on or take off the netting without having to worry about screws or anything else.

This is a table that certainly lives up to its billing as being a furniture-quality wooden table. The Barrington Urban is a premium option you’ll find that offers a strong balance of performance, affordability, and luxury. It has a great look to it and the playing experience is second to none. With an easy assembly process, it makes for a very convenient purchase. The table is built to last which makes it a good option for anyone seeking durability and long-lasting use.

What We Like

  • Gorgeous/classy table design
  • Durable and sturdy
  • High-grade materials

What We Don't Like

  • Stationary table (no folding for storage)


Top Thickness1"
Dimensions108" x 60" x 30"
Playback ModeNo

Buying Guide

How to Find the Right High-End Ping Pong Table

Ping pong has been around in some form or another since the late 19th century. Since then it’s gone through a few renovations and improvements, but the core concept has remained the same. We’ve also seen a few significant changes to the design and materials used in the tables over the years.

Much like a pool table, the quality of your ping pong table is going to be closely related to its price. If you want the best high-end tables available, then you need to be prepared to spend the extra money. More affordable tables are certainly acceptable and can be used to play the game, but you’ll be missing out on certain elements of the experience. But what aspects and features are important when shopping for a high-end ping pong table? We’ve got the answer to that question and a few others in the following buyer’s guide.

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Professional table tennis player returning shotRegulation Size

If you’re going to spend the money on purchasing the “best of the best”, then it’s important you choose a table that is considered regulation size. Cheaper tables are often smaller so that they can save materials and reduce the cost. Smaller tables are also ideal if you’re living in an apartment with limited space. But if you’re interested in purchasing a high-end ping pong table, then you need to ensure you have a dedicated area with the right amount of space.

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The size of a regulation ping pong table is determined by the International Table Tennis Federation. These are the same sized tables that are used in the Olympics and other official tournaments. The measurements are as follows:

9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 2.5 feet tall. These measurements are enough to provide a challenging and entertaining game. With a table of this size, you can properly train for an official tournament and know that you are getting the full experience.

Tabletop Thickness

The thickness of the playing surface is also going to impact the materials required. A cheaper table will have a thinner playing surface. Unfortunately, reducing the thickness of the playing surface has a negative impact on the ball bounce. If you want a standard and uniform bounce across the entire table, then you need a high-quality playing surface that is at least 19mm thick.

Most high-end ping pong tables use a tabletop that is 22mm thick. Many experts agree that this is the ideal thickness for a ping pong table in the home. It’s the thickness that you’ll find on nearly all high-end models. If the thickness is less than this, you will be sacrificing some of the quality for affordability.

Table Material

The material of the table is even more important when it comes to quality and ball bounce. Low-end tables are often made from cheaper wood materials without necessary additives. This allows manufacturers to reduce costs, but it causes problems during play. A material like plywood will not provide an even bounce rate across the entire surface. Some areas of the table will provide a greater bounce while other areas will suffer.

But this doesn’t mean that all wood surfaces are bad. As a matter of fact, the best ping pong tables utilize a solid wood surface. They often use a medium-density board that utilizes multiple layers of resin to reduce warping and provide a uniform bounce. It may be difficult to distinguish between a high-end and low-end wood surface at first. That’s why it’s always a good idea to research the brand and read customer reviews.

A third option is a metal surface. This is very rare for indoor ping pong tables and is not used in regulation play. However, if you plan on using your table outdoors, then metal may be a better choice. A high-quality aluminum frame will be able to resist damage from temperature, water, and humidity. The best high-end aluminum tables use a combination of wood and a metal shell to provide the best of both worlds.

Hands on ping pong table with paddle and ballPaint And Protection

You don’t want your high-end ping pong table to start showing signs of damage after only a few games. That’s why the type and quantity of paint are very important. Multiple layers of paint with anti-glare and anti-scratch properties will help protect your play surface for many years. At most, you should only have to clean the surface every so often to keep your table looking neat and professional.

As for the color, that has become more of a personal opinion over the last few years. There was a time when all regulation tables needed to be painted either blue or green. However, in recent years, regulations have changed and you are more likely to see tables with a very dark layer of paint. What’s most important is that it fits your personal style and possibly the style of your home. Maybe you have a few ping pong table ideas that would better match your home decor?

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The Frame

The material and design of the frame have a big impact on the longevity of the table. A low-end table may use galvanized tubing in the frame that becomes shaky after only a few months. This can impact the table’s performance during a game and may require repairs to function properly. High-end tables tend to use heavier metals with a solid oval design.

Some tables are designed to fold for easy storage while others are pieced together as a solid structure. A solid design will improve stability and reduce wear and tear. However, if space is a major concern, there are some high-end tables that feature a foldable frame.

Ping Pong Table Top for Dining Table

If you love ping pong but don’t have the space for a full table, you might be considering a ping pong table top for your dining table. Ping pong table tops are a great way to get all the fun of ping pong without taking up a lot of space. Plus, they can be a great conversation starter at dinner parties! Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering a ping pong table top for your dining table.

First, ping pong table tops are usually made from either wood or plastic. If you’re looking for a more durable option, wood is the way to go. However, plastic ping pong table tops are usually lighter and more affordable. Second, ping pong table tops usually come in two different sizes: regulation size and smaller tournament size. Regulation size ping pong table tops will be about 9 feet long and 5 feet wide, while tournament size ping pong table tops are usually 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. Third, when you’re choosing a ping pong table top, make sure to pick one that is the same size as your dining table. This will ensure that the ping pong table top fits snugly on top of your dining table


Q: What is the best thickness for a ping-pong table?

In general, the thicker the surface the better. Very few tables have a thickness greater than 35mm and 22mm is the most common for high-end tables.

Q: How many layers of paint do I need on a high-end table?

More layers equal more protection. It’s not uncommon for high-end tables to have a total of 16 different layers of paint.

Q: Are all high-end tables designed to meet ITTF regulations?

Not all of them, but most are. High-end tables are often used in competitions, bars, and official tournaments.

Q: Where can I buy a ping pong table?

There are a few different places where you can buy a ping pong table. One option is to purchase one from a sporting goods store. Another place to look is online, where there are many retailers that sell ping pong tables. Sometimes, you can find them for sale at garage sales or second-hand stores. When choosing a ping pong table, it is important to consider the size and weight of the table, as well as the price. You also want to make sure that the table is sturdy and level so that it will be suitable for playing ping pong. Once you have found the perfect ping pong table, you will be ready to start playing!

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