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Best High End Foosball Tables

Finding the right foosball table can be quite the journey if you don’t know what to look for. There are a variety of different types of tables available, depending on your playstyle. High end foosball tables are commonly preferred by those who are more serious about their foosball games. Higher-end foosball tables commonly provide a more authentic play experience when compared to the lower-end models. This makes them much more popular amongst serious foosball players as it allows them to practice for tournaments and competitions in a more realistic environment.

If you’re currently looking for a high-end table, we have looked at some of the most popular tables currently available on Amazon. These tables provide high-end build quality that can easily be used for commercial purposes although none are of the coin-operated variety. If you are looking for a true commercial table that accepts coins, expect to pay significantly more. Otherwise, these tables are perfect to liven up any gaming area and last for years while doing it. Read below to find our reviews of the best high end foosball tables.

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Best Overall - Tornado Sport Foosball Table

Best Value - KICK Onyx 55-inch Table

Our Top Picks

PictureFeaturesOur ScoreCheck Price

Tornado Sport
Classic aesthetic
Very high build quality
Smooth glide action for handles
Solid and durable

9.6Check Price

Garlando G-500
Relatively easy assembly
Even and fast playing experience
Attention to detail is superb
Players should be counterbalanced

9.0Check Price

Strong value buy
Solid build quality
Lifetime warranty
Smooth gameplay

9.2Check Price

KICK Titan
Excellent for serious players
Well-made and built to last
Responsive customer service
Lifetime warranty

9.0Check Price

The Reviews

Best Overall

Tornado Sport Foosball Table Review

Weighing in at 205 pounds, the Tornado Sport Foosball Table is a premium and well-made and well-crafted table. This foosball table comes in a mahogany melamine finish. Everything about the table is premium. From its height-adjustable legs to its SureGrip black plastic handles, you won’t be wishing you purchased a table that features better build quality.

The table is expertly crafted in Richland Hills, Texas. Therefore, you can expect the high attention to detail that a lot of USA-made goods offer. This specific table features patented designs that make it one of the best performing foosball tables you’ll find anywhere. From the sharpened corners and increased cross-section, you’ll get one of the best competitive foosball tables available in the marketplace.

Because this table features a mahogany finish, you’ll be able to feel confident displaying it as a centerpiece in your living room or game room. It doesn’t matter where you place this table as it will be a conversation starter anywhere. One of the first things that you see when you scan through the reviews of this foosball table is that the table is incredibly well-built. Because they’ve paid so close attention to the table, you’ll get height adjustable legs with it. This means you don’t have to worry about having to deal with an uneven table that is the bane to a lot of the foosball tables in the marketplace. Having the ability to adjust different legs based on the evenness of your flooring is crucial to maintaining a competitive gaming experience.

This is one of the best tables you’ll find in the marketplace whether you are someone looking for a commercial tournament quality foosball table or not. This table doubles as modern and premium home decor and it can mesh with any aesthetic. It looks like a premium piece of furniture and it plays like a dream. It’s a great investment for anyone who is seeking a foosball table that is capable of delivering years of fun.

What We Like

  • Classic aesthetic
  • Very high build quality
  • Smooth glide action for handles
  • Solid and durable

What We Don't Like

  • Challenging assembly that is time-consuming


Dimensions56" x 30" x 36"
Weight205 lbs.
Runner Up

Garlando G-500 Foosball Table Review

The Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball Table is another good option that you should be considering when in the market for a high-quality and competitive table. This foosball table features 1-inch thick cabinet walls with melamine coating that delivers excellent aesthetics. It also has a plastic laminate playfield that helps deliver a realistic-looking soccer field experience.

The rods are telescoping and made up of two-thirds stress resistant steel. Therefore, you’re getting a foosball table that is built to last. Having durability in the rods is not only going to be a good way to ensure you get a lot of life out of it, but it also helps to deliver seamless competitive play without a lot of issues.

The foosball table comes with 4-inch steel legs with built-in leg levelers. This means you won’t need to worry about the table wobble that is prevalent in tables with lesser quality leg materials. Also, you won’t have to worry about wobble if your floor isn’t entirely level. Having a completely level playing experience ensures a fair, competitive, and fun experience for everyone.

The steel bars feature nylon ball bearings with steel roller bearings that ensure that everyone who is playing enjoys their time and doesn’t strain their wrists during competitive gameplay sessions. The grips are made to be ergonomic to make playing on the table as comfortable as possible.

This is a table that certainly delivers a lot of value for the money. Its aesthetics make it a good option for anyone who is seeking a slick and modern-looking foosball table. It also has an excellent build quality that makes it a durable and long-lasting option. There are subtle tweaks that ensure you have a great time playing on this table with ergonomics being prioritized, leg levelers being included, and the table featuring raised corners.

What We Like

  • Relatively easy assembly
  • Even and fast playing experience
  • Attention to detail is superb

What We Don't Like

  • Players should be counterbalanced


Dimensions56" x 30" x 35"
Weight165 lbs.
Best Value

KICK Onyx 55″ Foosball Table Review

The KICK Onyx 55″ Foosball table is one of the top values for a quality foosball table you’ll find available. With its exceptionally elegant design, it can fit virtually anywhere in your household and not look out of place.

One of the things to like about this foosball table is that the founder was a 25-year veteran of the sport. Because of this, you’re getting a foosball table designed by an actual foosball player. This table features everything that you would want out of a high-end table. Not only does it make use of some of the best materials you can find, but the table exudes elegance. With the table features a matte black finish, it can fit anywhere with your modern decor and aesthetic. The 5-inch legs are high-quality and made to be ultra-durable to ensure no wobble. The legs come with built-in leg levelers that feature a rubber bottom to guarantee no slippage.

The playing field shows no compromises either. With the field being half of an inch thick, you will be able to count on consistent ball action throughout each match. Both the rods and the handles are premium quality and well-built to allow for better gameplay and durability. There is a slide scoring table mounted on each end to ensure each player has greater accessibility for keeping track of the score.

Everything about the KICK Onyx 55″ Foosball table is built for the foosball enthusiast who doesn’t want to compromise. If you are looking for a table that is going to fit well in your room and that is going to provide you with years of gameplay, this is the table for you. With KICK’s ironclad lifetime warranty on all parts, there is so much peace of mind when buying this foosball table that it’s an easy purchasing decision for all enthusiasts of the sport.

What We Like

  • Strong value buy
  • Durable and solid
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Smooth gameplay

What We Don't Like

  • Time consuming assembly
  • Balls may not be perfectly round


Dimensions55" x 30" x 36"
Weight116 lbs.
Best Tournament

KICK Titan 55” Tournament Foosball Table Review

The KICK Titan 55″ Tournament Foosball Table is a table that is built for those seeking a table that has no compromises not only with the design but with the performance of the table. The table was designed by a recognized foosball enthusiast. It’s no wonder it features such a gamer-friendly design. With better materials and better design, it allows for excellent player control and better field balance to ensure you get an uncompromised playing experience.

One of the things that stands out when you look at this table is its elegant design. It features a striking finish that makes it a centerpiece that can fit in with any decor. This is important because not everyone has a game room where they can store unsightly tables. Having a table that can double as a modern piece of furniture that won’t stick out like a sore thumb is key.

Best of all, the design doesn’t end with its aesthetics. It comes with premium bearings and sturdy 5-inch leg levelers that ensure a level playing experience at all times to help facilitate tournament play. If the table you purchase doesn’t have built-in leg levelers, you’ll find the rolling action of the ball to be inconsistent throughout the playing field. That’s not a worry with this expertly crafted table.

The table is durable and solidly built. You can tell the moment you take it out of the box. Weighing in at 190 pounds, it’s a table that you won’t have any doubts about from the moment you set your eyes on it. You can tell KICK is confident in the build quality of the table. Not only do they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but they have a lifetime warranty included on all of the parts. Therefore, you can be fully confident the brand will make it right if something is wrong with your foosball table.

This is a table that stands out as an easy purchase for your foosball enthusiast. It is a foosball table that you can tell was built by a fellow enthusiast. With everything you would want during gameplay included like NoSlip grips and a slide ball return on each side, you won’t be yearning for more player-friendly features. Also, with slide scoring mounted on each side for easy access to keep score, you’ll find it’s easier than ever to get intense gameplay sessions in with this foosball table. If you want a foosball table with great aesthetics that doesn’t compromise in gameplay, the KICK Titan is an easy recommendation.

What We Like

  • Excellent for serious players
  • Well-made and built to last
  • Responsive customer service
  • Lifetime warranty

What We Don't Like

  • Only one side has ball return
  • Big and heavy shipping boxes


Dimensions55" x 30" x 36"
Weight185 lbs.

Buyer's Guide To Choosing a High-End Foosball Table for Your Home

If you are planning to take your game room and fun to a whole new level of fun and fast-paced action, foosball promises adrenaline, action, and intense competition. It’s just like going to a football match except that you are right there in the comfort of your home den or rec room.

But if you want a quality product capable of supporting your need for an intense sport, you will need some introduction to the important values of a foosball table. This way you can select the best option to suit your needs and bring your life and home many years of fun and excitement.

Table football playersWhat To Look For In Your New High-End Foosball Table

Top-Quality Materials— You should expect to see that singular appeal that only a top-quality item has. This comes down to quality materials design and construction. Composite wood and compressed particle boards are common materials used in the construction of even the best foosball tables. Nevertheless, the thickness and stability of construction will indicate superior options.

Design Features — the very best foosball tables will improve the beauty, functionality, and even organization of your game room. If you will be spending the extra cash needed for a top-of-the-line foosball table look into the bells and whistles that can make the whole experience so much better. For example, some foosball tables feature electronic scoring features, collapsible legs for easy storage, or even beautiful mahogany laminate finishes. You can even choose the print for your playing field.

Goalie Configuration — You can choose between the American and traditional European Foosball table. The traditional foosball table has a single goalie configuration while the American ‘revised’ Foosball table has a three-person goalie line which allows for improved coverage of the goal and a faster pace to the game. This is a decision that should be made based on personal taste.

Counter Weighted Men — one good way to tell the professional-grade foosball tables from the toys is by the presence of counterweighted men. The little players typically drop back into position if the bars are released because they are heavier on one side, but this means they can also drop down and block your follow-up shot. The best foosball tables feature counterweighted men that will stay in their balanced position allowing you to make better strikes on your opponent’s defenses.

Table Levelers — The table must be perfectly level to allow both players an even chance at success. To achieve this. A good foosball table features a leveling system that will indicate a properly balanced field.

Playing Rods — The playing rods featured in this game are about the most important elements of the game and the parts that receive all the action. Steel rods are designed with different grades of quality and even special designs that can be considered. But above all they must be perfectly suited to their function of transmitting the plan and purpose of the player to the physics of the ball in play.

Construction — a foosball table brings high-action activities right into the comfort of your home and you can expect there to be plenty of rowdy behavior as a result. Make sure you have selected a table with sturdy steel legs and construction to support the weight of collapsed players, the excited pounding of fists and much yanking and pulling on the handle bars. Solid wood options typically provide the best support, but they are certainly not the only top-quality options out there.

Foosball kickers of a foosball tableCorrect Size — The official size for a foosball table is 56”X30”. But you will find that there are many different sizes available. Different designs have been created to suit the needs of rec rooms of all sizes. You should remember that this is only the size of the tables themselves, the full width of the table with its handlebars extended is another matter completely. In the end you will need an area of 5’X9’ to properly play at an official size foosball table, this will avoid the chances of injury and damage.

Table Surface — a good table surface will allow the ball to be especially nimble and responsive on the playing field. Examine the playing field closely to ensure that all details have been properly printed and coated with a smooth slick finish. If you see decals and stickers here, you are looking at a cheap toy, not a proper foosball table.

The proper size and dimensions of a foosball are the 3.5-mm diameter and there are a variety of different types of foosball balls to choose from. IF you will be enjoying the impossibly smooth surface of a top-quality foosball table, take the time to appreciate the subtle differences of textured, smooth, and cork foosballs. Make sure you are also in possession of the proper cleaning tools and agents for keeping your foosball table clean.

Frequently Asked Questions About Foosball

Q: How do I clean my Foosball Table?

A: Foosball tables can be the center of a lot of activity and excitement, especially during parties. Because you can expect there to be drinks, food, and revelers in the vicinity, make sure you have your foosball well-protected with regular cleanings. A good cleaning keeps your foosball table protected from staining and contamination from pollutants from all kinds of sources.

The good news is that this is not difficult at all. A simple solution of warm water and an all-purpose cleaning solution is more than enough. Use a soft cloth to wipe off the table after use and cover with a sheet or dedicated dust cover.

Q: What is the best brand of Foosball Table?

A: There are numerous brands of foosball tables. Some may not be as high of quality as others. A few brands that are well-known for producing higher-quality tables are Tornado, Kick, and Garlando. Kick is a solid option for finding a good deal on a quality table. Tornado is commonly used in tournaments due to its responsive gameplay and incredible craftsmanship.

Final Words

Finally, don’t forget that foosball is a game of speed and precision, it is imperative that these tables are not bumped and mistreated when being transported or installed. Make sure you have your foosball table set up by a professional if you don’t have experience in foosball table assembly.

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