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Best Full Size Air Hockey Tables

Air hockey tables are made in all shapes and sizes, depending on the situation. You can find air hockey tables ranging from the small tabletop models all the way up to a full-size arcade experience that you can use at home. For many, there is no substitute for a full-size air hockey table that is comparable to models commonly found in arcades. The smaller models can be cramped for adults to play and do not represent a traditional air hockey experience in some cases.

If you are looking to simulate an arcade experience in your home with an air hockey table, we have reviewed some of the best full size air hockey tables below. Each of the tables reviewed measure at least 84” (7ft) in length to accommodate adults playing, but still works very well for kids and teenagers. You can expect to spend more on a full-size table when compared to smaller models (6ft or less), as the size is normally a good indicator of price. While they often cost more, full-size tables offer the best game experience, durability, and performance. Read below to find out which ones we think are the best full size air hockey tables currently available.

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Best Overall - MD Sports Air Hockey Table

Best Premium - Gold Standard Home Pro

Best Aesthetics - Hall of Games Edgewood 84” Table

Best Features - Atomic 90” LED Air Hockey Table

Our Top Picks

PictureFeaturesOur ScoreCheck Price

MD Sports Titan
Classic arcade design
Strong lighting and scoring features
Consistent air flow
Good value

8.8Check Price

Gold Standard Games Pro
Excellent arcade experience
Exceptionally high quality
Highly durable
Great for tournament practice

9.0Check Price

Hall of Games Edgewood
Modern and beautiful design
Fast gameplay
Strong blower and airflow
Sturdy and balanced

8.4Check Price

Atomic Top Shelf
Lighting and music are well done
Eye-catching design
Great for kids and teens
Strong airflow and gameplay

8.2Check Price

The Reviews

Best Overall

MD Sports Titan 90″ Air Hockey Table

The MD Sports Titan 90” Air Hockey Table is one of the best overall air hockey tables available. There is a lot to like about this table if you are looking for a table that looks like it’s straight out of the arcade and one that plays like it too.

One of the great things about this table is its classic arcade design. The air hockey table looks like it came straight out of the arcade with its innovative and futuristic design. It has a lot of features that you would normally find on an air hockey table at your nearest arcade. It has an electronic scorer with awesome sound effects. The scorer is located overhead which makes it very easy to tell what score it is at all times. Along with that, it has a cool LED strip on the side of the playing surface which looks great in both light and dark conditions. The overall aesthetic of this air hockey table is exactly what you would expect from an air hockey table for true air hockey enthusiasts.

The build quality of this table is another selling point. It features a premium makeup of materials that will offer long-lasting use. The build quality is not only going to provide ample durability for long and competitive sessions, but the materials used can enhance the overall pace and quality of place. For instance, the playing surface is both scratch-resistant and smooth. The table has a 120V UL Certified power motor that allows for consistent airflow throughout the table. Lastly, the table has 6″ leg levelers which makes it extremely easy to keep the table perfectly balanced for consistent gameplay sessions. The legs are also made out of metal which boosts the sturdiness of them which can limit table wobble that is common among lower quality air hockey tables.

If you want an air hockey table that is going to offer you superb value for your money, look no further. MD Sports is a brand that you can count on to deliver with their products. Not only will it deliver long-lasting use, but it will be suitable for both casual and competitive play.

What We Like

  • Classic arcade design
  • Strong lighting and scoring features
  • Consistent air flow
  • Good value

What We Don't Like

  • Fan switch would be helpful


BrandMD Sports
Dimensions89" x 48" x 32"
Weight175 lbs.
Best Premium

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite

If you are after a classic-looking air hockey table that isn’t too flashy, the Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table is certainly one worth considering.

This air hockey table was ‘designed by champions.’ You can tell by looking at it that it’s a no-frills air hockey table that means all business. Instead of a flashy yet cheaply made air hockey table that screams arcade, you have one that is professional looking. This is a table that looks like it came straight out of competition. It features a low-profile design that can fit seamlessly into your home without making it look like a cheap arcade with neon LEDs and more.

The best part about this table is the authentic playing experience it provides. It features a top made out of special wear-resistant laminate. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the table breaking down or showing scratches and scuffs after several competitive sessions. Instead, you’ll have a playing surface that will offer you years of consistent use. That’s not all, the rails are made out of aluminum which provides the best bounce you’ll find on an air hockey table. This ensures that you won’t have dull bank shots due to poor quality rail materials being used on the table.

This table is well-built and endorsed by some of the best air hockey champions in the world. Therefore, you can count on this table to provide a consistent and professional air hockey experience whether you are looking more for casual or competitive play. The assembly process is very straightforward and easy to do even for someone who doesn’t consider themselves to be handy.

One of the main problems with a lot of the lower quality and budget tables is the sturdiness of the table. That’s not an issue with this table as it features rock-solid legs made out of solid composite plastic. You simply cannot go wrong if you want a table that is going to provide a great all-around experience at a good price.

What We Like

  • Excellent arcade experience
  • Exceptionally high quality
  • Highly durable
  • Great for tournament practice

What We Don't Like

  • Very heavy and difficult to move
  • Can be loud while playing


BrandGold Standard Games
Dimensions44.75" x 84.75" x 30.5"
Weight450 lbs.
Best Aesthetics

Hall of Games Edgewood 84″ Air Hockey Table

The Hall Of Games Edgewood 84″ Air Hockey Table is one of the most aesthetically pleasing air hockey tables you’ll find in the marketplace. This table looks like it was made to be a part of today’s modern decor. The bottom of the table features solid wood grain PVC laminate legs with metal crossbars that give the table a very modern industrial look. If you want a table that won’t light your room up and stick out like a sore thumb, this is the table for you.

This table comes with all of the performance you could want. Not only does it have a very capable 120V AC UL certified motor, but it features a slick playing surface that you can count on lasting for years. The friction-reducing play surface area makes it so you can enjoy a fast-paced air hockey experience.

The table has hidden leg levelers that will give you the kind of even playing experience you’d expect from a table in this price range. Having a level table is key to having an enjoyable and competitive experience. The table also comes with (4) pucks and (4) pushers. That way, the entire family can enjoy playing air hockey together without having to buy additional accessories.

The table comes in at a size of (84″ x 44″ x 32″). Meaning, it should be the optimal size for any game room. It also offers the same surface area you would expect from a competitive air hockey table. Despite it being low-key in terms of its design, it offers a modern digital LED scoring display. This shows both the game-time and the score. This can make starting and keeping track of each game being played a breeze.

This is the ideal table if you want something that is going to fit into your home’s aesthetic. If you don’t want a table that is going to stand out, this is a good option. Not only does it have a functional yet modern industrial aesthetic, but it offers all of the features you would want in a modern and premium air hockey table.

What We Like

  • Modern and beautiful design
  • Fast gameplay
  • Strong blower and airflow
  • Sturdy and balanced

What We Don't Like

  • 2-3 person assembly
  • Puck can get stuck in slot


BrandHall of Games
Dimensions84" x 44" x 32"
Weight212 lbs.
Best Features

Atomic Top Shelf 90” LED Air Hockey Table

The Atomic 90″ (7.5 ft) Arcade Air Hockey Table looks futuristic. With multicolor LED Lumen-X technology built into the table, you’re in for a futuristic experience. To top it off, it comes with high-tempo music built in. This can make your arcade sessions an absolute blast for anyone looking for one of those authentic arcade-like gameplay experiences.

The surface of the top is made out of PVC which allows for high-speed and non-stop action. If you’re after a table that is going to get your heart racing with the speed of the gameplay, this table has got you covered. The table comes with everything you need to get started with playing competitive games. It features two pushers, two round pucks, and one hexagonal spinner puck. The table has a 120V motor that provides maximum airflow for consistent puck travel. The legs of the table are large enough to provide a stable and sturdy playing surface for those seeking balanced and competitive play.

Turn the lights off and you’ll be in for a surprise. The table comes with interactive lights that not only take your gameplay experience up a notch but also give you the ability to play in the dark. The light technology built-in illuminates the table with red, green, and blue multicolor lights, and the accessories including the puck and the pushers also feature LED lighting. This means you’ll be able to have intense and competitive gameplay sessions in the complete dark.

This table may be expensive, but it provides an experience like no other. It weighs in at 220 pounds which makes it a very sturdy table that feels quality. Its Lumen-X technology turns the table into a unique experience that you cannot find elsewhere in the marketplace. If you want to experience air hockey as if you were in a high-end arcade, this table is worthy of consideration.

What We Like

  • Lighting and music are well done
  • Eye-catching design
  • Great for kids and teens
  • Strong airflow and gameplay

What We Don't Like

  • Score can look blurry at times
  • Heavy and time-consuming assembly


Dimensions90" x 49" x 31.25"
Weight220 lbs.
MaterialHigh speed PVC

How to Find the Perfect Full-Size Air Hockey Table

Air hockey is a fast-paced game that is certain to bring many hours of excitement and fierce but friendly competition to your game nights. In addition to a fun and exciting game, air hockey allows players of all ages to compete in a fun and exciting activity while sharpening skill and reaction times.

If you are considering introducing a full-sized air hockey table to your game room, you are in luck. Modern air hockey tables are built not only for fun and thrills but include aesthetic values as well as plenty of bells and whistles that make an already exciting activity even more interesting. To help you make the best selection for your home game room, the following post will include some key considerations and shopping tips for choosing a full-sized air hockey table.

Air hockey game is fun even for adultsPay Attention to These While Shopping

Space and Size

There are air hockey tables in every size and shape, even the newly introduced “Boomerang” air hockey table which may be worth your consideration as it solves some space-saving dilemmas. But an “official size” air hockey table has always been considered the best investment in the long term, as they provide standard dimensions and the refined skills that practicing on a regulation playing field deliver.
But size will be a concern. The official air hockey table measures a whopping 84” long and 48” wide, and that’s just the interior playing field. Additionally, you will want a clearance of about 40” around the sides of the hockey table to avoid accidents and allow for ease of access to the entire playing field.

Large Puck vs. Small Puck

“Official size” in an air hockey table doesn’t just refer to the dimensions of the playing field either. There are also the dimensions of the puck to be considered. There are different-sized pucks for different purposes. Typically, smaller lighter pucks are used for casual fun and practice and are also especially well-suited to younger players. Should your puck become airborne, as often happens during a fast-paced game, the lighter puck will not cause as much damage should it collide with anything in the vicinity.

On the other hand, a heavier puck will be best for those serious gamers looking to sharpen their skills in serious competition. The regulation-sized air hockey puck is 3.5″ x 1.4” and weighs up to 40 grams. These larger heavier pucks change the dynamics of the game considerably and only the sturdiest air hockey tables with top-quality construction and a powerful blowing fan will support the weight and abuse of an official air hockey puck. More about that in the very next section of this post.

Shopping for Top-Quality Materials

If you will be purchasing a full-sized air hockey table with a regulation-size and -weight puck, top-quality materials ensure that your investment will endure for many years of happy gaming. Because of the nature of the sport, there are some elements of your air hockey table that will see more abuse than the others. Here are the key elements of a full-sized air hockey table that should be carefully examined:

Air hockey table with dramatic lighting and motion trailsRink Walls

Forty-two (42) grams may not seem like too much weight, but a regulation air hockey puck riding on a bed of air and no friction to slow it down can reach top speeds exceeding 80MPH. This impact will be fully received by the rink walls. Rink walls made of laminate and thin aluminum side rails will soon deteriorate and render your table useless.

For best performance look for solid aluminum rails and thick nylon walls that allow the puck to rebound easily. Top-quality aluminum and nylon construction allows rink walls to receive the full velocity of the puck for many years without becoming damaged.

Motor with a UL Seal of Approval

To keep a regulation-weight air hockey puck floating gracefully across the surface of your playing field you will need a high-powered motor that powers the airflow. The very best can be identified with the UL seal of approval. Some tables will even have a dual-motor setup.

Plenum Chamber

You will not need a dual-motor system if you find an air hockey table with a plenum chamber. The plenum chamber is a small hollow space between the blower and the airflow system that builds pressure for a more uniform air cushion upon which the puck rides. For official air hockey tables, this is an especially desirable option.


A sturdy support system is also an important part of your hockey table and the first thing to break in most cases. Look for legs made of steel or solid wood as these typically last the longest. If you can, push the tale side to side and test the strength of its support system before you make your purchase.


Electronic scoreboards are a great extra, but make sure you find the type that hooks up to the AC current as opposed to battery-operated scoreboards as they typically last longer. Some air hockey tables even have an overhead light which greatly improves visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much should the official air hockey mallet weigh?

A: There is no official size or weight for the air hockey mallet, but the average official puck weighs roughly 170 grams and has a diameter of 4-inches. Remember that the heavier the mallet the greater the force applied to the puck.

Q: How Do I grip the Puck?

A: Professional air hockey players will hold the puck in their fingers rather than gripping with their entire hands. It will probably take some time for you to figure out the best way for you to play your game. If you will be playing for many hours, you may consider the advantages of bespoke air hockey gloves or finger tape.

Q: Is assembly required?

A: Most air hockey tables will require at least some assembly, but is typically a fairly easy process. Nevertheless, because of the weight and dimensions of the air hockey table, it would be easier to handle this task with the help of another person. Of course, many air hockey table providers will offer to assemble your air hockey table for you.

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