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Best Foosball Tables for Home

Foosball is a favorite among many who are looking for a fun way to enjoy the company of friends and family – and bring a little lighthearted competition to the entertainment options that they are presented with at various venues (for adults they have been a staple in bars for many years).

The game replicates soccer with different rows of players that are controlled by handles that are twistable and a plastic or rubber ball. The players can be rotated about their axis using the handles. You should kick the ball by rotating the player about his axis with a perfectly timed rotation. A foosball table can include 2-4 players with an even number being preferable.

Foosball is an easily enjoyable game and it makes sense to have one in your home if you have kids, a game room, or just want some solid entertainment. Foosball is a great sport for two people or a group of friends to enjoy. The rules are easy to understand, each game does not take that long to play, maintenance is a breeze, and playing foosball does not require exceptional levels of fitness. It is the perfect entertainment option for all ages and all fitness levels.

However, choosing which table to purchase can present a challenge. There are several price points and various models are available with several features. Choosing which one best matches your needs is important in ensuring you get as much enjoyment as possible. Read below to find your perfect foosball table for your home.

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Best Overall - Kick Titan 55” Tournament Foosball Table

Best Value - Best Choice Products 48-In Foosball Table

Best for Pros - Tornado Sport Foosball Table

Our Top Picks

PictureFeaturesOur ScoreCheck Price

Kick Titan

Warranty is exceptional

Sturdy and well-made

Configurable goalie setups offer variety

Customer support is top-notch

9.6Check Price

Best Choice Products

Strong value buy

Surprisingly large and spacious

Assembly can be confusing at times

Some low-quality aspects

8.6Check Price

Tornado Classic

Exceptionally high-quality construction

Durable and long-lasting

Tournament-level playfield


9.4Check Price

ESPN Arcade

Blends in well with any “man cave”

Assembly is tricky and time-consuming

Sturdy with very little wiggle

Good value for the price

8.4Check Price

The Reviews

Best Overall

Kick Titan 55″ Tournament Foosball Table Review

For those who are in search of a table that is at or near the top of the range, the Kick Titan 55″ in Tournament Foosball Table may be just what they need. It boasts sturdy construction and the light gray color scheme makes it an attractive addition to any rec room or other room in the house where fun is the name of the game.

The Kick Titan is also a cut above many budget models due to the attractive black styled legs which offer exceptional leveling ability – so gameplay is fast and furious without that constant worry that the surface may favor one team or individual. For the more experienced players the ability to choose a custom goalie configuration will be a welcome one.

The ergonomically designed wooden handles and the stainless steel chrome plated rods provide professional levels of control. The number of player figurines allows for customization that lends additional options when it comes to getting that personalized foosball experience. The quality materials used in the manufacture of this table ensures that it will give years of faithful service -however, for added peace of mind there is also a lifetime warranty.

This a foosball table that is suitable for intermediate to advanced players who want a superior game and incredible performance. Given the fact that users will be getting a ‘tournament style’ experience, it represents excellent value for money.

What We Like

  • Warranty is exceptional
  • Sturdy and well-made
  • Configurable goalie setups offer variety
  • Customer support is top-notch

What We Don't Like

  • Could use 2-sided ball return


Dimensions55" x 30" x 36"
Weight190 lbs.
Best Value

Best Choice Products 48-In Foosball Table Review

The foosball table by Best Choice Products is a high-quality product that is available at an affordable price. It has several features that can help improve your foosball experience over time. The playing surface is made of quality medium-density fiberboard. The legs and playing surface of the board are reinforced with steel rods for better strength.

The Best Choice Foosball table has two cup holders on either side of the board so that you do not need a nearby table to hold your cups or glasses. The table features eight rows of players – four per side. It also includes two balls. Not all the features of this table are of high quality. But the low friction surface of the table will significantly help to improve the performance of the ball.

Many users have claimed that the product features excellent built quality although it’s not on par with the top models of indoor foosball tables. While this model offers excellent value, there are some problems that have been reported such as inadequate instructions. Furthermore, the handles on the control rods are slightly loose and can make it difficult to get a solid grip. All in all, the 48-in foosball table by Best Choice Product is a great product for the money you spend on it.

What We Like

  • Strong value
  • Surprisingly large and spacious

What We Don't Like

  • Assembly can be confusing at times
  • Some low-quality aspects


BrandBest Choice Products
Dimensions48" x 24" x 33"
Weight52 lbs.
Best for Pros

Tornado Classic Foosball Table Review

One of the most popular models is the Tornado Sport Foosball Table. This is close to the ideal table for those looking for tournament level play on a high-end foosball table. The construction is extremely sturdy (using durable materials) and at 205 pounds in weight, this is a table that will stay put no matter the style of gameplay.

The Tornado table is attractive enough to blend into almost any room. Additionally, it is manufactured by one of the best companies in the business (Valley Dynamo). The quality craftsmanship is immediately evident in the natural wood handles that seem to fit perfectly in your hand.

Action is fast and furious, and the table is also adjustable so that people of all ages and heights can get in on the action without discomfort. The counterbalanced men work well and provide extremely sharp strikes for pinpoint placement. The ball return works well and gives no trouble as the ball quickly returns.

As with most devices of this type, assembly is a concern. Fortunately, the Tonado Foosball table comes with very good instructions and the assembly process is relatively easy, even for novices. Expect to spend 1-2 hours to fully assemble the table.

The Tornado Sport Foosball Table may be slightly more expensive than other mid-range options, but you will be getting a great design from an exceptional manufacturer. This is a table that will provide years of fun if cared for properly. All-in-all this is one of the best foosball tables you’ll find. Tornado has built a reputation on making some of the best tables in the business, and this is no exception.

What We Like

  • Exceptionally high-quality construction
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Tournament-level playfield

What We Don't Like

  • Expensive


Dimensions56" x 30" x 36"
Weight225 lbs.
Wall Thickness1.5"

ESPN Arcade 56″ Foosball Table Review

As anything with “The Worldwide Leader In Sports” logo bracing the side, you would expect it to be the definitive option. This ESPN Arcade 56″ Foosball table lives up to its billing and it could stand out in any game room. The 56″ version comes in either (Black/Gray/Red) or (Black/White/Red) color combinations. Each looks incredible and they both feature 5/8″ metal rods that are chrome plated to improve durability.

The entire aesthetic delivered by this foosball table is incredible. The players are hand-painted in two different colors for each team and everything shows great attention to detail. The scoring system is the traditional bead scoring system which might be a bit of a bummer for some, but the traditional foosball enthusiasts will likely appreciate this detail as it maintains authenticity.

The stability of this table is fantastic with oversized 5″ leg levelers that feature an extra full panel leg to ensure that the table doesn’t exhibit any movement even during intense playing sessions. This not only improves day to day performance, but it can help to ensure that the table is long-lasting.

This table is for anyone who is looking for a full-sized foosball playing experience. If you have the room for it, you won’t be disappointed by the experience it delivers. With the MDF construction and the PVC laminate finish, it is sure to continue to deliver for years and years down the road.

Overall, the design and aesthetic that this ESPN table offers will fit perfectly in any traditional game room setup. While the table itself is large for a foosball table, it works perfectly in almost any home’s game room. It uses the highest quality materials during the construction and the table maintains the authentic feel that you would want from a foosball table.

What We Like

  • Blends in well with any “man cave”
  • Sturdy with very little wiggle
  • Good value for the price

What We Don't Like

  • Assembly is tricky and time-consuming


Dimensions56" x 28.75" x 34.5"
Weight92 lbs.

Buying Guide

How to Find the Best Foosball Table for Home

If you are planning to take your home game room to new levels of excitement, high energy, and competition, a foosball table is just the thing for you. With all the excitement and thrills of a football match — European football, that is — in the comfort of your home friends, family and neighbors will soon gather at your home for regular entertainment.

But first, you need to choose the right foosball table for your home and that means paying close attention to some important points when making this selection. Here is what you need to know.

Couple playing foosball with one goalieWhat to Look for in a New Foosball Table


A regulation size foosball table measures 56” X 30”. But you will find that there are many foosball tables available in smaller sizes to fit the specifics of your game room. Remember that when the rods are fully extended this measurement is increased. Then there is the space needed for players to have a full range of motion. All in all, you will need a table with 3.5’ (40”) of space clear around the table or a total area of 5’ x 9’ for a standard regulation size foosball table.

Goalie Configuration

There is a different number of goalies and total players depending on whether you choose the European or American style of foosball table. American Foosball has three goalies and is generally easier and more fast-paced than the one-goalie European Foosball. But you will certainly achieve greater skill and precision from the American arrangement.

Counter Weighted Men

If you are looking for real professional experience, look for a table that features counterweighted men. This adds the advantage that they will not drop down and block any of your shots once their bar is released. This will ultimately help you play faster-paced games without blocking your own advantage. Because all regulation foosball tables feature counterweighted men, you will also get a better feel for the professional realm of foosball.

Table Levelers

The slightest tilt can place the match at an unfair advantage to a specific player. To avoid this, choose a table that comes complete with easy-to-use levelers and even the bubble indicators that show when the table is truly level.

Playing Rods

The part of the table that will receive the greatest shock and impacts are those steel rods that come sliding perpendicular to the length of the table. These rods are made and installed with different degrees of care. Some bars are hollow and others are made of solid steel. While bars can be bought online and replaced as needed, solid steel bars provide the best game performance and longevity.


A foosball table will see a lot of action. From defeated players slumping their weight down to joyous victor thumping jubilantly on the table’s structural integrity, you will need something tough and durable. You will find that the vast majority of foosball tables are made of particleboard, composite board, or solid wood. Obviously solid wood offers the best quality for the highest price and particle board the exact opposite.

So, take a moment to focus on the unexpected benefits of composite materials. If you are patient and cautious, you may find a composite wood foosball table that is worth your investment. Composite wood doesn’t warp in humid climates like solid wood does. It also retains its structural integrity far better than particle wood. But be sure to look for the highest quality in this mid-tier option and you will pay a good price for a lasting option.

Orange foosball on tableTable Surface

Finally, you will want to pay close attention to the surface of the table. Examine the surface carefully as this is a good indication of the quality of the foosball table. The best foosball table surfaces have details, designs and playfield markings printed onto the laminate. If these details are just stickers, this is a sign of inferior craftsmanship and should be shunned. Consider also the hardness of the surface that will allow the ball to travel at a higher speed.

Foosball Balls

The correct size for a foosball ball is 35mm (1.3”) diameter. There are many different types of balls and you should consider getting a sampler pack that includes cork, textured, smooth and traditional balls. For best results take the time to gently wash your balls with a non-abrasive cloth and a diluted alcohol solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I Clean My Foosball Table?

Foosball tables can see a lot of action and even more action at party time. They should be cleaned regularly to keep them in good order for longer. A sheet or dust cloth should be kept over the table to protect it from dust and airborne contaminants. If your foosball is used frequently, it should be cleaned completely at least once a week. This can be done with a mild solution of all-purpose cleaning fluid and warm water. Wipe all surfaces down with this solution, then wipe clean with a cloth dampened with fresh water. Dry and cover. If you don’t use your foosball table as much, cleaning can be done less often.

Q: What are the rules for Foosball?

The game is fairly simple, touching only the handles on the rods, players must shoot the ball to the opposing goal. Typically, the game begins with a coin toss to see who “serves”. There are some rules about not serving oneself that should be considered. Furthermore, there is an important rule about not spinning the rods. This is an illegal move and also stops you from improving in your own game.

Final Words

Remember that foosball tables, especially top-quality options can be very heavy. With this in mind, plan out how you will get your foosball table into your game room. Beware of those foosball tables that can be completely disassembled as these tend to be very weak at the joints. Top-notch foosball manufacturers and providers often have a service that moves and installs these tables for their clients.

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