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Best Cheap and Affordable Air Hockey Table

Air hockey is an excellent form of entertainment for the entire family. Normally, a quick trip to the arcade will have you playing on high-quality tables in no time. If you are wanting to make playing air hockey a little more convenient, having one in the home is a great idea for many. Unfortunately, those air hockey tables you see in arcades are commonly out of most people’s price range. Not to worry, there are plenty of other models that are available for home use that won’t set you back an arm and a leg.

Affordable air hockey tables don’t have to be cheaply made. There are numerous models that offer a high quality of materials and provide plenty of entertainment. While many of these won’t be the same size as those in an arcade, you can expect air hockey tables that are made for both kids and adults. Adults commonly prefer the larger tables as opposed to the tabletop models that are most often intended for children. Read below to find the best affordable air hockey tables for anyone’s game room.

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Best Overall - NHL Power Play Air Hockey Table

Best Value - Triumph Fire ‘n Ice Air Hockey

Best Tabletop - Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table

Best Mid-Size - ESPN 5 Ft. Air Hockey Table

Our Top Picks

PictureFeaturesOur ScoreCheck Price

NHL Power Play
Table Tennis surface is smooth and even
Strong air jets
Solid build quality
Two games in a limited space

8.4Check Price

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice
Digital scoreboard
Glow in the dark puck and controls
Strong value buy
Smaller table

7.8Check Price

Looks good in any room
Overhead scorer and sound effects
Simple assembly

8.3Check Price

Rally and Roar
10-minute assembly
Easily portable
Air-flow is best in class
Folding legs for storage

8.0Check Price

The Reviews

Best Overall

NHL Power Play Air Hockey and Table Tennis Combo

The NHL Power Play Air Hockey Table with Table Tennis Top is a refined, well-built solution for those who want an entertaining addition to their games room. It offers a multi-purpose design that’s aesthetically pleasing, robust, and works well in all situations.

Whether it’s time to take out the rackets to play a bit of table tennis or start shooting the puck around during a game of air hockey, this is a table that gets the job done. It has a sleek design that is easy on the eyes and dependable legs that remain steady despite a good amount of force being put on them.

The setup process is a breeze for those who don’t want to spend hours putting together a table. It also has seamless transitions when it is time to switch between table tennis and air hockey. Within seconds, you can have the table ready for a new game.

It also provides a smooth surface that doesn’t scratch quickly or looks bad after a few games. Instead, it gets better with time and continues to improve gameplay with time. This is one of those surfaces that is made with a purpose and does add value to the overall gaming experience.

One issue with this table has to do with the size not being as large as other regulation tables. This is easy to get used to but it’s also a detail you have to account for. Otherwise, it does an excellent job of what it is marketed to do.

On the whole, the NHL Power Play Air Hockey Table with Table Tennis Top is a world-class option that is going to work well as soon as it is set up. The design is unique, comprehensive, and works well for those who want to have a bit of fun.

What We Like

  • Table Tennis surface is smooth and even
  • Strong air jets
  • Solid build quality
  • Two games in a limited space

What We Don't Like

  • Sharp edges on ping pong table


BrandEastPoint Sports
LED ScoringYes
Leg LevelersYes
Best Value

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice 54″ Air Hockey Table

When it comes to performance, affordability, and build quality, the Triumph Fire ‘n Ice 54” Air Hockey Table is a masterpiece. It offers a unique set of features that are perfect for having fun with friends and family without taking up too much space.

The compact design is eye-catching and offers a great way to enjoy a good game of air hockey. Each element of the table is designed to provide an entertaining option for those who want to play something easy on the hands and fun at the same time.

It offers a brilliant light feature, where the light turns on whenever someone scores. This creates a more immersive experience for those who are into the game and want to win. Just having the light go off as soon as the LED puck enters is a beautiful sight.

This table also comes equipped with two LED pushers and an LED puck. These are smooth, easy to handle, and can handle regular use without breaking down. For those who are going to be using the air hockey table all of the time, these accessories do get the job done.

With the robust leg braces, there is enough protection to make sure this air hockey table doesn’t give out as soon as a bit of weight is put on it. This is ideal for those who are going to be placing the air hockey table on different surfaces and want to make sure it ages gracefully.

When it comes to this unique solution, it is as robust as it needs to be.

For those who are hoping to find a solution that is smooth, effective, and works well for all types of players, this is a great air hockey table. It simply offers a refined option that is great in all situations.

What We Like

  • Digital scoreboard
  • Glow in the dark puck and controls
  • Strong value buy

What We Don't Like

  • Smaller table
  • Fan is only adequate


BrandTriumph Sports
Dimensions54" x 27" x 31"
Weight39.6 lbs.
LED ScoringYes
Best Mid-Size

ESPN 5′ Air Hockey Table

The ESPN Air Hockey table is more expensive than budget options, but it is value-packed. It’s a 5-foot table that features a convenient overhead scorer. The table comes with everything you would need to start having some fun including 2 pucks and 2 pushers. Because of its size, it’s a practical entertainment option for any room in your home.

The ESPN table features exactly what you would want in an air hockey table. The overall unit is well made and very sturdy. It features strong leg construction that you can count on. It has 4-inch leg levelers which allow for better durability during those rough play sessions. Nothing is worse than an air hockey table that wobbles or that moves during gameplay sessions. Because this table weighs a solid 77 pounds, you don’t need to worry about that with this one.

The table features a 120V fan motor that ensures you get consistent airflow throughout the entirety of the table. This is important because a lot of the tables you’ll find in the marketplace have motors with insufficient power. This can cause uneven airflow throughout the table which can negatively impact the performance and the quality of the game being played. Having even airflow will make for more consistency when it comes to each player’s shots on goal.

This table features an aesthetically pleasing design. It fits right in with any game room with a blue and red colorway. The ESPN branding only makes it even more of a dream aesthetically for any sports fan.

This air hockey table puts ESPN in a good light when it comes to arcade game fun. Everything is very easy to put together with in-depth assembly instructions. It comes with everything you need to begin playing competitive air hockey games including the paddles, pucks, and an easy-to-use overhead scoring system. This makes it easy to tell who is winning with a glance.

What We Like

  • Looks good in any room
  • Overhead scorer and sound effects
  • Simple assembly
  • Durable

What We Don't Like


Dimensions60" x 32" x 32"
Leg LevelersYes
Best Tabletop

Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table

The Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table is a great tabletop air hockey table that has it all. It makes for a good option for those who want an authentic tabletop experience without the space required to fit a full one. The table can be quickly assembled for competitive play atop a sturdy table. It includes everything you need to get it set up and to start having fun with it. There is a lot to like about this tabletop air hockey table.

Whenever you are buying something like this, one of the more important things to figure out is whether or not it includes the kind of build quality that will satisfy your needs. This particular table comes with premium construction that you can count on. It is made up of dense wood and it features dual airflow which makes for good and consistent playing conditions. What a lot of people might be worried about is whether or not the tabletop air hockey table is going to present danger to your existing furniture. Luckily, Rally and Roar thought this through. They’ve included foam-protected legs that are both durable and sturdy. That way, you don’t have to worry about your tabletop getting scratched up.

This table comes with everything you need for excellent performance. No one wants to invest in a tabletop air hockey table that isn’t going to provide an authentic experience with competitive gameplay. With this tabletop, you’ll be able to rely on the AC-12V motor to provide plenty of airflows allowing for good puck fluidity throughout the surface.

The design of the air hockey table will make you feel right at home in an old-school arcade. However, the wooden accents make it a good addition to your living room and it can be easily stowed away when it’s not in use. It comes with sleek LED lights that make for a very authentic and fun arcade-like experience.

This tabletop air hockey table is certainly worth buying for anyone seeking a good, affordable, and authentic air hockey experience without room for a full air hockey table.

What We Like

  • 10-minute assembly
  • Easily portable
  • Air-flow is best in class
  • Folding legs for storage

What We Don't Like

  • Customer service is annoying
  • Scorer needs batteries


BrandRally and Roar
Dimensions40" x 20" x 9"
Weight13.86 lbs.

Buying Guide

Buying an Affordable Air Hockey Table

An air hockey table is a fine addition to your game room as it appeals to gamers of all ages and skill levels. Air hockey provides a fun and fast-paced competitive sport and endless possibilities to improve skills. But if you are looking to put together your game room on a budget you will be looking for the most affordable products at the highest quality possible.

Air hockey tables can sell anywhere from $25 to $6000. Reputable manufacturers typically sell their products at higher prices and offer top-quality tables. But if you are looking for an affordable option, you may have to check out some of the lower-tier products. Fortunately, if you know how to identify high-quality tables for good value you will be very happy with your selection that will last for many years of gaming.

Modern air hockey on white backgroundAir Hockey Table Characteristics

Table Size

Size is always an important point. There are air hockey tables of every conceivable size but the regulation dimensions are 8’ X 4’ (2.44mx1.22m). As a rule of thumb, a regulation-sized hockey table is always the best investment for the long term. Regulations tables allow for the full development of skills and intense competition between family and friends.

But you will have to consider how much space you have in your gaming room as well. If you are pressed for space, you will find plenty of options with much smaller dimensions, even down to half regulation size. No matter which size table you choose, you will want to have a minimum of 37” (94cm) of clearance all around the table to ensure maximum mobility and no accidents.

Large Puck vs. Small Puck

For the air hockey puck to drift lightly across the surface of the field it must be suspended in place by a blower fan. The size of the puck will determine the need for a larger or smaller fan to keep the puck drifting nicely. Air hockey tables with smaller pucks (2.75”) are a good option for younger teens and kids and even just casual play. If a lighter puck were to become airborne and impact anything in the environment, the damage will be minimal.

But if you plan for some down n’ dirty competitions and serious skill improvement, you will want the heavier regulation-sized 3.5” X 1.4” puck. Air hockey tables made for the larger heavier puck have a stronger blower fan and are built sturdy as well as they are designed to provide years of quality service.

In the end, air hockey tables made for the smaller puck tend to be at the cheaper end of the spectrum. But for serious gaming, accept nothing less than a top-quality regulation-puck hockey table.

High-Quality Materials

In your quest for an affordable price point, this is the one element that really can’t be ignored. The quality of your table determines not only how much service life you receive but also how much enjoyment and confidence you enjoy.

Here are some points to examine carefully:

Rink Walls — this is the part of the table that will receive the most impact. Make sure this part of the table is lined with top-quality nylon or aluminum or both.

Playfield — a quality playfield will have a special surface that allows the puck to glide smoothly across the table. Make sure this has not been damaged too severely. If it has become too damaged, don’t worry, this table can be replaced.

UL Seal of Approval — this means that the table meets specific requirements for quality and performance.

Plenum Chamber — a hi-tech component that ensures an even spread of air across the table.

Legs — the first thing to break on many air hockey tables are the legs. Be sure the legs and joints are made of top-quality materials designed to hold plenty of weight. You can also look for levelers that can help to even out the playing field no matter where you are playing.

Two men playing air hockey on orange table in arcadeLighting

Air hockey is a game best played in a well-illuminated environment and many hockey tables are equipped with a lighting feature. If your gaming room doesn’t have the specific lighting for this game this is something you will probably want to invest in in some way or other.

Boomerang Air Hockey Table vs. Regular

One more thing to consider would be all the advantages of the boomerang orientation. “Boomerang” air hockey allows players to stand side by side and pass the hockey puck back and forth toward each other bouncing the puck off the back of the table. This can be an especially good idea for homes with less space and those looking for a complete break from social distancing — while in the safety of their own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Air Hockey a Professional Sport?

A: Even though air hockey doesn’t have the same fanatic following as ice hockey, it is still a professional sport with championship matches taking place internationally.

Q: How Much should the mallet weigh?

There are no specific regulations for the weight of the mallet, but a good rule of thumb is 6oz. Heavier mallets can deliver considerably more power to the puck.

Q: Do I need to use Gloves?

Professional air hockey players hold the mallet with their fingers rather than with their whole hand. It may take you some time to develop your personal grip and techniques. If you will be playing for many hours and prefer to improve your grip on the mallet, gloves or tape can be a good supplement to your gaming practice.

Final Notes on Buying Affordable Air Hockey Tables

As you can see a good air hockey table has less to do with the price and more to do with the construction and suitability to your specific needs. Take the time to look closely at your plans for your gaming room and decide on the values you want to emphasize with your air hockey table. This will lead you to the air hockey table perfect for your situation.

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