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Best Air Hockey Tables for Home

Who doesn’t love a good game of air hockey with friends? Air hockey has been a favorite of arcade goers for many years as its popularity had grown since its inception more than 40 years ago. As it has become more popular, it is increasingly common to find one of these tables in homes for more convenient playing sessions. Tournaments between friends, family entertainment, or even practicing for semi-professional play are common occurrences when an air hockey table is within easy reach. Additionally, as these are smaller than other gaming equipment such as pool tables, they are much more flexible in where they can be placed throughout the home.

Air hockey tables for the home can differ dramatically depending on how it will be used. Tables primarily intended for children usually are much smaller and less sturdy. Additionally, they are lightweight and easily moved between rooms or playing areas. Adults often want a larger table that more closely replicates the feel of those tables found in commercial settings. While the industrial tables can cost thousands, we have looked at some more affordable options that can be placed in homes without needing a second mortgage. Read below to find the perfect air hockey table for your home.

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Best Overall - MD Sports 84" Air Hockey Table

Best Value - ESPN 5' Air Hockey Table

Runner Up - Hathaway Midtown 6' Air Hockey Table

Our Top Picks

PictureFeaturesOur ScoreCheck Price

MD Sports

Fast assembly (40 mins – 1 hour)
Classic and stylish design
High performing table with even airflow
Game clock must be on to play

8.0Check Price

ESPN Sports

Great value buy
Compressed particle board table
Watch for sharp edges
The fan is only moderate strength

7.7Check Price

Hathaway Midtown

Versatile enough for kids or adults
Some aspects of the table feel cheap
The blower is above average
Lightweight and easy to put together

7.8Check Price

Triumph Blue-Line

Stylish design
Crowd noise and extras are nice
Some quality issues
Pro-style feel

7.4Check Price

The Reviews

Best Overall

MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table

This version of air hockey table comes in three measurement options, 80″ x 42″, 84″ x 46″ and 90″ x 48″, though this is a review of the mid-sized option. It is powered by a UL-certified motor that produces consistent airflow throughout a game. The table is made of a high gloss, scratch-resistant playfield with fresh stadium graphics that complement any game room, no matter the style of interior decor. If anything, it spices up the aesthetic appeal of a room.

When it comes to the accessories, it has an inbuilt LED electronic scorer that comes with authentic stadium-like sound effects that amplify the fun for players of any age. It also keeps track of the game scores and lights up every time a player scores, leaving the players to do their best without the need to keep track of scores. Other electronic features that control the game are in the side panel, easy to use and provide simple access for fast-start games. The package comes with the table assembly parts, two pucks, and two pushers, so gaming challenges can start as soon as the table is assembled without the need for extra purchases.

This table is also extremely sturdy, having full-leg panel supports and 5-inch leg levelers that maintain a level and stable playing surface. For additional reinforcement and balance, it also comes with playfield aprons and top rails, taking durability to the next level. No matter how challenging a game may be, the excellent-quality components will perform remarkably. Moreover, the tabletop is super smooth, airflow exceptional, and it takes less than an hour to assemble fully.

Overall, this is an excellent table for any home. The MD Sports 84″ table does an excellent job of providing superb styling and superior performance for a mid-grade table. Although the high-end models have higher performance thresholds, they cost 3-4 times more than this model. There are very few drawbacks associated with this table beside the timer must be on to play. The need for the timer to be on is a minor complaint and one that can be easily worked around. If you are looking for a versatile air hockey table for family or friends, the MD Sports Air Hockey table is worth a look.

What We Like

  • Fast assembly
  • Classic and stylish design
  • High performing table with even airflow

What We Don't Like

  • Game clock must be on to play


BrandMD Sports
Dimensions84" x 42" x 32"
Best Value

ESPN Sports 5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table

The ESPN Sports 5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table is an excellent buy because it offers a fantastic gaming experience. Its design is compact and lightweight, which means you can quickly move it from one place to another. We love that it can fit in a basement, small room, or anywhere else in the home for that matter.

Another thing we like about the air hockey table is it comes with all the accessories to start play immediately. Additionally, this air hockey table has an electronic scoring panel. The panel is located on the side, and it features an LED screen that displays the score and timer. Both the timer and the scoring board is accurate and very responsive, so you shouldn’t experience any lag time. As soon as you score, the display will immediately update.

Let’s not forget to mention the overall build, as the table is made with quality materials. The table has sturdy legs, as well as cross braces that provide the table with stability once it is installed. During assembly, there is no guesswork involved with setting it up, as the instructions are clearly worded and well laid out. It shouldn’t take you too much time to get everything up and running. The surface of the table is smooth, also. You will love how the pucks move along the surface. The steady airflow and smooth surface add to the gaming experience. Everything about the table is well designed.

As for dislikes, there are not many gripes to be found. The air hockey table goes for around $250, but it is well worth the money. The table is made from cheap particle board to keep costs down. Additionally, the blower is only medium strength as it does not make the pusher float as you would experience from a commercial model. We highly recommend getting this game table for yourself or giving it to someone as a gift. While it is not the most massive table in the world, it works well for families and those who intend to play just for fun.

What We Like

  • Great value buy
  • Excellent family entertainment for small rooms
  • Nice aesthetics

What We Don't Like

  • The fan is only moderate strength
  • Compressed particle board


Dimensions64.75" x 37.13" x 6"
Weight77.44 lbs.

Hathaway Midtown 6′ Air Hockey Table With Scoring Review

The Hathaway Midtown 6′ Air Hockey Family Game Table is one that would fit perfectly in your game room. The table itself works well with a lot of different room styles and decor. After all, it features a cherry wood laminate that could even look great in an office environment. It also features chrome-plated corner caps and feet to make it look even more premium and stylish.

As far as the performance is concerned, it features a powerful 110V blower that can push a consistent stream of air. Because the table features around 1,950 individual holes throughout the surface, it offers incredibly consistent puck travel. The table also comes with a built-in motion detection scoring system powered electronically that can keep people from trying to play unfairly by giving themselves more points.

The table itself features a 6′ plating surface, which is perfect for less seasoned players as you don’t have to cover too much surface area. However, the smooth and consistent performance is sure to satisfy even more advanced and experienced air hockey players. Therefore, it offers a healthy balance between performance and versatility. Additionally, its size makes it a good fit in even smaller rooms.

Hathaway Midtown managed to create an air hockey table that looks stylish and modern enough to fit in the living room or office. They also managed to pull off a design that is suitable for both beginners and advanced players. The table features solid and consistent airflow performance and automatic scoring that makes it convenient and easy to keep track of who is winning. If you are looking for a table that isn’t going to look out of place and will deliver good all-around performance, this would be a great option to consider. Best of all, it comes with a 180-day manufacturer warranty that ensures you will be able to get a lot of use out of the table.

What We Like

  • Versatile enough for kids or adults
  • The blower is above average
  • Lightweight and easy to put together

What We Don't Like

  • Some aspects of the table feel cheap


Dimensions72" x 36" x 31"
Weight97 lbs.

Triumph Blue-Line 7′ Air-Powered Hockey Table

The Triumph Blue-Line Air Hockey Table is a full-sized table that measures 84″ x 42″ x 32″. It is larger than most hockey tables in homes, so it promises a semi-commercial experience for all air hockey lovers. Powered by a robust air-powered 110V motor, it guarantees reliable and fast gameplay since it produces excellent airflow that propels the red pucks at impressive speeds.

When it comes to built-in accessories, the inlay LED scoring and time clock bring some extra spice into the game. They are built into the rails of the table for easy viewing by players to take the adrenaline to the next level. Furthermore, the scoring system is compatible with table tennis conversion tops to make the table extremely versatile. The versatility does well at improving the gaming experience for both families and office workers. Note that the table tennis conversion tops are not included in the package.

Additionally, there are extra features like cool electronic FX sounds, crowds cheering, and others, which can be turned off with an easy-access button. When it comes to the structural build, it is a solid table and has full leg panels and 5-inch leg levelers for stability. The sturdiness of the Triumph Blue Line increases the longevity of the table and guarantees a perfectly level play surface. Experts have, however, said that despite its good looks and sturdy build, it could use an extra 1/4″ of material to make it stronger.

The package includes the air hockey table parts, two red pucks, and two red hockey pushers. Some poor aspects of the table include reports of the table warping around the middle, which is not enough to stop gameplay but still affects a slow-moving puck. The pucks are also small, meaning the table could use some bigger pucks to fit its size. The pucks are also too light, which causes them to fly off the table on occasion. The Triumph Blue-Line 7′ Air Hockey Table is a solid unit that gives the feel of playing air hockey at the arcade but in the comfort of your home. It performs well in most areas but has a few problems that could force some to look elsewhere for their gaming needs.

What We Like

  • Stylish design
  • Crowd noise and extras are nice
  • Pro-style feel

What We Don't Like

  • Some quality issues


BrandTriumph Sports
Dimensions84" x 42" x 32.5"

Buying Guide

Get the Perfect Air Hockey Table for Home

Air hockey is one of the most popular additions to any type of game room. Air hockey is also one of the fastest-paced table games offering long-lasting play value along with a fun and exciting way to get some exercise. One of the best parts is that players of any age can play this game.

Air hockey tables come in three main types, including home versions, commercial arcade-quality, and commercial multi-puck versions. The residential or home versions offer a few benefits. To begin with, they are much lighter, meaning you can move them around your home and they are also much cheaper.

Cheerful African American woman amusing folding hands watching air hockey game with colleaguesAir Hockey Table Types

If you have not put a lot of research into the different air hockey tables, then it may come as a surprise that there are various types on offer. Here is a brief overview of the different types to help you find a table that matches up to what you need.

Arcade-Style Air Hockey Table

If you don’t mind how much you plan to spend, then an Arcade-Style air table is your best bet. These tables are used by professional players and they feature a robust build. These tables are also regulation size, meaning your gameplay will take place on a table size that the pros use.

Arcade tables also tend to include a range of features. For example, these products have powerful motors, electronic scoring, and a smooth playing surface. In all honesty, these air hockey tables will provide the best playing experience.

Basic Air Hockey Table

These are simple tables that usually do not include the same features that the arcade tables come with. However, it may still be worth your while to research the different types of basic tables to find a table that includes the features and materials that you want.

Tabletop Air Hockey Table

These tables fit over a tabletop. They are budget-friendly tables that usually serve a very specific purpose. They offer a portable product when you want to take the table with you on vacation or when you don’t have the space for one of the full-sized air hockey tables.

One of the benefits of the tabletop air hockey tables is that they are easy to customize. You can use the air hockey table on tables of all heights, making it ideal for younger children that are not ready to play on one of the full-sized tables.

Multi-Game Air Hockey Table

There is also the option to buy a multi-game air hockey table. These are not “strictly” air hockey tables, since they usually include a variety of games in one product. Foosball and table tennis are usually the popular ones here.

Air hockey game is fun even for adultsWhat To Look For Before You Buy An Air Hockey Table?

There are 4 important things to look for before you decide to buy an air hockey table. Here is an overview of what to look for:

Table Size

This is one of the most important decisions to make. Two factors influence the size of the table:

  • The room you plan to use the air hockey table in
  • The air hockey type you are interested in playing

If you are planning to play competitively, then you should be looking at the full-sized tables. At a minimum, the table will be at least 50 inches wide and 90 inches long. You will also need enough space around your air hockey table so that the players can move about.

Construction Of The Table

If it is in your budget, we suggest looking for tables constructed out of solid wood. The main issue with the cheaper versions is when they move around everywhere. For those that play air hockey regularly, they know this sport often gets intense. This often leads to people that lean on the air hockey table. A lightweight table will slide around a lot easier, which could end up ruining your game.

A good-quality air hockey table will also come with levelers along the base of each leg. This is an important feature since the floor might not be perfectly level, which could affect your playing experience.

Rink Walls

This is one of those features that is often overlooked, but the rink walls can have a significant impact on your playing experience. The rink walls should either be made from nylon (for the cheaper tables) or aluminum. These materials provide excellent rebound qualities which often lead to intense and fast play. The cheap tables often feature laminates that could dent during play.


A powerful motor is essential if you are looking for the best gaming experience. The right motor ensures that the airflow is even across your playing surface. A good quality motor will also not overheat allowing you to play for even longer.

Air Hockey Table FAQs

Q: What Is Air Hockey?

Air hockey is a very popular table game found in arcades and homes across the globe. The table features holes where the air blows through onto the playing surface. This ensures that the puck glides smoothly over the surface of the table. During games, there are 2 players on each side of an air hockey table. The goal of the game involves players using mallets to try and get the puck into the other player’s goal.

Q: How Do Air Hockey Tables Work?

The three primary design components that air hockey tables feature to make them work include a tabletop surface, rails, and blowers.

Q: How Much Does An Air Hockey Table Cost?

Air hockey tables range anything from $25 to $6,000. It will depend on the table type you are interested in and whether you plan to play for fun or more seriously.

Q: Where Should You Buy An Air Hockey Table

You can either buy your table online or visit a store that specializes in these products. We suggest visiting Amazon. They usually offer competitive prices and great support.

Final Thoughts

Air hockey can provide hours of fun for friends and family, provided you have chosen a model that suits your requirements. Paying attention to the features you want and how much you want to spend go a long way in ensuring you are a happy buyer. Whether you are looking for a more expensive commercial model or just want something around the house, there is a model out there that works perfectly for your needs.

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