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Best Air Hockey Table with Electronic Scoreboard

Playing a competitive game of Air Hockey in an arcade is a cherished memory for many. Adults and children alike can have mountains of fun while playing. Many prefer to have their own air hockey table that is more convenient than making a trip to the nearest gaming center. Fortunately, as the price of home models has decreased, a home air hockey table has become much more achievable. Finding the right one is often the biggest challenge, and including an electronic scoreboard is a part of that equation.

To get that authentic arcade-style feel, many of us prefer an electronic scoreboard on our home air hockey table. The less expensive models are usually intended for children and often keep track of scoring via a manual method. Fortunately, there are plenty of mid-grade models that offer a strong build quality, numerous electronic features, and solid gameplay. Read below to find the best air hockey table with an electronic scoreboard to keep family and friends entertained for hours on end.

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Best Overall - Gold Standard Home Pro Air Hockey Table

Best Value - MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table

Best Mid-Size - PUCK Sphynx 5-Foot Air Hockey Table

Our Top Picks

PictureFeaturesOur ScoreCheck Price

Gold Standard Elite

Arcade experience
Strong, stable, and durable
High-quality table
Plain appearance

9.0Check Price

MD Sports 84”

Good value buy
40-60 minute setup time
Airflow lacking at corners
The fan is always on if plugged in

8.7Check Price

PUCK Sphynx

Well-built and made to last
Easy assembly
Nice sound effects
The blower could be stronger
Only a mid-size table

8.5Check Price

Atomic 7.5FT

Heavy and solid table
Lights and sounds are cool
Strong airflow
Lighted pucks break easily

8.2Check Price

The Reviews

Best Overall

Gold Standard Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table Review

When listing the best air hockey tables with an electronic scoreboard, the Gold Standard Elite Air Hockey Table stands head and should above the competition. It is recommended by Mark Robbins, designer of the Gold Standard table games, Tim Weissman, a 10-time Champion, and Danny Hynes, an 11-time USAA World Champion. With its great solid low-profile and excellent gameplay, it justifiably deserves the glory.

Renowned for pro-quality action it has a pro-style aluminum top rail for consistent puck movement and bankability. The playfield has a centerline, face-off circle, and a full size 3-3/16″ diameter puck for fierce gameplay. This is accompanied by an electronic scoring unit with sounds and LEDs. Better yet, it offers different game options, like matches based on score and timed matches as well.

In size it is 44.75” long, 84.75” wide, 30.5” high and weighs 450 pounds. As such, the table comes with very stout legs that promise durability even when leaned on by several adults. In fact, when moving it from place to place, at least 3 adults are needed. Speaking of durability, the playfield features a wear-resistant laminate that promises years of smooth gameplay.

In appearance, it is fairly plain-looking without any bright colors or LED lights. Nevertheless, the game is quite loud, with the puck slapping back and forth, with sounds coming from the scoreboard. Gameplayers will find this exciting but also, unobtrusive. It is truly a fine air hockey table, especially for its price.

Overall, the Gold Standard Elite Air Hockey table is a great table with great action. This table is similar to what you would expect to see at an arcade while costing a fraction of the price. It provides smooth gameplay, durability, and high-quality workmanship. The pucks float seamlessly across the table as they ricochet from strong bounces off the side. If you’re looking for an arcade experience in the comfort of your home, the Gold Standard Air Hockey Table is just right.

What We Like

  • Arcade experience
  • Strong, stable, and durable
  • High-quality table

What We Don't Like

  • Plain appearance


BrandGold Standard Games
Dimensions44.75" x 84.75" x 30.5"
Weight450 lbs.
Best Value

MD Sports Air Hockey Table Review

If you’re looking to get yourself an air hockey table, you might want to check out the MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table. This is an air hockey table that is available in a variety of styles. There is a lot to like about this air hockey table.

The build quality of the table is top-notch. It comes with sturdy 12mm legs. Therefore, you can count on the table remaining quite stable during even the most intense gameplay sessions. This is a concern for a lot of consumer-grade air hockey tables as the manufacturers typically skimp out on build quality in this area to cut costs. Likewise, the top of the table features strong 15mm aprons that you can count on to deliver good bounce-back performance. The table also comes with molded corner caps that will make you feel like you are delivering shots at the arcades.

Speaking of arcades, this table features everything you need to get into the zone. From cool blue LED lighting to authentic stadium sound effects, you’re going to get it all with this table. The speakers can blast out stadium effects and you’ll also get a scrolling display bar featuring live scoring updates. It’s a very immersive experience that will help you get the most out of your gameplay sessions.

The surface is coated with premium UV coating. Therefore, you are going to get exceptionally smooth and slick puck action that will deliver incredible experiences. The table has an easy puck retriever that you can use to cut down the time needed to retrieve the puck after scores. It even features a scratch-proof coating that will increase the overall durability of the surface to help ensure you get long-term use out of the table.

This is a table that delivers an authentic air hockey gaming experience. If you are looking for a table that performs well and makes you feel like you’re back at the arcades – look no further. While the table is pricey, it packs a lot of value for your money.

What We Like

  • Good value buy
  • 40-60 minute setup time
  • Good electronic scoreboard

What We Don't Like

  • Airflow lacking at corners
  • The fan is always on if plugged in


BrandMD Sports
Dimensions84" x 42" x 32"
Weight92.4 lbs.
Best Mid-Size

PUCK Sphynx 5-Foot Air Hockey Table Review

When looking for a great addition to a game room, PUCK Sphynx air hockey table is a top choice. Not just because it promises endless fun and excitement, rather, it looks very sleek, with a contemporary decorative design. Even better, it does not take up much room, being 60” long, 34”wide, and 31” high.

It is a perfectly sized superior table that is ideal for garages and family rooms as well. The superior-built table is made of wood and it’s sturdy, promising a lifetime of gameplay. It comes with 2 premium pucks and 2 air hockey strikers. As for the level experience, beginners and intermediaries will enjoy it.

That means that it is a bit basic for advanced players. Unfortunately, owners have also claimed that it may be a bit small for bigger kids and adults. Despite this, kids find it quite enjoyable especially with the sound effects on the scoreboard. It is also quite easy to assemble with a helper and since it is well-built, breakage is not easy. Luckily, even with slight issues, the manufacture, PUCK, is extremely responsive. As for the gameplay, the PUCK Sphynx comes with a blower motor that works great. It makes the game fast, and easy, especially for kids.

As with most gaming machines, it is not without fault. As previously mentioned, it is ideal for smaller players, meaning it ceases to be fun for kids as they grow. Experienced players will also find it too basic. Some owners also complain of a draggy puck.

This is because the air from the blower motor is not strong enough. Others have complained of a defective fan. That said, it is good to be cautious and carry out a thorough inspection after shipping. Luckily, most of these electrical issues can be fixed with minimal effort.

What We Like

  • Well-built and made to last
  • Easy assembly
  • Nice sound effects

What We Don't Like

  • The blower could be stronger
  • Only a mid-size table


Dimensions65" x 34" x 31"

Atomic 7.5 FT Air Hockey Table Review

When categorizing the best air hockey tables with an electronic scoreboard, the Atomic 7.5 FT air hockey table is a strong contender. It is a sleek, classic arcade-style air hockey table with multicolored LED illuminates. These LED lights are found along the rails and complement the grey/black body, giving the table a stylish contemporary look. The cherry on top has to be its massive size.

At 90” long, 49” wide, 31.25” high, and a weight of 220 pounds, the Atomic air hockey table is an iconic feature for any game room. With its different colored lights, striking appearance, and large size, it is said to mimic commercial tables found in arcades. The list of good things does not end there. It is also a sturdy table, made from engineered wood, and has excellent gameplay. How so?

First, the large play surface is made from PVC laminated MDF for high-speed play. Second is the 120V motor that gives impeccable airflow. This gives consistent puck action and fat gameplay. To spice up the play, the pushers, pucks, and goals also light up, in reaction to the gameplay, e.g., when one scores.

Better yet, the high-tempo music keeps the game room action-packed. In fact, players could play an entire session of back-to-back gameplay in the dark since the LED lighting is bright enough, and the sounds keep the room warm! The table also comes with an additional red hexagonal LED “spinner” puck that provides challenging, unpredictable rebounds for advanced play.

Overall, the Atomic 90” air hockey table is a fantastic addition for anyone’s game area. It is made of quality materials and offers many extras and has a striking appearance. It is a heavy air hockey table, but that normally isn’t a problem as tables are rarely moved after initial placement. Additionally, the weight further adds to the sturdiness and the arcade feel as you play. There are some minor quality concerns, but the customer support is responsive and quick to solve any issues buyers may encounter.

What We Like

  • Heavy and solid table
  • Lights and sounds are cool
  • Strong airflow

What We Don't Like

  • Lighted pucks break easily


Dimensions90" x 49" x 31.25"
Weight220 lbs.
MaterialHigh Speed PVC

What to Look for When Shopping

Air hockey is one of the most popular and exciting table games out there. It is one of the most fun forms of indoor entertainment that can be enjoyed by friends and family. The air hockey table is ideal for parties and hosting friends. It takes skill, quick thinking, and optimal hand-eye coordination to knock the puck into your opponent’s goal. With so many products in the market, choosing the best air hockey table with an electric scoreboard isn’t an easy task. If you are thinking about getting one for your home, there are many factors to consider before you shop for a quality air hockey table. This article provides information on what you need to consider before purchasing the best air hockey table with an electronic scoreboard for your home.

Black man watching for game while woman preparing goalie malletHow Much Space Do You Need?

An air hockey table requires enough space at each end for a player to play. Air hockey table sizes and dimensions can vary greatly, so ensure you are aware of what size your table is. There should be at least one meter between the table edge and the wall at each end so that the players can move around & return shots with ease. The table can be placed lengthways against a wall – which means you can squeeze it into a smaller room.

The most important thing is to consider how you will get the table into the room. The standard table surface is large and quite deep. But the legs and scoring gantries of the table can be detached when taking it into the room. Check for sharp turns and obstructions in the intended route to the room you plan to place the air hockey table. The regulation-size table is 84 inches long and about 48 inches wide. There are various models of air hockey tables that span up to 90 inches in length.

Which Playfield Is Best?

The playfields of a home table are usually made of wood or plastic. The surface has a smooth, low-friction vinyl covering. These air hockey tables are great for casual use and fun games with friends and family. On the other hand, commercial tables come with metal playfields, usually highly-polished steel.

These tables are quite durable and resistant to damage. Some outdoor air hockey tables come with polycarbonate or methacrylate playfields – which gives all the performance advantages of a metal playfield with the added benefit of being transparent. They show printed graphics or lighting effects underneath. Most of the table playfields are flat while the latest playfields are curved. It adds a new dimension to the game since the puck will naturally slide back towards the center of the playfield. You can learn to play curved shots around your opponent with a little skill.

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Which Rails Are Best?

The sections of the table that surround the playfield are called rails. The rails give the puck a good rebound. They also help produce the “ping” from the impact. Plastic is the common material used to make rails of home air hockey tables. Some higher-end tables have metal rails. On the other hand, commercial air hockey tables come with thick metal rails for the best gameplay.


Simple abacus scorers are the most basic in low-priced air hockey tables. You only need to push a bead up the rail every time you score. The more advanced hockey tables come with electronic scoreboards. The system comes with automatic goal detection. The goal will be automatically detected and added to the tally of the scoring player. The high-end tables come with automatic goal detection combined with flashing lights, audio commentary, and sound effects. The score will be announced after each goal in some of the advanced air hockey tables in the market today.

Puck Size

The size of the puck is important to improve the quality of your game. The smallest and lightest pucks come with small tables. The game speed on these tables tends to be slower. Larger pucks are necessary for larger tables. The extra weight is needed to stop the puck from bouncing off the table. They are ideal since these pucks skim further and faster. If you intend to play a faster game, you should opt for a larger puck for your table. Don’t forget to check with the manufacturer whether a larger puck would function properly on the table and not become jammed in the goalmouth or elsewhere.

Air hockey table with dramatic lighting and motion trailsPushers

Pushers are used to hit the puck. Pushers are also called “paddles” or “mallets.” The most common pushers supplied with the hockey table are made of simple plastic. But some higher-end pushers come with shock-absorbing rubber impact rings. These are great for commercial-grade air hockey tables because heavier pucks can give you a sore wrist after some time.


Airflow is another important feature of a quality air hockey table. The table should provide a strong and consistent airflow across the entire surface to make sure the pucks will glide and the game is fair for both sides. The best home models are the ones with at least a 100-volt fan motor as well as a high-quality airflow system.


Price is another important consideration when shopping for an air hockey table with an electronic scoreboard. You can easily opt for a small air hockey table for under $100, but they don’t have many features. The larger models with lots of extras and features can go for well over $1,000. You should expect to pay at least $700 for an air hockey table that meets regulation sizing standards.


Q: How to maintain an air hockey table with an electronic scoreboard?

A: The most important thing is to keep the playfield of the table clean. Use an off-the-shelf surface cleaner to polish the surface with a rag. Don’t block any air holes in the process. Blow out any cleaner that goes into the holes. Check the fan unit inside for dust.

Q: How to connect the electronic scoreboard?

A: The electronic scoreboard can be connected to the power supply of the hockey table. On the other hand, some table models come with battery-powered scoreboards.

Q: What are the types of air hockey tables?

A: There are four basic types of air hockey tables on the market today such as arcade-style, basic, tabletop, and multi-game models. Tabletops are portable while the basic model is for beginners. The arcade-style is the go-to style table mostly used by pros. The multigame table is more than an air hockey table since they include other table games like foosball and table tennis.

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