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Best Air Hockey Table for Adults

Air hockey has been a popular staple in game rooms around the world for almost 60 years. Over time, these fun games have made their way into people’s homes everywhere. The simplicity and competitive nature of air hockey make this a perfect addition to any game room. Air hockey is flexible enough for almost any age range, as tables are commonly made to accommodate even very young children.

We have researched some of the most popular air hockey tables currently available for adults. As such, the tables below will be of the larger variety (5’+). While some air hockey tables are small (portable) or are geared more towards kids, those below are of much higher quality and would not be out of place in a game room or arcade. Expect adult air hockey tables to last longer and be of higher quality craftsmanship.

An adult air hockey will commonly come with a more expensive price tag than those intended for young children. The price can range anywhere from $200 all the way up to $2000 for tournament level tables. The price climbs even higher when you start looking into the coin-operated models.

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Best Overall - Hall Of Games Edgewood

Best Value - ESPN Sports

Best for Game Room - Triumph Lumen-X Lazer

Our Top Picks

PictureFeaturesOur ScoreCheck Price

Hall of Games Edgewood

Elegant and appealing appearance

Fast and smooth gameplay

Very high quality craftsmanship

Heavy (2-3 people to assemble)

9Check Price

ESPN Sports

Moderately easy assembly

Above average blower lifts puck well

Sturdy and solid

Cheap plastic over some parts

Electronic scorer has limited options

7.8Check Price

Triumph Lumen X-Lazer

Great arcade-style experience

Lights and sounds are fun

Puck doesn’t fly out of playing area often

Design may limit it to game rooms

Electronics may give problems down the line

7.8Check Price

Viper Vancouver

Large pro-style table

Great airflow with minimal dead spots

Table scratches easily

Electronics are iffy

Some components appear to be low-quality

5.8Check Price

The Reviews

Best Overall

Hall Of Games Edgewood 84″ Air Hockey Table Review

Hall of Games Edgewood’s 84-inch air powered hockey table is one of the more premium offerings you will find. It features a sleek and modern design that fits perfectly almost anywhere at home. The legs are made up of wood grain PVC laminate that has metal crossbars attached to provide extra stability. The table’s legs feature hidden leg levelers which allows for a more even playing surface no matter if your floors are level or not.

The performance of the table is extremely consistent due to the table being powered by a 120V AC UL certified motor which offers even air distribution across the entire surface of the table. It includes modern features with its inlaid digital LED scoring display and built-in arcade sound effects which make for a good addition to any game room.

Hall of Games really went with a classic and minimalist design with this air hockey table which makes it the perfect addition for someone who is looking for a quality table that will last a very long time. The high-quality construction and smooth operation make for a solid gaming experience at any time.

The table is capable of fitting in most rooms as its dimensions sit at (84×44×32in). It comes with the accessories included with a set of 4 premium pushers and 4 pucks inside the package. Hall of Games crafts premium and modern industrial designed game tables and this one is no exception. It is a great option to consider for anyone that wants something that plays as good as it looks.

What We Like

  • Elegant and appealing appearance
  • Fast and smooth gameplay
  • Very high quality craftsmanship

What We Don't Like

  • Heavy (2-3 people to assemble)


BrandHall of Games
Dimensions84" x 44" x 32"
Weight212 lbs.
Best Value

ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table Review

Looking for an air hockey table that delivers strong value with a solid gaming experience? The ESPN Sports Air Hockey Table is worth considering. This table comes in various styles. You can choose from a much more compact 5-foot design, a full 7-foot design with an overhead scorer, a 7-foot design without a scorer, or a whopping 7.5-foot design with premium touch screen controls.

This table comes with everything that you absolutely need to get started playing right away. The smaller version comes with two pucks and two pushers, whereas the larger versions come with 4 pucks and 4 pushers. Likewise, it even comes with electric scoring capabilities no matter what model you purchase. If you opt for the compact version, you will be able to have a side panel scorekeeper and if you opt for a larger table, you get the choice between an inlaid digital LED scorer display or one that branches overhead. No matter what, you have everything you need to get started having a great time with the table right off the bat.

The build quality of each of these styles is superb. The smaller and more compact version offers a UL certified motor to allow for cool air to flow across the tabletop for consistent performance. Likewise, the legs offer cross braces to ensure that the table doesn’t move during play. With the larger tables, it comes with steel leg construction which can help enhance stability and maximize durability throughout the lifespan of the table.

The ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table lives up to its ESPN brand name. It truly delivers exceptional value and a premium and stylish aesthetic that makes it one of the best options. Because it comes with varying styles, you should be able to choose one that adequately suits your setup. The table offers smooth gameplay that performs well, is constructed of mostly high-quality materials, and offers some of that “wow” factor for your game room.

What We Like

  • Moderately easy assembly
  • Above average blower lifts puck well
  • Sturdy and solid

What We Don't Like

  • Cheap plastic over some parts
  • Electronic scorer has limited options


Dimensions64" x 37" x 6"
Weight77 lbs.
Best Gameroom

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6 Foot Interactive Air Hockey Review

The Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6 Foot interactive air hockey table is the perfect addition to anyone who is looking to create an arcade-like atmosphere in their game room. The table features the illuminating technology that you would find in a real arcade. Best of all, the strikers and the pucks that come with it feature the same light-up experience. It’s truly a stunning display of illumination when you play it in the dark.

The playing experience and air hockey performance don’t disappoint with this table. It features dual motor blowers for continuous airflow. Because of this, the entire surface area is continually receiving consistent airflow which ensures a smooth playing experience. This can keep the action going as fast as possible with no hiccups. To combine with the performance, the table features built-in music to keep the intensity of each match-up. It even has in-rail LED lighting to ramp up the experience when playing in the dark.

This air hockey table measures in at (72″ L x 40″ W x 31″ H). It is certainly large enough to play on with multiple people. The scorer that is included with the table is electronic which can make it very easy to keep track of who is winning and who is losing each match. The play surface features an MDF-engineered playing surface with a great detailed blue and white design.

This table is much more for style and in-game performance. While it won’t be suitable for people looking for a table that they can put into a room featuring traditional decor, it is the perfect addition to an arcade-style game room. Therefore, as long as that is what you are going for and you are prioritizing the air hockey experience, it is one of the best tables that you can put your money towards.

What We Like

  • Great arcade-style experience
  • Lights and sounds are fun
  • Puck doesn’t fly out of playing area often

What We Don't Like

  • Design may limit it to game rooms
  • Electronics may give problems down the line


BrandTriumph Sports
Dimensions72" x 40" x 31"
Weight75 lbs.

Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table Review

The Viper Vancouver 7.5-foot table tries to provide players with exactly what you would want from an air hockey table. The table features a crisp and smooth white playing surface that is meant to resemble a real hockey rink. The scoreboard included is a professional style one and the timer is versatile enough to count down from varying minute intervals including 10 and 15 and it even features an unlimited option. Because the scorer included features a triangular design, it is capable of displaying all of the pertinent playing information from the score to the time remaining to each player from their set positions.

The airflow performance is exceptional due to the included motor capable of producing airflow of 110 cubic feet per minute. As a result, it is able to produce steady and powerful airflow which yields excellent performance. Because of the powerful motor, it is capable of handling multiple pucks played on the surface at a single time.

The aesthetics look much like what you would expect from a traditional air hockey table. The graphics on the surface itself closely mimic a real hockey rink as does the included scorer. The legs of the table are wide and sturdy enough to provide steady play even in the most intense matches.

This is the perfect addition to a game room as long as you want a table that looks intended for a traditional game room. It is a rather expensive air hockey table, but with the price, you are getting one of the best performing surfaces and a table that offers an excellent in-game experience with the innovative and well-designed scoreboard. The table comes with (4) pushers and (4) pucks which is plenty given how large the table is. There is some assembly required with the table which means you shouldn’t expect to be able to play right out of the box.

What We Like

  • Large pro-style table
  • Great airflow with minimal dead spots

What We Don't Like

  • Table scratches easily
  • Electronics are iffy
  • Some components appear to be low-quality


BrandViper by GLD Products
Dimensions89" x 48" x 32"
Weight201 lbs.

Buying Guide

Buying the Best Air Hockey Table for Adults

An air hockey table can be a great addition to your man cave, especially if you have friends coming over frequently. It’s one of the most thrilling table games, and you can spend hours playing air hockey if you love fast-paced games. If you are wondering which table to buy, this guide will help you pick the best one within your budget. You need to keep a few factors in mind before buying the table.

Air hockey is fun even for adultsCommercial or Home

There are two categories of air hockey tables for adults – commercial tables and home tables. The differences are significant, not just for their prices but also their performances. Home tables, as the name suggests, are for playing with your friends and family at home. These tables extend to approximately six feet, while you may also find a few models extending to seven feet. The fans underneath these tables are powerful enough to lift the puck to provide smooth and gliding action.

On the other hand, commercial tables follow the arcade standard. They are tough, well-engineered, and built to last long. Of course, you can install a commercial air hockey table in your home, but you may require more space, and most importantly, spend more money. These tables are built using solid ply and have a stainless steel playing surface. The tables have an arch with a scoring system mounted on top. There are airflow fans that provide consistent airflow to keep the puck gliding, no matter how many hours you play.

Home tables are lightweight because of their MDF construction. Some of them have centrifugal fans similar to commercial tables, but most have basic flat fans.

As already mentioned, commercial tables are more expensive than home tables. You need to make your decision based on the amount of money you are ready to spend.

Size of the Table

Air hockey tables for adults are available in various sizes, starting from four feet and going up to eight feet. But which one should you buy? Honestly, it depends on the space that you can afford. Measure the size of the room and deduct the length of the table. You should be left with enough space to move around. Don’t buy a seven-foot table for a room with a length of eight feet. You would hardly have any space to play.

You should have at least a couple of feet on either end to move easily while playing. Therefore, if you have a room with a length of ten feet, you may buy a table that’s 6-feet long. Moreover, the longer the table, the more the price. Therefore, in addition to the space you can provide, you should also keep an eye on the price of the table.

Type of Playfield

Home air hockey tables have wooden or plastic playfields with a low-friction, smooth vinyl covering. They are suitable for casual use and fun games. Commercial tables have highly polished stainless steel playfields that are damage-resistant and highly durable. Some of them even have methacrylate or high-quality polycarbonate playfields that provide a similar experience as metal playfields.

Although most playfields are flat, you may come across a few tables with curved playfields, thus giving a new dimension to your games. The puck will naturally glide towards the playfield’s center, and you need to acquire a few skills to control the puck on such tables.

Modern air hockey on white backgroundType of Rail

The rails surround the playfield and give the puck good rebounds. Home tables usually have plastic rails, although some of the high-end tables have metal rails. Commercial tables come with thick metal rails to provide the best gameplay.

Type of Scorers

Most of the home air hockey tables for adults have simple abacus scores where you need to push a bead up every time you score. A few advanced models come with an electronic scoring system that has an automatic goal detection feature. The scorer will indicate the number of goals scored and add to the tally as soon as the puck goes in. Commercial tables have an automatic goal detection system with flashing lights, sound effects, and audio commentary that announces the score after each goal.


Q: How do I maintain an air hockey table?

A: Air hockey tables hardly require any maintenance. All you have to do is keep the playing surface clean. You can use a surface cleaner and cotton cloth to wipe the surface clean. Make sure you use the cleaner sparingly to avoid blocking any air holes. Keep the fan on while cleaning the playing surface as it blows the cleaner that may enter one of the holes.

Q: Which puck size is the best for an adult air hockey table?

A: The puck size often depends on the size of the table. A small puck is suitable for a small table where the game speed is slightly on the slower side. They are ideal for home tables where you focus more on casual play than outright shooting power. Larger pucks are necessary for larger tables because their extra weight prevents them from bouncing off the table. These pucks also skim faster and further, making the games more competitive.

Q: What type of pushers should I buy?

A: Most tables come with plastic pushers, but a few high-end tables also provide mallets with shock-absorbing rubber impact rings. They are best for larger tables with heavier pucks where you need to focus on your shooting power.

Q: Is it wise to invest in a reconditioned table?

A: It depends on the condition of the table. Although it’s wise to buy a new table, you shouldn’t reject reconditioned tables either as you may come across refurbished commercial tables available at a pocket-friendly price.

Final Words

Buying an air hockey table for your home can become the ultimate source of entertainment for you and your friends. You can spend hours at the table and even teach your kids how to play the game. Once everyone gets hooked to the game, it’s hard to keep them off the table.

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