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Best Affordable Pool Tables Under $1000

Having a pool table around the house is great for entertainment. Unfortunately, great pool tables can often cost thousands of dollars. Finding an affordable pool table that plays well and is worth the money can be a difficult task. The most expensive pool tables often use slate instead of wood to provide a top-notch playing experience. These are the preferred options if the price is no obstacle. You will find that most affordable pool tables have a surface that is made of wood to reduce costs. While these aren’t the “best of the best”, they are perfectly fine for most of us.

We have looked at the most popular affordable pool tables that can provide a mix of quality, durability, and overall enjoyment. These pool tables offer an excellent playing experience, all while saving you quite a bit of money (see How Much Does a Pool Table Cost). These tables will fit in almost any home and have you playing in no time at all. Read below to find our picks for the best affordable pool tables you can find today.

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Best Overall - EastPoint Sports 87” Masterton Billiard Table

Best Value - GoSports 7ft Billiards Table

Runner Up - Fat Cat Tucson 7’ Pool Table

Our Top Picks

PictureFeaturesOur ScoreCheck Price

EastPoint Sports Masterson
Classic design
Great starter table
Well-built and sturdy
Responsive bumpers

8.6Check Price

GoSports Billiards Table
Strong value buy
Sturdy and solid
Excellent customer service
Felt and rails perform well

8.3Check Price

Fat Cat Tucson
Good looking table
Heavy and solid
Excellent ball return
Felt seems a little thin

8.2Check Price

MD Sports Titan
Striking design
Deep felt
Wood and not slate
Rails kick hard

8.0Check Price

The Reviews

Best Overall

EastPoint Sports 87″ Masterton Pool Table

The EastPoint Masterton pool table is constructed with the highest quality materials for improved performance and durability. This table is a great addition to your family living area to entertain your friends and guests. You won’t have a hard time assembling this product because just one person can set it up with ease. The claw feet are easy to attach to the table and start playing the game in the comfort of your home. The parlor-style drop pockets are designed with a scratch-resistant luster long finish to resist wear over time and improve the longevity of the product.

You can easily move the table around the house since it is lightweight. But once you assemble all parts of the table, it becomes sturdy enough to accommodate everyday play. The table looks classy and elegant due to its rich wood color. The table won’t run out of style after some time due to the timeless wood pieces in it. The K-66 rubber bumpers offer consistent bounce to enhance the comfort of players.

An even surface is crucial to performing at the highest level when playing on the table. There are built-in leg levers to make sure the ball goes in whatever direction you intended it to go. Warping is not a question when playing on this table because it has support braces. These support braces and installed underneath and are adjustable to prevent the middle of the table from sagging over time. The table comes with a scratch-resistant LusterLong finish to ensure the longevity of the product. In fact, the table is durable enough even for hours of playing. The board is designed to resist wear and tear to protect it from fading over time. The package includes the table, legs, 1 billiard triangle, 2 billiard chalk, 1 brush, 2 billiard cues, and 1 billiard ball set. The dimensions of the table are L-87 inches/ W-50 inches/ H-31 inches.

What We Like

  • Classic design
  • Great starter table
  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Responsive bumpers

What We Don't Like

  • Plastic leg coverings


BrandEastPoint Sports
Dimensions87" x 50" x 31"
Weight215 lbs.
Leg LevelingYes
Best Value

GoSports 7FT Portable Billiards Table

The GoSports 7ft billiards table is one of the top options you’ll be able to find in the marketplace for various reasons. For one, it is a mid-size table that includes 15 regulation-sized balls and a ball rack. It comes with everything you would expect including two cue sticks, two chalk, and a high-quality felt brush.

When it comes to buying a billiards table, the build quality is likely to be at the forefront of your shopping criteria. This pool table features premium construction that you can count on to deliver years of use. Not only does it have a heavy-duty steel frame that keeps the table from wobbling, but it also has a premium felt surface that can guarantee a seamless gameplay experience. The build quality is certainly easy to spot given the billiards table weighs a whopping 150 pounds.

Performance is another priority among those shopping for a billiards table. After all, the performance you get from the table will dictate how much you use it and the satisfaction you get from using it. This table has smooth felt which makes for a seamless gameplay experience.

Also, it is quite easy to set up with little to no assembly required. This means you will be able to get it up in a little amount of time. One of the best things about this pool table is the fact that it has legs that can be folded. Because of this, it makes for a table that can be relatively compact when you need it to be. Although it is heavy for a compact table, it provides a much more authentic playing experience than what one would expect from a portable billiards table. It’s simple to fold the legs and store it away in an out-of-eyesight location.

The GoSports 7FT pool table is certainly worth considering if you are looking for a table that is extremely easy to set up and one that is going to last a long time. With this table weighing in at 150 pounds, there is no worrying about whether the table is going to move a lot while leaning against the table during gameplay sessions. It is a good option for anyone willing to spend the relatively high price for the table.

What We Like

  • Strong value buy
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Excellent customer service
  • Felt and rails perform well

What We Don't Like

  • Lightweight cues


Dimensions76" x 43" x 31"
Folding LegsYes
Runner Up

Fat Cat Tucson 7FT Pool Table

The Fat Cat Tucson 7′ pool table is an inexpensive pool table that is quick and easy to install. Just attach the legs to the base of the table, and you are ready to play a game of pool in the comfort of your own home. The Tuscon 7′ is one of Fat Cat’s highest-rated pool tables on the market today. The surface bed of the pool table comes with a moisture-resistant mesh beneath the polyester cloth to protect the table. The side ball return system helps collect and store the billiard balls. The sapphire hue of the surface cloth makes a bold statement to complement the table’s sleek black rails.

The rails of the pool table come with 18 circle sights that are systematically located to let the player align his perfect shot. The frost-white colored circles go well with the table’s arcade-style legs and midnight black rails. The rubber bumpers are designed to absorb minimal energy when they are struck by the banked shot of the player. It helps the player to achieve greater precision in the process.

Even though the pool table can be used both indoors and outdoors, it’s advisable to bring the table in when you have finished playing because the hardwood can become damaged due to moisture or rain. You only need to remove the pair of legs to carry the table inside. You can easily carry the table through tight corners because it is slim and sleek. The package includes the pool table, legs, two 57″ two-piece billiard cues, a resin triangle, two pieces of chalk, and a set of 2-1/4″ billiard balls. The dimensions of the pool table are length – 84″/ width – 46-1/2″ / height – 31″. The Fat Cat Tuscon is an attractive pool table that gives you plenty of space to practice on.

What We Like

  • Good looking table
  • Affordability
  • Heavy and solid
  • Excellent ball return

What We Don't Like

  • Felt seems a little thin


BrandFat Cat
Dimensions84" x 46" x 31.25"
Weight192 lbs.
MaterialEngineered Wood

MD Sports 7.5’ Billiard Table Set

The MD Sports Billiard Table Set is one of the top options you can get if you want something that looks as good as it performs. This premium indoor table spans 7.5-feet long making it the optimal size for competitive indoor play. The table itself comes with a complete accessory kit that includes a set of official balls, a table brush, a wooden triangle, two wooden pool sticks, and two chalk cubes. Therefore, you won’t have to be purchasing anything else to begin having fun with your table.

The build quality is where the MD Table truly shines. The build quality of this table is luxury, to say the least. It is constructed with K-66 specification wood bumper guards to ensure you are getting the best and most authentic performance. Also, it features standard-style drop pockets that help enhance the authenticity of the entire billiard experience. You won’t be missing much in the build quality department as it features a premium build all-around.

The performance of your billiard table set should be high on your priority list. After all, you’re buying the table to use for competitive play. Not only is the table the ideal size for competitive play, but it features a 3/4″ thick quality playfield. That way, you don’t have to worry about inconsistencies on the surface routing your balls differently depending on where you shoot. As mentioned, the genuine K-66 bumper guards offer the same quality and consistent bounce you want when you purchase a premium billiard table. Therefore, it provides an all-around good experience no matter your skill level.

The MD Sports 7.5 ft billiard table is 100% worth the price of admission. If you are looking to purchase a billiard set that features a premium build and one that is aesthetically pleasing, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option. With a solid wood build, you won’t be disappointed with the billiard experience the MD Sports Titan table set offers.

What We Like

  • Striking design
  • Deep felt
  • Rails kick hard

What We Don't Like

  • Wood and not slate


BrandMD Sports
Dimensions89" x 50" x 31"
Weight185.9 lbs.
Playfield18 mm Laminated Felt

Buying Guide

What to Look for When Shopping for an Affordable Pool Table

Prepare for some next-level prestige and class, if you are going to be adding a pool table to your gaming room. There are many reasons to place some time and energy into making a lasting decision. Cheaper pool tables abound and can last many years and offer satisfactory performance.

A well-made affordable pool table is one that will integrate perfectly with your game room, budget, and lifestyle. Properly taken care of, less expensive pool tables can last a lifetime. It is not uncommon for pool tables to become family heirlooms passed from generation to generation bringing many happy memories. With this in mind, we will now examine some of the most important values of a pool table that must be emphasized in an affordable pool table with good quality.

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Playing pool with little room to shootCharacteristics to Keep in Mind While Shopping


Size is always the primary concern because the nature of the game requires that the long pool cues are given plenty of room. You will need to consider the space you have carefully to choose the pool table that will allow you to play with comparative ease. Ideally, there should be 5’ of clear space all around the table to allow for players to move freely and exploit every angle in every direction.

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The best pool tables are made of quality slate. Slate is a natural stone that can be easily split into large flat surfaces and ground to perfection. This creates a smooth surface that will not be damaged easily, especially if due care and maintenance are applied to the table. Professional players’ best slate pool tables are commonly 1” to 1.25” thick. But even a ¾” slate pool table is good enough for industry standards.

Unfortunately, slate pool tables are considerably more expensive than those made of manufactured wood. If we are looking for maximum affordability, we may need to look at other options, such as those made on a synthetic slate (Slatron). Non-slate pool tables are often pressed by fiberboard around the board to improve durability. This often leads to varying levels of quality. With the proper care and selection, a well-made non-slate pool table can be much easier on the pocketbook while also being durable and long-lasting. Learn more by reading our Slate vs Non Slate Pool Table article.


Many pool tables are made of wood which is susceptible to warping. To prevent warping from upsetting the balance of the table, the most long-lasting pool tables are made of quality hardwood. A high-quality hardwood frame can improve stability and ensure that there is no “wiggle” while playing.

Pool table with a girl playing, seen from aboveLegs

There are two important types of pool table legs to know about. There is the one-piece option, or post leg, where sturdy legs support the pool table from the frame to the floor. This is widely considered the best option in terms of performance and longevity.

But the equally notable two-piece variation is also industry standard. This is a pool table where the legs are not connected to the frame. This is a perfectly acceptable option but does impact the overall stability of the table to an alarming degree.

Rail Cushions

A good quality rail cushion will ensure that balls rebound from the edges of the table naturally. There are both natural gum and synthetic options here, but in all truth, this is one of the least important decisions when selecting an affordable pool table for your needs. As long as they are in good condition, they should work just fine. Furthermore, these can be removed and replaced fairly easily.


The fabric that covers the table is important to the dynamics of the game. This fabric is made of a nylon and wool blend that has the perfect texture and durability for this purpose. This fabric is often treated with a Teflon coating that makes it especially resistant to staining and adds slick speed to the movement of the pool balls. There are also options for having your own custom designs printed on the table felt.

Important Accessories

A pool table is nice in itself, but before you finish your project planning consider how much this whole thing is going to cost. In addition to the pool itself, there is the cost of pool balls, cues, chalk, rack, triangles, suitable lighting, and a wide range of other supplemental paraphernalia to consider as well.

After you have considered the following options, you will have a better idea of what type of pool table would be suitable for your needs. Be sure to remember that value is what you are looking for above all else and be prepared to spend a little extra in the now for the promise of greater longevity and improved performance in the future.


Q: My buddy bought an “affordable” pool table and it looks uneven. Why did this happen?

Some of the cheaper pool tables made with laminate or compressed wood tables will not perform as well as a quality slate table (see How to Tell if Your Pool Table is Made of Slate for more) over time. These materials can behave unpredictably after time and exposure to moisture and varying temperatures. If this happens and the table is still fairly new, your buddy may have spilled a drink on the board or purchased an inferior product from an unscrupulous supplier. But these things can be mended and addressed. Give your local pool table expert a call and see what they can do to help.

Q: I found a quality slate and hardwood pool table at an affordable price, but the felt is all messed up. What can I do?

Replacing the felt on the table is also a fairly simple task and for the luxury of owning a slate and hardwood pool table, it is well worth the effort. Furthermore, you can have your pool table resurfaced with a design of your choosing.

Q: Should I move a table by myself?

A: Moving a pool table is a considerably delicate task and should only be done by experienced pool table movers or under their direct supervision. If you have a slate pool table the risks increase dramatically. Make sure you call in a professional with insurance coverage to handle this precision task.

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