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Air Hockey

beautiful brunette female playing air hockey with friend

Best Full Size Air Hockey Tables

Air hockey tables are made in all shapes and sizes, depending on the situation. You can find air hockey tables ranging from the small tabletop models all the way up to a full-size arcade experience that you can use at home. For many, there is no substitute for a full-size air hockey table that is comparable to models commonly found in arcades. The smaller models can be cramped for adults to play and do not represent a traditional air hockey experience in some cases.

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rackets and ball close up on Ping pong table in outdoor sport yard.

Best Air Hockey Table with Ping Pong Top

Air Hockey and Ping Pong (Table Tennis) are two cherished games that have been played across the world for many years. Unfortunately, these two games commonly require a large area to fit their respective tables. This is especially true if you have limited space in your home gaming area. As these games have risen in popularity, combo tables have become increasingly popular as space-savers.

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Cheerful African American woman amusing folding hands watching air hockey game with colleagues

Best Air Hockey Table with Electronic Scoreboard

Playing a competitive game of Air Hockey in an arcade is a cherished memory for many. Adults and children alike can have mountains of fun while playing. Many prefer to have their own air hockey table that is more convenient than making a trip to the nearest gaming center. Fortunately, as the price of home models has decreased, a home air hockey table has become much more achievable.

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Air hockey table in an arcade

Best Cheap and Affordable Air Hockey Table

Air hockey is an excellent form of entertainment for the entire family. Normally, a quick trip to the arcade will have you playing on high-quality tables in no time. If you are wanting to make playing air hockey a little more convenient, having one in the home is a great idea for many.

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Family playing air hockey

Best Air Hockey Tables for Home

Who doesn’t love a good game of air hockey with friends? Air hockey has been a favorite of arcade goers for many years as its popularity had grown since its inception more than 40 years ago.

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Closeup of male businessman competition in a table hockey game i

Best Air Hockey Table for Adults

Air hockey has been a popular staple in game rooms around the world for almost 60 years. Over time, these fun games have made their way into people’s homes everywhere. The simplicity and competitive nature of air hockey make this a perfect addition to any game room.

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