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Best Home Pool Table Brands for Any Budget

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Playing pool at home is a popular game for people of all ages and walks of life. It can bring the whole family together and away from those excessively-used screens, can be a great way to spend a few hours with friends, and can even raise professional players.

That being said, investing in a home pool table can feel like a rather expensive pursuit, especially if this is the first time to make such a purchase. The guide below details some of the best brands of pool tables currently available that can fit anyone’s budget. Please note, in this article, we’ll be looking at brands that primarily produce medium and full-size tables. There are also smaller tables, primarily intended for kids or travel, that are available at lower price points and manufactured by a variety of reputable brands.

Budget Brands ($1000 and Under)

Fat Cat

For those who want to purchase a home pool table on a budget, there are still some good choices out there. One brand that is defiantly worth noting here is Fat Cat. They provide some pretty innovative products in the world of games and their home pool table is no exception to that rule. It is normally possible to pick up a sturdy portable pool table for around $500; a great way to get started on the road to becoming a skilled pool player, without breaking the bank. It’s also a great option for people who may want to be able to take the table outdoors in good weather. This choice is not about making a fashion statement in the home, but it does provide an affordable and practical solution for those who want to enjoy playing pool at home or in a small space (see our Best Pool Tables for Small Space).


Another choice we think is worthy of a place here is Barrington. Although not all of their tables will fall under $1,000, their lower-end tables certainly do. This brand’s products are trusted to be of good quality and are certainly worthy of consideration for a budget that will stay within $1,000.

Eastpoint Sports

As a final brand to consider in our budget range, Eastpoint Sports have a fabulous selection of impressive home pool tables with a style to suit most decors and home vibes. While prices may vary, we have decided to put this choice in the under $1,000 category as often sale prices mean a table can be picked up well under this mark.

Standard Brands ($1000 – $2000)


If the set budget comes over the $1,000 mark, we feel that it is worthy to note that Barrington may again prove to be a great choice of brand. For instance, the Barrington Claremont table provides a great quality table at an affordable price tag. This particular choice has a slate top and impressive Queen Anne legs; it’s the type of table that will last for years but won’t put too big a dent in the bank balance.


Hathaway provides another choice for those with a moderate budget. Prices for tables can come in over the $1,000 mark but are often under $1,500 making these models a quality and affordable choice.

High-End Pool Table Brands ($2000 – $4000+)


For showers who are serious about pool and want a table that they can rely on for both quality and durability, Brunswick is one of the renowned names that promises exactly that. These tables are often going to retail over the $3,000 mark but sale prices can mean there is the possibility of getting a table closer to $2,000. Investing in a quality table such as those produced by Brunswick can really have players refining their skills and learning how to play on a professional table.

Ultra High End ($4000+)


For people who want to purchase a high-end pool table with a price tag that could reach close to $10,000, Olhausen has been crafting high-end tables with a quality that is hard to rival. These billiards tables are often built with style in mind and aren’t intended to be used in non-traditional settings (see Should You Put a Pool Table in a Garage). Shoppers can choose between rustic table, traditional, contemporary, and many others. Whilst there are certain tables within this brand that start from close to $3,000, much of the range is well beyond this price bracket.

The Bottom Line

Having a pool table at home can bring hours of enjoyment and is a great way to refine skills. Whilst the higher-end tables are going to provide a higher-quality and more aesthetically pleasing choice, there are still plenty of good offerings within a much more modest budget.