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Young colleagues playing air hockey during break

Air Hockey Table Sizes and Dimensions

Size matters. At least for air hockey, it does. There is not a one size fits all table because not every human is the same size or age. To make sure everyone can have lots of fun playing the game, air hockey tables come in a variety of sizes. Which size you play largely depends […]

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Friends playing table football.

Foosball Table Maintenance: How to Maintain a Foosball Table

Foosball is a game commonly seen in many homes or apartments. The foosball table is the central element in having a rewarding experience as you play. As a foosball fan, you should ensure that your foosball table serves you for the longest time possible. This can, however, only be achieved by taking great care of […]

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Table football players

Tips for How to Play Foosball Better

Foosball has, over the years, become a game appreciated and loved by many people. It can also be referred to as table football or soccer and entails playing a table-top game similar to soccer. Improving your skills in the game is an option worth considering whether you play the game professionally or as a hobby. […]

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Orange foosball on table

How to Play Foosball by the Rules

Foosball is described either as a game or a sport. While some play it as a reflection of soccer, the enthusiasts take it seriously in that there are professionals. However, despite the level of experience you could have in this game, everyone ends up having a fun time playing. Just like any other game, there […]

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Pool player lining up shot

How Much Does A Pool Table Cost?

Purchasing a pool table does not necessarily have to make you break into your piggy bank. But since it is an investment that can cost quite a bit, you should be cautious to ensure you are getting a quality product. Considering all the essential features is important to help you make a wise decision. While […]

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Friends playing billiards

What Is The Best Size Pool Table For A Room?

Pool or billiards is an excellent way to add a bit of sophistication and entertainment to any room in your home. Not only are pool tables perfect centerpieces of any game room, but pool is an excellent game to play to keep guests entertained. If you are looking to purchase a pool table, you are […]

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Family playing air hockey

How Much Do Air Hockey Tables Cost?

Air hockey is an extremely exciting table game where you need to test your reflexes to send the puck into your opponent’s goal as many times as possible. This game requires a high-quality, frictionless table. The table consists of numerous holes. A fan underneath the table blows air through these holes on the playing surface. […]

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Foosball kickers of a foosball table

How Much Does a Foosball Table Cost?

Determining the price of a new foosball table can be a bit tricky. However, you’re in the perfect place because we’re going to break down the price range of foosball tables for you. Before you get into buying a table, it’s best to think about what you’re willing to pay for. More experienced players commonly […]

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Diverse cheerful hipster guys drinking beverage and playing cards at table with chips for poker in modern apartment.Positive casual dressed multicultural friends spending free time together in flat

Top 10 Games to Play at Home With Your Friends

There is no place like home for entertainment and the game room is the place to go for activities, fun, and entertainment. If you plan to enhance the quality of life in your home, have more engaging parties, and keep healthy entertainment within arms reach, creating a gaming area in your home may interest you. […]

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