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Air hockey table with dramatic lighting and motion trails

How to Make an Air Hockey Table Slide Better

Anyone can play this game no matter how great skill or how little skill they have. It just takes two people to have a great game and one extra person is easier to find than 5 or more when you want to play other games. To get the most enjoyment out of air hockey you […]

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Worn air hockey table

How Long do Air Hockey Tables Last?

Air hockey tables can be quite expensive, depending on the brand, features, and other characteristics. This often begs the question of how long do air hockey tables last? In short, depending on the quality and how often you will use the table, an air hockey table is estimated to last between 5-8 years. There are […]

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table football soccer game players (kicker)

One vs. Three Goalie Foosball – Which is Better?

Foosball (also known as table soccer) contains a ball in which one tries to move to the opponent’s goal. This is done by manipulating rods that have figures attached to them. The figures are made to resemble players. A foosball table may contain one or three goalies. Goalies are the figures at the back that […]

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Couple playing foosball with one goalie

How to Convert a Three Goalie Foosball Table to One Goalie

If you played Foosball 20-30 years ago, you probably remember that almost all the foosball tables then usually included only a single goalie. This was fun as you could often pin the ball against the side of the walls fairly easily. Unfortunately, the primary manufacturers rarely produce tables with a single goalie anymore (see Best […]

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Billiards table breaking the balls

Slate vs. Non Slate Pool Table

Have you ever wondered why people make such a big deal of slate vs non-slate pool tables? Slate tables are the most common form of pool table for those that want to experience the best quality play possible, or so the theory goes. Additionally, slate tables are commonly more expensive than their wooden brethren. So, […]

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A Games Room with Pool Table in a Garage

Should You Put a Pool Table in a Garage?

Pool or billiards is one of those traditional games that has somehow managed to stay relevant during the age of video games. Truthfully, most people do not play pool as they did in the past. Still, there are plenty of people who enjoy engaging in this game. If you are a person that really enjoys […]

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Billiards shot of 3 balls

How to Replace Pool Table Cloth or Felt

Playing pool is a favorite pastime of many. One of the cornerstones of having an enjoyable game of pool is ensuring that your table is always in as good condition as possible. Although the majority of a pool table is made of hardwood, the felt is one of the most important components to ensure a […]

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Large billiard room with two tables and bar

What Are Common Pool Table Sizes?

Pool tables are found in a variety of sizes, often depending on their intended use. Before you decide to buy a pool table, you should consider how you intend to use the pool table and the size of the room in which it is being placed. We will be discussing full-size pool tables in this […]

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Cleaning gloves and equipment

How to Clean and Maintain an Air Hockey Table

Yes, it is true. The cleaner your air hockey table is, the better chance you have of playing a game without any hiccups. Since there are many different sizes of air hockey tables, there may be some differences in cleaning methods, but the basics are the same no matter what size you have. Ensure that […]

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