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How Much Does a Ping Pong Table Cost?

If you have decided to buy a ping pong table for your place, you’ll quickly find out it’s not a stroll in the park. There are numerous factors that will determine whether you make a great choice that suits you and also gets you value for your money. There are plenty of choices for you. […]

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What Are Ping Pong Tables and Their Accessories Made Of?

How many hours have you spent playing ping pong? A hundred? A thousand? The game is so fun that there’s probably no way to really estimate just how much time you’ve poured into this game. Still, have you ever stopped for a moment in all that playing and wondered what ping pong tables are made […]

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How to Play Ping Pong Better – Improve Your Table Tennis Game

Precision, speed, and agility will get you far in the fast-paced game of ping pong. As the game has progressed and matured over the years (see the history of ping pong), various techniques have become essential to succeeding at the game of table tennis. Here are some important pointers for newcomers to this intense and […]

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A Brief History Of Ping Pong

The game of ping pong as we know it today has had an eventful history from its introduction to society nearly a century and a half ago. It has gone through many different names, filtered through the classes of society, and even played an important role in international relations and today, ping pong is enjoyed […]

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Table Tennis Techniques for Beginners Anyone Can Do

Like many sports and games, table tennis or ping pong can be learned quickly. It requires you to have just a table tennis racket, or paddle, something that is not too expensive (see our ping pong table reviews). You will also need access to a ping pong table, which can be found in most community […]

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Official Rules Of Ping Pong

Any game requires a set of regulations for governance and fair play. As a beginner, this is going to be the most confusing part. Ping pong is no different since it has its own rules. The game is enjoyable (see our top 10 games to play with friends) and is a platform to sharpen skills. […]

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Pool Basics – What Does Chalk Do in Pool?

Have you ever wondered why professional pool players rub chalk to the cue stick’s tip? Perhaps you play pool regularly but can’t seem to figure out what chalk does in pool? Well, chalking is an important part of pool, billiards, and snooker (see What is the Difference Between Pool, Billiards, and Snooker). Here’s all there […]

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Best Home Pool Table Brands for Any Budget

Playing pool at home is a popular game for people of all ages and walks of life. It can bring the whole family together and away from those excessively-used screens, can be a great way to spend a few hours with friends, and can even raise professional players. That being said, investing in a home […]

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Five of the Best Foosball Table Brands

Are you looking to purchase a foosball table? If so, you’ll want to stick to purchasing one of the tables made by the best foosball table brands in the industry. There are a lot of standout brands that have been producing quality foosball tables for some time. Here is a list of some of the […]

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