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5 Top Foosball Strategies to Help You Win

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When it is time to play a game of foosball, you will want to account for potential mistakes that could be made along the way. It is not always easy to win a game and those mistakes you make could lead to a major loss! Additionally, as the history of foosball is long and varied, there are multiple ways that can further add to that loss. To avoid a situation such as this, it is recommended to go in with a proper strategy. This is how you are going to win and look like a superstar when playing.

For those who want to do things the right way, here are a few foosball strategies to help you win (read more tips for playing foosball), no matter who you are playing.

Man standing with shield blocking shotsPlay an All-Defensive Game

This is all about counter-attacking and allowing the other player to make mistakes. You will want to have all of your focus towards keeping the ball out and then launching a counter-attack with quick, snappy shots.

Eventually, you are going to catch the player making a mistake and that is when you will pounce. You will want to keep stopping them by always making smart passes to one side of the table. This will allow you to guide the ball to where you want it to go. Playing defensively can lead to great results if you don’t lose focus along the way.

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Use Fake Receivers

This strategy is all about timing. The goal is to pretend like the ball will go straight to your player but lift them right as the ball arrives. This will cause the ball to rush right through and straight towards the goal.

This is a great offensive strategy because it allows the receiver to act as a screen. The other player will be assuming the ball is going to be stopped by your player but it is going to go right through towards their goalkeeper.

If done with the right force and timing, you will score quite a few goals.

Go Side-to-Side for Momentum

The goal is to use momentum and this is a powerful strategy when employed properly. With this method, you are going to have the ball worked side-to-side. This means all of the offense is going to be generated by one row (usually one of the first two rows).

By doing this, you are going to have the ability to generate power with a side-to-side pass and then take a one-timer. This means you are going to shoot without holding the ball as the pass is made. This can catch the other player off-guard leading to goals.

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Foosball player holding ballUse the One-Shot Approach

The one-shot approach is a simple strategy that involves avoiding holding the ball for long. The goal is to use a one-shot strategy, which means you are going to release the ball quickly and try to sneak balls through with fast shots.

Instead of holding, you are going to have the other player catching up trying to change from offense to defense in seconds. This can lead to tap-ins for your forward row.

Guide the Ball To One Side

A powerful strategy that is often used by experts has to do with guiding the other player to one side of the table.

This means you want to guide them to one side by having all of the players leaning to the opposite side except the last row. The goal is to woo the player to one side and then quickly taking the ball away as they get through the first row or two.

Guiding the ball to one side will keep trapping the other player and they will become confused as to what is going on. However, you will always know where the ball is going to go before it even gets there through manipulation.

Final Thoughts

It is these foosball strategies that are going to make it easier than ever before to win. You are going to have a great time playing the game and it is going to allow you to shine the way you want to. For those who are tired of losing and/or not being efficient while playing, these strategies are going to launch you to new heights.

Take the time to adapt your skillset and learn more about what works. These tips will go a long way in ensuring you avoid making silly mistakes and see great results right away.