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Diverse cheerful hipster guys drinking beverage and playing cards at table with chips for poker in modern apartment.Positive casual dressed multicultural friends spending free time together in flat

Top 10 Games to Play at Home With Your Friends

There is no place like home for entertainment and the game room is the place to go for activities, fun, and entertainment. If you plan to enhance the quality of life in your home, have more engaging parties, and keep healthy entertainment within arms reach, creating a gaming area in your home may interest you. […]

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Play party room home interior with pool table.

13 Popular Games For A Game Room

Many people love the idea of having a game room, but they often don’t know what type of games to have in it. There are lots of different games you can have, but you’ll want to know what the most popular ones are. With that said, here are 13 popular games for a game room. […]

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Couple playing Jinga at table

Games To Play At Home When Bored

Spending time at home and bored is a recipe for disaster without something to keep us busy. If you have children, this is especially important as they can easily get out of hand. Revisiting children’s games are great for children, but what about adults? Fortunately, there are numerous games both adults and children can play. […]

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Cheerful African American woman amusing folding hands watching air hockey game with colleagues

Best Air Hockey Table with Electronic Scoreboard

Playing a competitive game of Air Hockey in an arcade is a cherished memory for many. Adults and children alike can have mountains of fun while playing. Many prefer to have their own air hockey table that is more convenient than making a trip to the nearest gaming center. Fortunately, as the price of home models has decreased, a home air hockey table has become much more achievable.

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Neo Geo MVSX arcade system

5 Popular Home Arcade Systems

Having your own home arcade system has become an extremely feasible venture over the past twenty years. As technology has progressed, different avenues have become available for those who want an arcade experience without spending thousands on a vintage arcade cabinet (and all the hassles that come with them). Emulation has allowed for retro arcade […]

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Home game room with pool table and games

Home Arcade Room Ideas

Whether you want to create a gaming den at home or re-create the classic feel of an arcade in your living room, you will find a home arcade room idea to fit the bill if you look hard enough. Arcade rooms can provide an atmosphere of competition and relaxation, so a gaming chair, multiple screens, […]

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Best home arcade game machines text with arcade cabinet in background

Best Home Arcade Games of the 70s, 80s, and 90s You Can Buy Today

In the age of video games, the best home arcade games are arguably the classics. In this article, we’ll examine some of the classics that can be enjoyed without having to step into an actual arcade. If you love the feel of the arcade, consider getting one of these classics for your home. There are […]

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Arcade1Up Mod Kits

One of the coolest things about an Arcade1Up cabinet is the overall ease with which mods can be added. Since Arcade1Up is the most popular provider of home arcades, there are plenty of resources to help you with almost any mod you would like to do. A tilted screen, new sound, a larger monitor, and […]

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Business people having great time together. Colleagues playing table football in modern office.

Full Sized Foosball Table Dimensions – Everything You Need to Know

Do you love to play foosball? If so, you’ll be interested in knowing the typical foosball table dimensions. This will help you choose the right table for your home or business. This article will discuss the different foosball table dimensions of a standard table. We’ll also provide tips on how to choose the right foosball […]

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Pool table with a girl playing, seen from above

How to Tell if a Pool Table is Made of Slate: What You Need to Know

If you’re in the market for a new pool table, you might be wondering if a pool table is made of slate or not. Slate is a popular choice for most pool tables because it offers a perfectly flat surface and good rebound while you play pool. However, there are also some drawbacks to slate […]

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Billiard game- snooker balls on green table beginning game

What is the Difference Between Pool, Billiards, and Snooker?

Do you want to learn what the difference is between pool and billiards and snooker? This guide is for beginners who are interested in learning more about these games. Pool and billiards are very similar sports, but there are some key differences. The main difference between pool and billiards is the size of the table. […]

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Sales tags

Where to Buy a Pool Table You’ll Be Happy With

Finding a pool table from a source with great prices and good options, in general, isn’t difficult. There are many sellers out there to consider. That way, when you figure out what you want, you’ll know where to procure it for the best deal possible. Below are some options for buying and tips to consider […]

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interior of beautiful and modern billiard

Best Non Slate Pool Table

A good pool table is an excellent investment for entertaining friends and family at home. Depending on your budget, a solid pool table can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. A professional quality pool table commonly uses a slate base to provide the best performance and maximum durability. Unfortunately, a slate pool table can often cost thousands of [...]

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Three corn hole games set up on turf field

Best Rated Bean Bag Toss (Cornhole) Game

Cornhole has become a popular game, despite the odd-sounding name. Cornhole, or bean bag toss, has numerous appealing aspects that make it perfect for some backyard fun. It is easy to set up and get started, it’s fast to learn, and the entry price is relatively low when compared to other games. Furthermore, it’s a real blast to play with [...]

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Giant 4 in a row game

Best Large (Jumbo) Connect 4 Yard Game

Connect Four, 4 in a Row, or whatever else you want to call it, has been a cherished game for many years. Many have fond childhood memories of playing the game with family and friends. What’s better than playing Connect 4 on a table with friends? Why, playing GIANT Connect 4 in your backyard or hanging on a wall, of [...]

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Horse shoes game in the asphalt

Best Horseshoes for Flip Pitching

Playing a game of horseshoes with friends is an established activity that has provided many hours of fun across the globe, but especially in the U.S. and Canada. Depending on your level of competitiveness, you may just play for fun or you may be a more serious player who competes in tournaments. Playing horseshoes has minute details that can greatly [...]

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Heavy duty croquet set in park

Best Heavy Duty Croquet Set

Croquet is a game that has been played in countless backyards over the years. Finding the right croquet set can greatly enhance the enjoyment of the game for all involved. This is especially true if you are wanting a set that can last for a long time. A heavy-duty croquet set can be expected to last for many years, even [...]

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Group of Friends Play Spikeball in a Park

Best Spikeball Set

Spikeball (or Roundnet) is a great lawn or beach game to play with friends and family. The game has become increasingly popular over the past decade due to its fast and exciting play. Although any age can play, the nature of the game doesn’t make it one of the best outdoor games for 5 year olds and those of similar [...]

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Silver bocce ball set

Best Luxury Bocce Ball Set (Court Kit)

Bocce ball is a great game for family and friends to play at almost any time. The game has become more popular in recent years as more and more people learn how to play it. While many are satisfied with a cheaper or lower-quality bocce ball court kit, some like the durable models to last for many years. A luxury [...]

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Group of happy young friends playing ping pong table tennis

Best High End Ping Pong Tables

A great ping pong table can be a joy to play on, making your games all the more entertaining. You can find a variety of ping pong tables at different quality and price points. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, a high end ping pong table can be the centerpiece of your game room, outdoor patio, or [...]

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